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Natallie Shanks?! / Softsoap lavender and chamomile / London Drugs aloe vera

September 11, 2020

Thursday, Sept. 10: Mom officially got diagnosed with early-stage dementia today. Please keep the family in your thoughts. (Lisa D., Sarah G., Melissa T., Andrea, Melia, Stella, Shannon S., Zonia, Nita, Martin J., Eve, Karla, Vicky S., Teunis, Cathy W., Jonell, Ellen C., Kate, Leona, Sheryll, Robert, Jackie M.) [54 comments; Lisa D., Mandy W., […]

Rayshard Brooks?! / Invalid date?! / Dove pomegranate / Irish Spring Cool Scrub

September 4, 2020

Chinese Eric texted me before the game to say that his injury wasn’t as serious as a broken leg, but he just strained his muscles pretty badly and needs to rest. Very understandable! The Canucks FINALLY played the Vegas Golden Knights in Second Round Playoff Game #7 at 6, and LOST 3-0 thanks to TWO […]

Adreann West?! ADRIENNE! / Bad news Eric Ho / My 2 Canucks T-shirts white Eric!

September 3, 2020

Eric Ho texted me at 10:15 last night to say that he had to tell me some bad news: he got injured while helping his dad, and so will be immobile for some time! That totally sucks, and we’ll have to delay a hockey or birthday hangout! I put the spare two water bottles in […]

Pasta sauce, Mom losing it, dementia, SportsChek, NOT BACK TOGETHER WITH MIKE!

August 13, 2020

Steph sent me a short video over Facebook of Fraser thanking me for his birthday card and stickers while chewing on food and playing with Henry. CUTE! Mom texted me at 12:40 to say that she and Dad would be here in seven minutes. I ignored it as usual. When Dad called a few minutes […]

Butt napkins! / Colorful poop chart / Destroying a public toilet / Poop Play-Doh

July 31, 2020

From Julie M. and Take Your Whiny Ass Somewhere Else: A skeleton toilet paper holder! “Your butt napkins, my Lord.” From the V4F Discord server: A colorful version of the Bristol poop textures chart – YAY! From Farts Are Funny: When you’re about to destroy the toilet in a public bathroom and you hear someone […]

OGX tea tree mint oil, Irish Spring aloe soap, Jergens, Dove, Vaseline, Wet Ones

July 18, 2020

After COFFEE TIME by default since I got up at 7 AM because of the sunny weather, I showered today. I finally tried the pictured OGX Beauty refreshing tea tree oil and mint shampoo and conditioner that I bought back on February 24 at London Drugs during the LAST water shutoff. It’s refreshing and tingly […]

I’M DEAD, NOW WHAT? / Humorous office organizers! / Pet wine glasses! Meowsling!

January 26, 2020

Kobe Bryant died today in a helicopter crash! From Julie: A book called I’M DEAD, NOW WHAT?! From Julie: Humorous office organizers! Crap to file! Crap to shred! Friday is my second-favorite F-word! Too busy for bullshit now! From Julie: Pet wine glasses! Catwine! Meowsling!


January 8, 2020

After COFFEE TIME, I left at 12:35 on a 407 for my dentist appointment at 2 with Sean on FRASER instead of Oakridge – sigh. I had to leave myself plenty of time for getting lost (seeing Krista at Gilbert and Westminster – “Ontario is a magical place because I’ve never been there”?!), and had […]

Joanne and Gianina?! / Ashley and Pressley?! / Mod Sun?! / A. Purdy Outhouse?!

December 31, 2019

From Julie and DANCE MOMS: Joanne is fine, but Gianina?! Choose between Gianna, Gina, or Nina! From Julie and DANCE MOMS: Ashley is fine, but Pressley?! BAD SPELLING OF PRESLEY! Especially if it’ll be pronounced the exact same way… From Julie: Mod Sun?! From Michelle S. and her friend Cindy Cameron: A. Purdy Outhouse?! Yum, […]

Michelle Christmas: A cool last name! Dolores Umbridge! HARRY POTTER! AZKABAN!

December 23, 2019

Michelle Christmas is an actual Facebook person – our mutual friends include Karla and Alice. She loves HARRY POTTER, and I played Wordscraper against her once. Have You Seen This Wizard? AZKABAN PRISON! Approach with extreme caution! Do not attempt to use magic against this man. Any information leading to the arrest of this man […]