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Sunscreen which sprays on WHITE is for me!

August 26, 2010

Forgot my bus pass when I went out just now, which resulted in lost time as I had to go back and get it. Successfully returned the sunscreen… I should get Banana Boat SPF 60 for Kids, which sprays on WHITE (and smells better) next time! Bought that, two bottles of iced tea, and some […]

I don’t think the Booty Logo is appropriate for little kids!

May 3, 2008

Bingos of the night: GREENLET (70 points) – against Danny M. URIDINES (70 points) – against Rose G. Had to borrow money from Chrystal to subsidize my Pho dinner – AIYA! After I talked to her, I discussed the Trout Lake barbecue with Christon… the rainy weather could be a factor in the turnout, for […]

Hey, Michael… baby Allison doesn’t like your voice!

February 24, 2008

Before I left this morning, I noted that Phil had found Alan Pang on Facebook – he knows Myles and Dorcas from somewhere, possibly the Vancouver Alliance church. I added him when I got home (“Jon’s sister!”), and he’s just added me back. On the way to church, my mom and sister discussed the latest […]

The dinner’s cancelled because of a death!

February 23, 2008

The World’s Greatest Collection of Funny Facebook Status Messages – HAHAHA! I also like working in morbid references in conversation: I’ve recently done that with Countess Elizabeth Bathory, plus Burke and Hare! YAY! 😀 (these were in two separate conversation with the same person, hehe) True to form, my browser keeps disappearing. If I could […]

This is where I say what I really think…

February 5, 2008

Okay, I’ve been thinking sad things too much today. I KNOW THIS. However, it doesn’t look like there’s a way out of the current situation since I’m really hurt by this! To borrow a phrase: It’s like someone stabbed me in the back, blamed me for being stabbed, and then had someone else repeatedly poke […]

Dream of a gunpowder conflagration and green paper butterflies!

January 15, 2008

I got a weird phone call from Michigan: 616-980-2604, anyone? Probably a scammer! In other news, Sara W. (sparkle_bint) added me to Facebook – yay! The Internet wasn’t working for a bit earlier today, so I went out for a while. I got home to start the laundry and resolved to work on my BootyBase […]

Rides, surprise pokes, and Shabusen / 2007 Shame, Embarrassment, Lies

December 20, 2007

Ivan left me a Facebook message saying he could drive me on Friday, and will give me a call beforehand! Told my sibs, and maybe I should tell Vanessa too. Surprise of the moment: my old friend Elizabeth found me on Facebook, and poked me! Oh my. Speaking of Facebook, Erin has made Saturday’s lunch […]

Tiramisu, honeydew egg tarts, tripe, and fryer turkeys!

December 10, 2007

Jon found out that my pens didn’t work because of the cold / angle, but I made him sign cards anyhow – I also made Steph do that while we were eating Pho for lunch. We talked about the Canucks-Penguins game, blowing snow, hospitals, $100 to cover drinks (double rum and coke?), death and babies, […]

Of course your breath shows up since it’s warmer than the COLD air!

November 24, 2007

Andrea started a Gmail chat session with me this afternoon, but she thought I was Karen Choo or Karen Lew for some reason – heh, mistakes happen! Just after I called Eric to determine where he was (on his way, and he’d been navigating his contact list when I called), Korey returned a call I’d […]

The Booty Logo has made an appearance on Facebook!

November 22, 2007

Hey, I got a Christmas card and stickers from Sheryll! (sheryll) Way cool! That reminds me, I have to write a pile of cards to be sent out – maybe after I post this entry. *aiya* Talked to Farrah, Corey, and Talia yesterday about LJ logging me out, icons, Jeremy’s “and yo!” red T-shirt, smiling […]