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Syncere Friends was in the news?! / Stryker Trahan and Mark Appel baseball?!

July 30, 2019

Before Paulo dropped by to share the Gizella mango cheesecake, I took a shower and threw some stuff away in the old Nester’s Market reusable bag. He showed up at 4; of course I didn’t mind if he rested on the couch while talking about Darryl, Nate, Steve’s new car, Jeff inviting him out for […]

No Stanford, LinguistRose, being shadowbanned, C.J. dead, removal for hearing, favorite emojis

July 17, 2015

Yesterday afternoon, I discovered that Stanford deleted his Facebook account or unfriended me; either is fine. Then someone in Retreat (linguistrose) let me know that I was shadowbanned from Reddit, so I had to go to r/shadowban and send a polite message to the admins about that. Also, Jim T. told us last night in […]

Cards Received, 2012

January 17, 2013

Special 2012 Stanford and Calla: “Thank you for coming to our wedding to celebrate with us. Thank you also for the grill. We have made lots of yummy meals on that grill. Thanks again.” Dawn and Eni: “Dear Leslie, Thank you for the cutlery set that we definitely will put to good use, and also […]

Church, new babies Alexis and Charis, plus support

October 28, 2012

Kevin sent me an email yesterday thanking me for the email thread on Big G’s condition lately, and saying that she was blessed to have the family’s presence. His thoughts and prayers are with us, he added. (I saw Scott say the same thing on Jon’s page) Harmony forwarded me and Steph some sympathy wishes […]

Phil, Grace, and Micah will be missed…

August 26, 2012

When Eric picked me up this morning, he wondered if I’d spent time with Chinese Eric and Nathan yesterday. NO! IT WAS A FAMILY LUNCH! He complained about traffic while I found my lunch ticket, then he said that he should be at church by 9. That was currently not possible, as it was 8:55! […]

Grandma appetite, pork cheek, Nathan, happy Ayler, and chips

August 25, 2012

Mom complained that I was late, but they never called before leaving… then again, I had to post placeholders and such! Ran out of time to do everything that I wanted to, as well. However, I wouldn’t have traded the lunch with baby Ayler and Grandma for that! Mom was nicer on the phone with […]

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, zucchini gratin, and FREEDOM

August 18, 2012

When Eric picked me up, I asked if he were cooking on Sunday at Jeremy’s. Unfortunately, he plans to stay out all day. Dude, you’re an introvert and should need time to recharge! Oh well… if I sleep in (he thinks “on purpose”), at least I know how to get there! I didn’t mind listening […]

Baby Olive, Hayden, Silas, Pho Thai Son

August 12, 2012

I was a bit late meeting Eric, but he said I’d sounded tired on the phone: NO, REALLY?! He joked that I was drunk, asked if I wanted to get tattoos (Steph and Lisa have that covered), wondered if I’d finished MOTHER 1 yet (then said that I was playing DRAGON WARRIOR III one too […]

Assaram Water Blaster: Yikes! / Isis Treasure

August 10, 2012

Eric called just now to see if I wanted to help marinate chicken and chop up veggies for tomorrow’s Skeena Terrace BBQ. I have a feeling that I’ll just be in the way: “Get Stanford or Kevin to do that!” I told him. He’s right when he says that it sounds like I don’t want […]

Water Flying Cloth Midenhall / Peeing all over my FOOT! / No Friday potluck!

April 18, 2012

Christon emailed us to say that Pastor Bob had double-booked himself for Friday, so we’re back to our default location of the seniors lounge. In that case, I really don’t have any motivation to go to the potluck / movie / sharing night as it won’t be a true OUTING. The weekly tradition is far […]