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Radee Labeeb Prince is a shooter’s name?! / The Demicolon and surrealism!

December 10, 2017

I FOUND A SMALL BONE IN MY PASTA EARLIER! WHAT THE FUCK?! From the r/hockey Discord server: Radee Labeeb Prince?! From Sara and r/surrealmemes: The Demicolon!

Aleah Beckerle?! / The crazy old man knowing about Emperor Gestahl’s map?!

August 21, 2017

I woke up at 5:45 AM, so it was definitely COFFEE TIME! Then it was ECLIPSE MUSIC with Bonnie Tyler’s TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART! I also watched a live eclipse video on Facebook. From Facebook: Aleah Beckerle?! After defeating all the paintings at Owzer’s Mansion in Jidoor, the FINAL FANTASY VI: THE ETERNAL CRYSTALS […]

Language realm of Japanese slang, no AUDIO WARNINGS, hiding carrots, Swiftfox

April 19, 2014

Mike and I talked about TV shows, poly / open relationships, 30 ROCK, self-doubt, more Japanese slang, sugar, apologizing, anxiety, 3D televisions, the “UNCLE FUCKER” song from SOUTH PARK’s Terrence and Phillip, restless legs, syndromes, control, orgasms, Internet radio, Reddit, my using his penis as a “microphone,” and questions. We also discussed Adblock, Reese’s peanut […]

DRAGON STICKERS! / Rookie the Slime

December 3, 2012

I got an Italian postcard, Christmas card, and happy face / princess / DRAGON stickers from Alessandra (dru_it) … also got a Christmas card from Becca (orangeandblack) in the mail today, too! YAY! Becca says she got mine a few days ago, also. Then I got annoyed by my plastic wrap; good thing that I […]

Gentle dentist appointments, no payment, visiting Grandma, pasta, new Bathroom Readers

October 26, 2010

First time using my sister’s “new” laptop, so I need to get used to it! I went to see Sean, who actually impressed me with his gentle dentistry skills! He let me know whenever he was doing something, for one. It’s been a long time since I’ve been called “Les” at least ten times in […]

Josephine Uy, short shorts, Aeropostale, and opening a cat’s paw

July 15, 2010

High-scoring words of the afternoon: CATSPAW (288 points) – against Katie H. [4W, two 2W] AMICI (176 points) – against Ron P. [two 4W] OPENING (275 points) – against Angela E. [two 5W] FADEOUT (108 points) – against Shyama P. [two 3W] DODGEM (198 points) – against Kelly F.-P. [2W, two 3W] Teunis and I […]

Burgoo, HO, and trying for sanity

June 7, 2010

This computer restarted TWICE in the last bit – once while I was out, and a second time just now. I’m also using Opera instead of Safari for now because it seems to work faster and better – it’s just more responsive! Steph picked me up after shopping at Richmond Centre for Vivian’s bachelorette present […]

Random ideal outfit

May 4, 2010

This thing just restarted! In honor of the Kent State anniversary, I’m listening to Neil Young’s OHIO. (CSNY?) Note: Which LJ Friend Secretly Wants to Assassinate You? Memegen, by PsykoDragon. (for girls) Your random ideal outfit by sweethonesty11 Favorite color Background Eyes Blue mascara Hair Messy bedhead Top Gray sweatshirt with a hood Underwear Plain […]

Church is NOT an appropriate place to be naked, kid!

April 24, 2010

Turns out I had even less time than I thought to get ready, because Henry called me just after 3 – good thing I’d taken a shower, at least! (my hair felt much better) Apologized to him because he had to wait, since I’d put the rice in the microwave to cook. He said it […]

Vexing mice and health / Persuasion (NOT Jane Austen)

March 19, 2010

High-scoring words of the day so far: VEX (104 points) – against Sherry O. [4W, 2L on X] CHOSEN (104 points) – against Kathy T. [4W, 2W] I think these mice are affecting my health now – that’s not a good sign. Sure, they affected Terrence’s health last summer, but I thought that I was […]