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March 31, 2012

I was still in a blah mood, but talked to James on YM anyway, and also talked to Talia on AIM. Discussed life, journal entries, work, society, expectations, FINALLY adding each other to LJ, baseball, hockey, wedding cakes, the Capitals, and more. The Canucks and Flames played each other, and the game went to overtime. […]

Google Maps, DRAGON WARRIOR, March 2012 BBT Tally

March 31, 2012

Harmony emailed me last night to thank me for my generous gifts of the toys, sippy cup, and baby wipes; she also thanked me for coming out to the baby shower, since she and Jane had had fun! I’m sure she can use the things I gave her, hopefully! Eric tried calling me when I […]

Dementia, Easter bunnies, stress in keeping up, and a 5-2 win!

March 30, 2012

Found myself still craving some Mexican food, so I went out to get some at Richmond Centre… turns out I forgot about the construction in the food court! DEMENTIA! Also got myself a 200g Easter bunny with rice crisps inside at Shoppers – I thought I’d done that yesterday, but it turned out I didn’t. […]

Canada dropping the penny / Chinese Eric!

March 30, 2012

Canada is finally dropping the penny – yay! Mom says we’re having turkey, gnocchi (with tomato basil sauce), and cheesecake or mango pudding at Easter dinner. Once I saw Chinese Eric online, I shot him a message; he says it should be okay for the 9th! Then he said that he needed to take his […]

Limited Edition Tic-Tacs and Oreos! / Easter candy

March 29, 2012

Mom emailed us about Easter Dinner – I guess that’s coming up, sigh. Good thing nobody wants it on the Saturday, because that’s the last regular season game! Plans all around, baby! When I opened a box of Birthday Cake Oreos after finishing my latest mini-project, they smelled almost too sweet. I’ve since tried one, […]


March 29, 2012

Eric had to buzz me on MSN last night; he tried convincing me to be a curling spectator, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I do have my beloved weekly tradition – as a quirkyalone (which I also told him about), I need that part of my routine. I guess I knew I […]

Consecutive 1-0 shutouts! / Sweeps! / Talia / Quirkyalone quiz result

March 28, 2012

Found out that Chapters doesn’t have that Quirkyalone book; boo! Probably a good thing for my wallet, haha. Talked to Talia on AIM for a bit before the hockey game started, and I turned off Trillian to get peace and quiet… the second time facing the Avs in less than a week! Discussed the quiz, […]

Sonic the Hedgehog wakes Taiwanese zombies up!

March 28, 2012

Woke up at 8:25 AM because of the extremely sunny weather. Blocked a random YM person who messaged me at 2:40 AM, since I didn’t know a Jake or Jasper. Complained to Corey on MSN about waking up early, who said that it was UP TIME and that the early bird gets the worm. (“but […]

200 FB notifications / Jason Chimera

March 27, 2012

I was wondering why I haven’t been getting notifications for stuff posted in the Puckheads group (or FB stuff in general) for the last few days. Lo and behold, I have now found 200 FB notifications in my spam folder, which meant Gmail thought it was spam! Damn, that group is active! I marked them […]

Quirkyalone, sprained ankle, intense 1-0 shutout, 24 hours of "fasting"

March 26, 2012

Talked to Talia on AIM for a bit about her sprained ankle, TV shows, the Rock still wrestling, before the hockey game started. The refs called a “shower of snow” on the Kings this time as “unsportsmanlike conduct” – it IS in the rules, but nobody ever does that! I finally felt hungry enough to […]