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Cregg?! / Turkey with Italian Sausage Stuffing, Thai Kitchen, Tiger Tiger Pho

September 1, 2020

Me: “Hi, Spencer, I hope you get…” My phone: “… aroused.” Me: “NOOOOOO!” (this was going to Shaw!) I went out at 2:25 on a 401 for shopping purposes, and tested Shaw Open at the London Drugs bus stop… IT WORKED! Also got a series of text messages from Chinese Eric: Tonight wasn’t good for […]

OH REALLY? owl Enlarged and GIF! / Entitled TJ Brule / Champs Sports Granville

August 24, 2020

TJ Brule in the “other” message folder on Facebook: “Fuck off, troll, no wonder you’re single.” ??? Why send me a friend request, then? Who sends a message like that to someone who doesn’t respond quickly enough to their friend request? I’ll tell you: A STUPID ENTITLED IDIOT! I called Champs Sports at 897 Granville […]

Barilla Ready Pasta rotini, Mr. Noodles beef Pho bowl, Pachelbel’s Canon in C?

August 20, 2020

Ayler called me at 4. He said that he and Hiero had played games, did some train tracks, and practiced piano today. When he said that he could play me the Pachelbel’s Canon in C instead of D, I didn’t mind. Jon said that I liked talking about math – ha ha ha, no! We […]

Pho Lan #7, Garnier Castor Oil with maple sap, Korean-style BEEF bowl for dinner

August 12, 2020

I left at 11:50 on a 414 (with legitimate UNMASKED deaf people using sign language…) to go to Pho Lan for some Pho, thanks to some late-night discussions with Cuya’s Twitch crew. This was after Duncan pissed me off momentarily by ordering us not to talk about politics (after I was JUST reacting to Leon’s […]

Pillowcases, Ralph Lauren pillows, Daylogic soap, Scrub Dots, Germs Be Gone

July 27, 2020

I left at 4:05 in the HOT 30-DEGREE WEATHER on a 407 to get some clearance pillowcases and other things. When I sanitized my hands with my own gel within clear view of the masked people at the back door of the Bay, they thanked me. I managed to find some Ralph Lauren Bronze Comfort […]

Westward Ho! is in England?! / T’Ann Grindle?! / Reddit Take My Energy award!

July 24, 2020

After COFFEE TIME / DEODORANT TIME / ASPIRIN TIME, I left at 1:55 on a 401 for my dentist appointment at 3 with Sean on FRASER, setting a new record for the farthest I’ve been during the coronavirus pandemic! I just missed the Canada Line, but that was okay since I still managed to get […]

Best selfie, blue dragon on Google Maps, Bo Bun Hue, butter chicken wings

January 31, 2020

Before COFFEE TIME / BRUSSELS SPROUTS TIME / HOT CHOCOLATE TIME, I called Chrystal at work at 10:10 AM to remind her about tonight. I left at 6:50 on a 414 (which actually had the wheelchair ramp slope in use instead of the steps) to get to London Drugs on time at 7:30 or so. […]

Dream Doughnuts! / Stuffed dragons! MINE! / Banana cream pie Hunt’s pudding!

January 28, 2020

Jon said he’d be home this afternoon since Harmony would be going to a school meeting, but I could still come by if I wanted. The last time I was around when she went to a meeting, Beckett was quite upset! I went anyway, of course. After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 3:15 on […]


January 8, 2020

After COFFEE TIME, I left at 12:35 on a 407 for my dentist appointment at 2 with Sean on FRASER instead of Oakridge – sigh. I had to leave myself plenty of time for getting lost (seeing Krista at Gilbert and Westminster – “Ontario is a magical place because I’ve never been there”?!), and had […]

Stoner Elf Name! / ChristmasFlamHam! / Suitcases! / Chrystal Xmas / Dirty jokes!

December 6, 2019

DIRTY JOKES! How is pubic hair like parsley? You push it to the side before you start eating. What’s the speed limit of sex? 68! At 69, you have to turn around. What did the toaster say to the slice of bread? I want you inside me! Why do vegetarians give good head? Because they […]