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2017 Yearly Recap!

December 31, 2017

2017 JANUARY * Finally got a CHIMO / Family Services phone intake done with Jocelyn, then finally finished JONBOUND. [Jan. 6] * I created a Discord account for whatever reason, probably to talk to Lucas and his weird friends, plus Kramer and his Twitch stream friends. [Jan. 7] * Finished replaying HALLOW’S END on Turbo […]

Shanghai Wonderful farewell lunch for Steph with Eunice, Eddie, and Eric!

February 18, 2017

After COFFEE TIME, I went out to Shanghai Wonderful for the farewell meal for Steph / Lisa / Fraser which I organized! Eric gave me a ride, so YAY! I brought the farewell / “new home” card, the two bags of Kettle pepperoncini chips (which Eric jokingly thought were post-lunch snacks), and the Dare chocolate […]

Naked Ness in Magicant! / Dad phone call in Magicant / Ness and his family

February 5, 2017

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Castrating a bull, Past Niiue, Future Niiue, Flying Men, Flying Men gravestones

January 27, 2017

I called Steph at 6:20 so we could figure out a date and time for me to visit them. While we were talking about Feb. 5 at noon (which works according to Translink), SLB, and surprising Mike / Sandy / Ruth in Hamilton, Fraser was babbling and saying “ma-ma.” I knew I might regret it […]

New Outlandish Companion #2 and Bathroom Reader #28! / Dinesty! / Smoothies!

October 28, 2015

Steph emailed me after the game last night to say that they were having lunch with the lards at Dinesty today at 11:45. I accepted because then I could see baby Fraser! I just managed to get the 401 at 11:15 in the rainy weather, then decided that I had enough time to go to […]

Moroccan Herbal Essences, tote bags, “messed-up” birthday cards, Lin’s with Tom and Tom, Home Depot

January 17, 2014

Before I went to Chapters to read books for a while prior to meeting Michael, I went to Staples for 48 Z-Grip pens… the last time I bought those was in August 2012! Then I went to London Drugs to get replacement shampoo and conditioner, plus three large reusable tote bags. Luckily, Herbal Essences was […]

Shanghai noodles, babysitting, avocado, green tea shampoo

June 8, 2013

Went to #1 Shanghai Cuisine, which was just okay; we had yellow rice, SLB, hot and sour soup, chicken, beef, Shanghai noodles, and more while talking about health / babysitting / Jane / Virgin’s extra charges / egg whites / cheese / avocado / Lin’s / Facebook chat / Skype / Auntie Betty / Dawn […]

Ningtu, Pho, pork belly, Vassilievs, and the symphony!

April 7, 2013

At least Eric kinda respects my “no Sunday” phone policy now (or doesn’t want to go through any trouble)… today, at any rate! Not so sure about Zombie Jesus Day, though. Vanessa and I talked through FB messages about Que Pasa closing their deli, Mexican food, Subway, Pho tomorrow, and more prior to her relaxing […]

Ningtu Restaurant, Havarti, Ayler, Melissa

December 8, 2012

Before I left, Nadine (newfie_dini) said that she’d received my Xmas card; YAY! Mom and Dad picked me up late, then tried talking to me about my feelings regarding Grandma and trying to guilt-trip me about not visiting her more. Nope, not gonna work – I did the best I could, and I don’t talk […]

Chen’s, SLB, yam ice cream, and skulls

May 24, 2012

Met my parents at Tim Horton’s, and we went to Chen’s for dinner… had Happy Family Soup, SLB, meat, and a bunch of other buns. Grandma was okay at dinner, although she asked me a lot about whether I wanted more soup after I told her that I was full. Then we went to the […]