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Doctor Unheimlich, A-Ak (AdrianaSlyth)

October 19, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withA_Bakes_U’s Lurgy Cause: lack of fresh air Symptoms: guilt, turning into a giant monster, being unable to close mouth Cure: sleep Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withA_BrandNewMe’s Disease Cause: lack of sleep Symptoms: extremely impaired vision, slightly rosy cheeks, […]

Who do I know with a boyfriend named Dave?! Beats me at this foggy hour…

December 20, 2006

Note: LJ Hanukkah blogquiz, by Sabrina. This is an example of how my brain works when I just get up: I’m looking at my real MSN list, and see “Aerobicide.” So I think, “Who’s that?” and hover my mouse over it… ah, Kody! Good guy, who used to be my adopted son or something similar. […]

Dreams of blogging at the piano, and giant bubble tea displays / Cards and postcards

December 5, 2005

At the end of my circadian cycle (night / morning doesn’t quite cut it, as Erik says), I dreamed that my family and friends all lived in this huge mall with anything we desired. There was this shop with a huge display of bubble tea (watermelon, pineapple, all the flavors), and the people who lived […]

Kody’s email about LoveInAction / Living Waters

June 13, 2005

My friend Kody just emailed me, and this entry is mainly for my own reference. (I remember Lillian’s Sexuality Sunday School class.. Neil from Living Waters came in and spoke about ex-gays, which was quite interesting!) I’ve seen the website in the past two days myself. The blog can’t be accessed under my dad’s parental […]

Time to be thankful…

October 13, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAM.. I hope you have a good one today! 🙂 It was always cool seeing you around.. thanks for always watching my newspaper cart.. you were so cute. GIVING THANKS ON THANKSGIVING Yes, it’s the Canadian Thanksgiving.. and from certain discussions I had last year, I think it’s Columbus Day for the States. […]

Taking things way too seriously

May 13, 2003

Okay, so apparently everyone took the “bug me now!” directive way too close to heart. Currently.. I’m trying to juggle five IM conversations (Spocko / Kody / Sarah Moore / Greg / John Manos), posting here and on the UB, and checking out other sites for people. Aiya! (oh well, at least I’m not bored.. […]

Spam email, beer, and Awana

April 25, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDREA.. I hope you have a really good one today! 🙂 Sometimes I wonder what happened to you, but it was good having you in Fellowship! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KODY… I hope you have a good one today! 🙂 It’s been interesting getting to know you, and I hope to talk with you soon! […]

New favorite line

April 8, 2003

this is my new favorite line: “you are an important part of the computer” (from Near Fantastica) it’s very amusing, and very true for certain people who I know only through the Internet.. oh, and no bets as to who these people would be, thanks.. 🙂 (Selected people: Spoz, G, Corey, dantheman, Kody, Clayton, Adam […]

Dear Kody…

April 2, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHIL! Hope you have an awesome day! 🙂 Your friendship’s always been much appreciated, and we should definitely continue to encourage each other! May you have rich blessings galore this year.. take care, and love ya! 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SPOZ! Hope you have a rocking one! 🙂 It’s been really fun most times, […]

Entertainment value

March 13, 2003

And.. I wonder if I provide entertainment value for anybody out there. I don’t mean the sort of entertainment value that could happen if people laugh at me. Definitely not that at all. What I mean is.. does anyone out there think I’m entertaining / humorous in my own right? I know some people think […]