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Michelina’s, raw cookie dough, and Loaded Potato Skins Ruffles!

January 31, 2013

Got some shrimp noodles, raw Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie dough (for when I get home), Michelina’s lasagna with meat sauce (dinner!), and Loaded Potato Skins Ruffles at the 7-11: yay for new flavors of chips! Then I played Our Place’s version of Text Twist (now that the board is back up), and got a […]

CECIL should not be a girl’s name! / January 2013 BBT Tally

January 31, 2013

Apparently, CECIL is a GIRL name in Holland, and there are GUYS named SKYE. That’s just WRONG! Decided to do my laundry here today, too. Somehow lost a fuzzy sock and an undershirt, so I guess I know what I have to get next week! Went home to put some pasta, chicken, beef noodles, and […]

My brain, Greek yogurt, Italy, Los Angeles, and books

January 31, 2013

Hey, Blogthings is back! 😀 You Are Very Mysterious You are the type of person who is naturally mysterious – you just don’t open up easily. You give enough information to let others be curious about you, but most of what they know about you is speculation. It’s likely that a few people know you […]

FALLING AWAY FROM ME, not falling away from faith!

January 30, 2013

Vanessa told me that her friend Dan says we have to be at the Ukrainian Hall early on Friday, around 5; good thing Francis / Railway is pretty damn close to the townhouse! She says her friend Ian is coming too, so I guess that should be interesting. I barely managed to shower and eat […]

Chocolate cake, Blair’s habanero pepper chips, Wilson, and Brigitte

January 30, 2013

I told Vanessa that I’d go to that Ukranian dinner, so I gotta shower on Friday afternoon BEFORE 5. Then I went to the 7-11; I guess I wasn’t looking hard enough for chocolate cake last time, as I found McCain Deep and Delicious (too huge for me right now – possibly when I get […]

Steph, Melissa, A to T.JPG, sitting on our brother, etc.

January 29, 2013

I found a bunch of old photos on this computer! These are some VERY descriptive filenames, Dad… “a.jpg” / “b,jpg” / “c.jpg” …. all the way up to “t.jpg”! Vanessa invited me to a Ukrainian dinner on Friday; I’ll think about it! Steph and Melissa in the kitchen at Rosehill: Some things never change from […]

Tag alignment, proofreading challenges, and 3-2 shootout loss

January 28, 2013

I aligned a bunch of tags on my previous entries from the past two weeks and change; that way, I don’t have to spend three hours doing that when I get home on Saturday sometime! Andrew sent me a few FB messages about the challenge of proofreading a friend’s paper by today; not sure if […]

Specialty Chicken and Wonton House / Gibsons / Ladner / Sam

January 28, 2013

Vanessa wanted to go for lunch at Specialty Chicken and Wonton House today, and I wondered if she’d be able to find the townhouse. She did since she rang the doorbell; at least she was able to get the SunBlaster for the plants going again since Steph turned it OFF yesterday! We talked about Wayne, […]

Pastor Edward’s second farewell dinner

January 27, 2013

Eric picked me up at 5:40, by which time I’d called Jon to see if he were going to Pastor Edward’s second farewell dinner. Since he was, I brought the chestnuts / lemons / ginger for him. I told Eric that I wasn’t ready yet, which wasn’t what I’d told him when he called to […]

Irish Scramble, hangover poutine, O’Hares, and tempura roll

January 27, 2013

Steph and I went for lunch around 1 (she saw Lee at Super Grocer!), and I wanted non-Chinese food since I’d be getting a lot of it tonight for dinner! She said she’d brought baby carrots for me as well as the milk, which is good. We went to O’Hare’s Pub, where we remembered Grandma […]