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Christmas is a human name?! / Santa J. Ono is the UBC president?!

December 23, 2016

Christmas is a human name?! From Reddit: Santa J. Ono is the UBC president?!

The start of birthday wishes with timezones, farming, and iPods

September 16, 2010

The birthday wishes have already started: Marie left me a status comment saying Happy Birthday, and Mike B. said that he’d forgotten we were so close in terms of birthdays… yup, only two days apart! Of course, that may only be a day and a half apart due to the timezone difference (he’s in New […]

SIMPSONS, MASH, and being a foodie

July 22, 2009

THIS THING RESTARTED AGAIN! UGH UGH UGH! Decided to freeze my cherries – it can’t be too bad, as I think I remember Mom doing the same when I was a kid. Not too sure how well it would work for grapes, though… Facebook quizzes taken from Jono, Jasmine, and Veronica: Leslie completed the quiz […]

Annoying no-shows at doctor’s offices… I hate getting up early!

June 24, 2009

Man, I hate being up early for NOTHING! I get up, talk to Terrence a bit before he leaves (seaweed / sushi chomping / booking flights), and check email before I left for the doctor’s. (two minutes away) I got there, and found a notice taped to the door: NO OFFICE TODAY! What the heck?! […]

Canadian prime ministers, IQ workouts

May 29, 2009

High-scoring words of the night: MASSAGE (704 points) – against Bryanne V. [two 4W, two 2W] HOGS (234 points) – against Mandi B.-H. [3W used twice, 2W, 4W, hook off LAVA to make HA] Talked to Billie, Corey, and John tonight – so good! Leslie just took the “what’s the first letter of the person […]

Roaches / Poo bacteria on household toothbrushes

May 26, 2009

Bingo of the night so far: ANTECHOIR (71 points) – against George M. High-scoring word of the night so far: ROACH (120 points) – against LeeAnne K. [5W, 2W] Leslie just took the “Which Finnish metal band are you?” quiz and the result is Norther. Norther can easily be summed up as “like Children of […]

XKCD comics, diaper fetishism, and more!

May 21, 2009

Christon sent us an email stating that there will be a Sunday Dinner at Jeremy’s this Sunday – salad and risotto both sound good! Of course, I have the bridal shower at Harmony’s, but perhaps Eric can pick me up from there or home – we’ll see how long it lasts! Maybe Raymond will be […]

Secret phobia of jello, and bloody water

May 19, 2009

High-scoring words of the night: PLOWS (308 points) – against Lyn C. [two 5W, hook off KA to make OKA] AMONG (144 points) – against Itamar R. [two 4W] Leslie just took the What Is Your Hidden Phobia Quiz. Your secret phobia is You are secretly afraid of jello. Facebook quizzes taken from Mike B., […]

Interesting vodka flavors, and DINOSAURS!

May 17, 2009

This thing just restarted, and I shouldn’t be up anyhow. Bedtime! Hmm… Cindy, Fidela, and Auntie Catherine sent me an Evite for Megan’s bridal shower on June 22 (a Monday) at 6 in the church’s fellowship hall. Hey, might as well use the space now that we have it, hahaha. Alicia and Teunis picked me […]

Distaste, misconstruing things, Dorothy, and rabbit poo

April 11, 2009

High-scoring words of the night so far: DISTASTE (450 points; two 5W), ZOOID (204 points; 4W, 3W) – against Sheldon S. FOYS (131 points) – against Mari S. [2W, 5W, hook off HIP for a plural] Leslie’s Drag Queen Name is Miss Construe. Facebook quizzes taken from Morgana, Kelly, Jessica, and Jono: Leslie just took […]