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Doctor Unheimlich, C-Cg (CairoTheGreat)

October 19, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withCadno_Cadarnosis Cause: lack of honey Symptoms: hyperactivity, foaming at the mouth, invisibility, neck swelling Cure: cryogenic freezing until science catches up Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withCaesareaitis Cause: thinking too hard Symptoms: 80s haircut, white blotches, vestigial extra head […]

Can we all make up our minds here, or what?!

November 2, 2007

Quick rundown of my day before I need to go, thanks to Eric: * K called at 2:35 AM, so I talked to him for a bit. Very interesting! * Took a shower with the hot water, which failed to work last night around 11:30 or so. I’d griped to Corey about it, who thinks […]

Feeding the 50 with salmon, croutons, hamburger buns, and lobster tails

July 13, 2006

OMG. THE WHO ARE COMING TO TOWN ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8!!! I was viewing some girl’s Myspace page, and there was a dialog box that popped up asking if I’d seen some weird thing or other… I’m denying THAT friend request! But I’m going to approve StonedItaliano’s since I came across his page while doing […]

Past hilarious quotes: 2000 to May 2003

October 16, 2005

Instead of making a squillion backdated entries containing past hilarious quotes posted on my blog (which used to have a peripatetic “Hilarious Quotes!” feature) before it became Cross-Post Central, I’ll condense them all here. Hmm.. I should have the section back again… maybe later. 😀 “Canadian ARMPIT?!” — Mom to the three of us on […]

Awana family dinner, swinging, songs, creamy wild rice soup, quizzes

May 14, 2005

The Awana family outing was fun! At least Auntie Kam didn’t swear in front of the kids THIS year… I’ll always remember the classic line of “Quick! Get some plastic bags! There’s all this dog shit on the ground, and we don’t want the kids to step in it!” from a couple years ago. Yeah, […]


February 28, 2004

Spoz changed the look of his blog over the weekend. I wish I could do something like that… maybe later in the week when I have more time / patience / energy. No, I’m not an HTML expert.. however, my friend Cerowyn did link me to an HTML color page a while ago. He won’t […]

Weird dreams and spammers

February 9, 2004

had another truly weird / bizarre dream last night.. featured freaky things, Sean, Emily, markets, ghosts, insanity.. today, I was pleasantly surprised when Jim buzzed me on YM.. I thought that it would log me in as invisible, but it didn’t.. ah well, I had an okay conversation with him all in all.. now I […]

Enabled comments?

November 17, 2003

I might as well get in on this while the getting’s good.. Spoz asked why Julie’s blog had comments enabled.. G gave him an answer in the Subwoofer forums.. he saw a site which gives people a method for adding comments functionality to Blogger-based sites.. decided to check it out myself just for laughs.. (thank […]

Me being a sleepy web monkey…

October 18, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CEROWYN.. I hope you have an awesome one today! 🙂 It’s been great getting to know you.. thanks for all your support and information, hon. Means more to me than you will ever know, perhaps.. true friendship rules! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMILY.. I hope you have a good one today! 🙂 I’ve lost your […]

Time to be thankful…

October 13, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAM.. I hope you have a good one today! 🙂 It was always cool seeing you around.. thanks for always watching my newspaper cart.. you were so cute. GIVING THANKS ON THANKSGIVING Yes, it’s the Canadian Thanksgiving.. and from certain discussions I had last year, I think it’s Columbus Day for the States. […]