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July 31, 2016

These are all the enemies I could find in the EARTHBOUND HALLOWEEN HACK by Toby Fox, AKA Radiation. This TV Tropes Wiki page served as a walkthrough. Now that Varik has some spells under his belt, allow me to tell you about what was in that Monster Book. If you want to look at it […]

Murder by nail gun, a shitty Netherlands monument, colored toilet paper

July 31, 2016

From Julie: A murder by a nail gun! Murderer: Nailed it! From Pete: That shitty monument in the Netherlands! From Candy: Colored toilet paper from Renova!

Human organ for transplant, PAC-MAN affecting kids, boneless pork rectums

July 30, 2016

Maybe people will stop stealing my lunch at work if I put it in a bag marked “HUMAN ORGAN FOR TRANSPLANT”… Shirt: “Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean, if PAC-MAN affected us kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills, and listening to repetitive electronic music.” Inverted boneless pork rectums?!

Not being a people-pleaser, anger management meetings, making things idiot-proof

July 29, 2016

I’m sick and tired of being a “people pleaser.” Now I’m a “me pleaser.” I’m going to do what I want to do, and what makes me happy. You don’t like it? There’s the door. Tweety Bird: I was supposed to go to anger management meetings, but those people just piss me off! Make it […]

Happy poop! / Chandler Robbins specializes in birds?! / Horsepower Zombie Power!

July 28, 2016

The prune juice / prune nectar finally did its job just now at the hospital (after nine days!), so I transferred it from the fridge to the cupboard under the sink before I forget what it’s for. I can sadly see myself taking a few big swigs out of the bottle, and then wonder why […]

Whiskey caramel ice cream, Birthday Cake ice cream, and Pure Leaf iced tea!

July 28, 2016

Barry picked me up to go food shopping at 10:30, so I barely had time to eat my noodles. I got on-sale store brand juice (apple / mango / orange / pineapple), on-sale Krema Greek yogurt, pork and vegetable JOY dumplings, an on-sale Marie Callender’s Three-Meat Marinara microwaveable meal, almond milk, juice, NEW on-sale limited […]

Chili cheese chips! / Green bubble wrap! / Milk to beer! / Sad payday realities!

July 27, 2016

I AM DONE WITH DAN SAVAGE – he’s gone downhill since 1994! I went to both banks at 3:20 and paid my Shaw bill online today. I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart post office and bought some

Emma Emma P! / Zucchini and turnips! / Spanish uniforms for the 2012 Olympics!

July 26, 2016

I left for Harmony’s at 3:10 with some London Drugs bubble wrap for Hiero, and got to the house at about 4:15, coinciding with the very end of naptime. I told Hiero about the bubble wrap, tossed Jon’s socks onto the bed, put the maple cookies on the food table for later, and skimmed a […]

LITERALLY, tasty ass crackers, taking up space on the sofa, sexy text messages

July 26, 2016

This CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS comic is from Wesley: “And when I heard the news… it literally crushed me.” “It LITERALLY crushed you?” “Yes, it literally crushed me. Every single bone in my body was shattered. I had to undergo severe surgery and physical therapy.” “Hah, yeah, I’m sure.” “You don’t believe me? You’re killing me. […]

Dinning chairs / Twelve sets of twins in 2012! / I’m just me! / Candles and love

July 26, 2016

From Julie: Dinning chairs?! I didn’t know the chairs would assail everyone with loud noises! From Ripley’s Believe It Or Not: Ruth Regina of Miami, Florida, sells custom wigs for dogs?! The 2012 graduating class of a high school in Snellville, Georgia had 12 sets of twins?! Gray whales are bottom feeders! They suck food […]