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102nd Grey Cup with Eric Ho, Calgary, surprise Mike, my justifiable upset rage, McCain Home Fries

November 30, 2014

Eric Ho called at 3:10 to say he was a few minutes away, and had brought McCain fries so we could watch the 102nd Grey Cup on TSN. When he got here at 3:20, I had managed to clear the dining room table enough so we could eat because Mike’s and Jane’s computers were taking […]

MANIAC MANSION / Rich! Sweet! Zombie Attack! (dream) / Troy, Lisa Dragon, a 5-3 Wings loss

November 30, 2014

Also discussed MANIAC MANSION, George Lucas, and LucasArts yesterday. Woohoo! I had a dream where a lot of old VCEFC people were getting together in our old building with rickety black steps and a surprisingly huge library. While I was just going to explore with my friends, Dad said that I had to listen to […]

I was literally stuck inside a car today! / Wasting time! / Great-Aunt Zoe is 90!

November 30, 2014

When Mike got here at 3:30, he was annoyed that I wasn’t 100% ready, but I saw no point in putting shoes and a coat on when I didn’t know his exact arrival time. Then he forgot most of his client Jane’s computer, which made him rageful. He told me that he didn’t normally have […]

CYBERMAGE, education, fusion noodles, Martin, control, Microsoft, Happy Cooling Boxes

November 29, 2014

Mike called Aunt Zoe to wish her a happy birthday, then ask if he could change his clothes at her place later. I knew things would work out when she said yes! Auntie Vivian emailed me back to thank me for the “note,” and said to stay safe. I will, if people are considerate of […]

Toilet paper heaven! / Green NV / Snow?! / Extreme stress / Happy Teddy Bear

November 29, 2014

Mike called past 11 PM last night to see what sort of toilet paper I’d wanted; he did thank me for answering the phone! He complained about the (pasta) stock which Superstore puts on their shelves, but managed to take some Charmin (16 Mega Rolls = 64 regular ones!) off a pallet. Then he called […]

Yamaha Modules, tone generators, winning 5-0 against Columbus, hidden sign

November 28, 2014

Mike and I discussed his having fun with the “dirty” things on the TSN 1040 broadcast (“two young healthy bodies” / “threesomes”), UTorrent, CPU-Z, eBay, Yamaha Modules and Tone Generators, medicine, heart issues, Paypal, Nicole Kidman, his client’s computer and dropping it off tomorrow before Great-Aunt Zoe’s party (she called to say that he’d left […]

Pathways Clubhouse Christmas dinner, Harmony, no Patricia, how extroverted I am

November 28, 2014

Barry called me to advise that the Pathways Xmas dinner is on the 12th (a Friday) at 5-ish. A ticket sounds good as long as it doesn’t snow that day! Harmony also sent me a FB message asking if I was free to come over at 11; sure, why not? I discovered that Patricia has […]

Not waking up at 7 AM is NOT BULLSHIT! / Krista AGAIN?! / Scamp’s beloved Mr. Beary

November 28, 2014

When Mike got here at 6:30 last night, I was not in the mood for being told that he didn’t know what I was thinking lately with the “no 7 AM wakeup” rule when crossing the border (and saving time in HIS view), so I yelled at him with emotion for a bit. Then we […]

Boundaries, Mirek, snoring, bad jokes, high school, Parrot Myrna and unsavory words

November 27, 2014

Mike got home at 10:35 PM last night, and we watched TWO AND A HALF MEN. Then he and I talked about Jeremy’s mortar and pestle, the Knorr hot and sour soup packets, the Ling Ling potstickers (NOT dumplings!) being from TEXAS of all places, trying out said potstickers (which included three or four sauce […]

Planned obsolescence, “yon pile,” stocking up on Xmas stickers, silly US Thanksgiving name

November 26, 2014

Mike and I discussed planned obsolescence, product life, USB sticks, the old BATMAN with Adam West, how Steph got into the WWF / wrestling, memory, reading computer data, fusili pasta, the Costco free samples, potstickers, downloading the program just in case, judging, “yon” pile vs. “yawn pile,” yobbos, Vanessa “not caring” about me because of […]