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Baby Henry’s 100 Day-ish banquet dinner! / SANTA HAT ON BABY! / Eni! Angus!

November 18, 2017

I left for baby Henry’s 100 Day-ish celebration at Western Lake Restaurant at 4 today. I thought that was early, but considering that I had to wait a bit for the 33 bus to 29th Avenue across the street from King Edward Station, that was okay. Thank goodness that Victoria is a major street! When […]

Checking to see if it’s a fart or shart / Ares Zax?! / Annis Ashwell?!

July 8, 2017

I was up at 8 AM today, so it was COFFEE TIME BY DEFAULT! Then I lost a pair of underwear due to TMI reasons because I had to throw them out… SO DAMN STRESSFUL! 😦 From Ask Ideas: The girl says, “You were right, Mom. The only way to know if it was a […]

A bone dragon, new deodorant, Fraser holding my hand, congee, and dinosaurs!

May 12, 2017

Apparently, there was a lunch at the lards’ place today, so it was COFFEE TIME before I left at 10 to do some quick shopping at London Drugs: a new coffee mug, new Glacier Speed Stick deodorant to replace my Speed Stick with Irish Spring deodorant from 7 July 2015, new store brand lemon dish […]

Hiding behind your mod friends / Tandoori chicken / Meanwhile in Saskatchewan…

October 10, 2016

RANT: If you can’t even deal with a slightly snarky comment yourself (and instead hide behind your fellow mod friend so THEY can deal with it), claim “disrespect” when I call you out on it to said mod friend in a subreddit which you DON’T EVEN MODERATE (since obviously you don’t want to talk to […]

Meeting with Chrystal: Ebisu instead of La Taquiera! / Charlostain Sawshades?!

August 26, 2016

I went out at 5:45 to meet Chrystal at 6:30 at Broadway Station. The lack of actual chairs and tables (as opposed to only barstools) at La Taquiera across the street was a dealbreaker for me, so we walked a block to go to Ebisu on Broadway instead. We talked about Chuck and Andrea moving […]

Pulling and bending! / TAKE A DAMN SHOWER ALREADY! / Being safe under blankets!

November 24, 2015

I left for Harmony’s at 4:30, and just managed to get the 401. I must have just missed the 3 bus because I had to wait for 15 minutes for that bus. Dad thought I was late, but at least I got there before Harmony did! Hiero wanted to show me his blocks, while Ayler […]

Sushi California with Chrystal! / Tuna sashimi and salmon sashimi!

October 28, 2015

I went out at 6, and met Chrystal at Broadway Station at 6:40 for my belated birthday dinner just like we’d planned earlier. We went to Sushi California on Broadway; we discussed my tuna sashimi and salmon sashimi on rice, her combo dinner, Phil, Grace, Ayler, Hiero, Fraser, Mackenzie, Karissa, Micah, Uncle Peter, Auntie Ying, […]

Birthday Wishes 2015

September 22, 2015

BIRTHDAY WISHES 2015 Email: Jon N., Steph N., Harmony H., Lisa N., Christon S., Kevin L. {6} Evite / Event RSVP: Vanessa H., Billie E., Jennifer S., Aaron C., Kathy S., Christon S., Sabrina K., Eve M., Kevin L. {9} LJ: Matt A. / Deanna H., Deanna H., Eric H., Deanna H. {4} Facebook Wall […]

Longest monosyllabic English words, baby Fraser, selling caskets online

September 8, 2015

Wikipedia: List of the longest English words with one syllable I just managed to get the 401 bus at 2:55 so I could catch the 301 at Brighouse, but the 430 Metrotown bus came earlier. Thank goodness there were no bus delays! Steph, Lisa, and I talked about Ruth and Brad coming into town separately, […]

Chicken and mushroom pasta at White Spot! / Seeing Helen and Abby

June 25, 2015

I got to White Spot at 5:50, and it was so crowded that I decided to get a table right away instead of waiting for Chrystal to arrive. When she did get there, she said it was a good thing that I had done so! We talked about Emily being pregnant and due in late […]