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Stouffer’s Diner Classics meatloaf lunch! / Easton Stick?! / Drue Tranquill?!

August 23, 2020

Stouffer’s Diner Classics: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes lunch with gravy! From Reddit and r/hockey: Easton Stick plays football for the Los Angeles Chargers?! From ESPN: Drue Tranquill plays football for the Los Angeles Chargers?! BAD SPELLING OF DREW!

Shawnta Lee?! 54 and 40?! / Coronavirus and toilet paper! Unwiped butts!

June 4, 2020

From Youtube: Shawnta Lee?! Also, she was 40 and her husband was 54?! AGE GAP OF FOURTEEN YEARS?! From Vanessa: People with unwiped butts are dead. People who bought all the toilet paper in the wake of a coronavirus outbreak are still alive and hiding under the desk!

Bunny Bottom chocolate?! / My real Canadian name! / My Heavy Metal Band Name!

April 18, 2020

From Julie: Bunny Bottom Easter chocolate at CVS?! What is your real Canadian name? Snowy Hoser?! Heavy Metal Band Name Generator! Forbidden Magic?!

Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY, dollar store Peeps, Zdeno, WAR PIGS coronavirus parody

April 17, 2020

From James: Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY! From Highspirits’s Discord server: When the dollar store imitation Peeps have had a rough trip over from China… From the r/hockey Discord server and Instagram: Happy Easter 2018 to my Boston Bruins fan friends! Have Zdeno Chara with an Easter bear and baskets! From Jim: People gathered in their masses… […]

Grapefruit, yuzu, shea cocoa butter, aloe vera, Haagen-Dazs, and compressed air!

April 17, 2020

Grapefruit and yuzu / aloe vera / shea cocoa butter London Drugs hand soap (one litre each and over the limit), Certified Data Ultra Duster compressed air, an on-sale Russell Stover Crispies Easter Bunny, Haagen-Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream, on-sale Jamieson Vitamin C, and store brand Wellness multivitamins! I left at 1:25 on […]

Easter Monday 2020! / Summer body progress! / Nissin black garlic oil noodles!

April 13, 2020

HAPPY EASTER MONDAY 2020! I went shopping at 11:10 on a 401 today, getting home at 12:10 on a 407. Got 100 regular garbage bags for $20 (40 for $8.99), on-sale Jergen’s Ultra Care Restoring Argan lotion in 100 mL / on-sale Jergens Original Cherry Almond lotion in 600 mL since I’m running out, store […]

Hardin Long has a tombstone?! / Fraser River, online schooling, 120 Easter eggs

April 13, 2020

To my surprise, Ayler called me at 8:55 this morning because I wasn’t on time with calling him at 8:45. I know he likes numbers and time, but I was going to call when a long Obsolete Oddity video was over. Beckett was crying in the background later because he wanted his blanket and his […]

Easter Bunny Name 2020! / Morticia Addams revenge! / Chef Boyardee Rotel chilies

April 12, 2020

HAPPY EASTER 2020! ZOMBIE JESUS DAY! Hershey’s cookies and cream Easter eggs, Frankford cookies and cream Easter bunny, plus Hershey’s Reese Easter Eggies for Easter Sunday 2020! From Julie: Morticia Addams says, “Revenge is beneath me, but accidents do happen.” Skull, knife, and a candle! Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs with Rotel original tomatoes and […]

Personality tests! / Assholes and fuckery! / Alychia Chan?! / Shaylen?! / Pako?!

April 11, 2020

From Julie: Lots of interesting personality tests from Individual Differences Research Labs to pass the time, all in one place! PRODUCT WARNING: Jergen’s Moisturizing Honey lotion is now banned from my apartment. The scent is way too faint for my preferences! UGH! Unscented is one thing, but this is 0.1% away from no-scent lotion! I […]

Computer mouse and keyboard, Z-Grip pens, hand sanitizer, MY DARK VANESSA

April 10, 2020

48 Z-Grip Pens (December 18, 2019) from Staples while I was out anyway / a backup K120 USB keyboard, a backup Certified Data Deluxe Optical mouse, 2000 Flushes with Chlorine, Paul Newman’s Alfredo sauce for next year, London Naturals unscented dish soap, Vim bathroom cleaner from London Drugs / half-price JOY dumplings x4 (Pork and […]