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Kiplyn Davis, shits and giggles, a cow waiting for the MOTHER 3 highway washroom

May 15, 2017

From NIGHTMARE NEXT DOOR: Kiplyn Davis?! From Jazmin and The Leaking Bucket List: It’s all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits. Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, and Boney finally make it to the highway in MOTHER 3. They see a cow waiting in line for the highway washroom! This woman says, “Get to the back […]

PRINCE OF DOGS?! / Toy Powell?! / COOKING WITH A SERIAL KILLER! / Cyle and Lyle?

April 30, 2017

It was COFFEE TIME at 7-8 AM! From Buzzfeed: PRINCE OF DOGS?! From Julie: Toy Powell?! I always thought Toy was more of a dog name than anything… From Reddit: COOKING WITH A SERIAL KILLER?! Recipes from Dorothea Puente! From Alice: CYLE Larsen and LYLE Larsen (from Edmonton) are twin sex offender brothers with very […]

Castrating a bull, Past Niiue, Future Niiue, Flying Men, Flying Men gravestones

January 27, 2017

I called Steph at 6:20 so we could figure out a date and time for me to visit them. While we were talking about Feb. 5 at noon (which works according to Translink), SLB, and surprising Mike / Sandy / Ruth in Hamilton, Fraser was babbling and saying “ma-ma.” I knew I might regret it […]

BOZOBOUND Enemies, #1-168!

December 1, 2016

THIS ENTRY IS ALLOWED TO HAVE NON-ALIGNED TAGS. THIS GAME IS BROKEN! There is no Sky Runner, and you can’t get to the Cave of the Past the normal way. You need to go to the edge of Chao Valley and use Walk-Through-Walls to get to the Cave of the Past! Then you can’t defeat […]

Gary Woods doing woodwork?! / Empty MOTHER 3 spells?! / Coffee makes me poop!

October 4, 2016

Gary Woods does woodwork?! What do you mean, I have an empty MOTHER 3 spell?! Also, why do all the fights lag?! Could it be a code?! The ones I don’t need are all disabled… OH WAIT! I FORGOT TO DISABLE THE MAX MONEY CODE! THAT’S IT! From Julie: A coffee mug that says “Coffee […]

The Sedin twins’ art skills, nerfpunk, being nice to me, anger management

September 23, 2016

I called Hester at 2:15 to get laundry tokens (March 23, 2016), after having to find the phone number myself inside or outside the building because I had somehow failed to note it down while switching notebooks a while ago. She wasn’t available to do that (yet was answering her phone?!), so said she’d call […]

Cerulean Beach, pigs, and Oscar Mayer! / Sunday Tingle?! / Boneless bananas?!

August 28, 2016

Pig at Cerulean Beach in Chapter 7 of MOTHER 3: “Oiiink?? (The words “Oscar” and “Mayer” appeared to me in a dream.)” Pig at Cerulean Beach in Chapter 7 of MOTHER 3: “(But I don’t know what they mean. Oscar. Mayer.)” From the Canada Safeway Facebook wall: Sunday Tingle?! From Reddit: Boneless bananas!

Dinning chairs / Twelve sets of twins in 2012! / I’m just me! / Candles and love

July 26, 2016

From Julie: Dinning chairs?! I didn’t know the chairs would assail everyone with loud noises! From Ripley’s Believe It Or Not: Ruth Regina of Miami, Florida, sells custom wigs for dogs?! The 2012 graduating class of a high school in Snellville, Georgia had 12 sets of twins?! Gray whales are bottom feeders! They suck food […]

Giving birth to three sets of twins in two years?!

July 20, 2016

From Reddit: Woman in Kansas City gives birth to three sets of twins – July 19, 2016 A mother in the United States has given birth to three sets of fraternal twins in a little over two years. Danesha Couch, 20, from Kansas City, gave birth to daughters Darla and Delanie on June 17 – […]

More doorknob cameos in the Empire Porky Building via the blue Pigmask Captain!

May 6, 2016

This doorknob cameo is new to me, and I discovered it through a comment on a Youtube video! Go to the Empire Porky Building, enter the door on your left, and talk to the blue Pigmask Captain twice: “Oh, that reminds me. When I was working at the factory, I found a doorknob on the […]