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Government branches! / Mail and email in 2001 vs. 2011! / Grim Vermeiren?!

August 11, 2017

“You Are the Judicial Branch” You have a well-developed sense of right and wrong, but you are always open to changing your mind about the details. You have a very rational mind. You never judge until you learn all of the facts and context for something. You are good at seeing issues in full. You […]

Awkward Family Photos: 80s / 90s / early 2000s Edition! Manning Park and Gilroy!

May 21, 2017

Here I am at home with my coloring book and toys in July 1982! Jon’s first birthday in November 1982: Grandma, me, Jon, Mom, and Dad. The NG siblings in 1985! The NG siblings, Christmas 1985! Disneyland in 1992: me, Mom, Steph, Grandma, and Jon! Steph, Dawn, and me at the Steveston Salmon Festival on […]

Sedin twins with Hansen twins! / Harriet B. Early, Hava Hart, Sorry Dong Dong

January 13, 2016

Sedin twins with the Hansen twins, Lucas and Daniel! Harriet B. Early?! Hava Hart?! Sorry Dong Dong?!

Whiskey Advent calendar, TWINKLE TWINKIE TWILIGHT, Easter Flythe, Dick Passwater

December 3, 2015

I ate my last two packs of Aroi curry noodles because they expired on August 12, 2015. WTF? The Canucks played Dallas at 7 tonight, and lost 4-2. From Jim: A whiskey Advent calendar! Courtesy of Andrew Clarke: TWINKLE TWINKIE TWILIGHT?! Easter Flythe? Dick Passwater?!

Finished editing! / Fancy French dessert wine is EXPENSIVE! / Tantagel Far Far

May 4, 2014

Finally finished editing the latest Holly story at 9, which was good to do with no distractions around! Called Mike at 11:15 (which he said was good timing) to remind him about the blue bottle of lube, and he said stuff about 12 Superstore cans of ginger ale and the fancy picture. Cool, especially since […]

Microwaving bacon / Gross coconut water / MOTAS chess

January 22, 2013

Microwaving the bacon was a success, at least. I’d do it again, if it weren’t so freaking expensive and salty / fatty… the paper towels were almost soaked through with grease! Note to self: DOUBLE LAYERS next time, if there is one! While I was brushing my teeth, the toothpaste container almost fell into the […]

Expo 1986, dresses, and Hell’s Gate venison farms near Hope

October 29, 2012

Apparently, there will be a Celebration of Life dinner on Nov. 1 following the funeral and all of that. I expected this, heh. Discovered that some dungeons and space adventures weren’t working properly when they have TONS of friends and interests linked to their accounts! WTF? Steph emailed me, Jon, and Harmony a cute photo […]

Penis defects / Sex addicts / Trust in friends

July 29, 2012

I accidentally fell asleep, and got up at 6:45. Since I thought that Lillian hadn’t called because she wanted me to have a break, I called Jon to discuss the day’s developments like Big G talking more. It’s true that the lards could know already, but we don’t know that. He’s free tomorrow, so we’ll […]

Epic good timing / Magic Radimvice Den / Another 4-2 loss

April 13, 2012

Woke up with about an hour to spare till the weekly tradition, and thought I could just have a solo Hero in the Den of Radimvice to cast magic only. We’ll see how that pans out later tonight! I heard that Subway is having $5 footlongs again, so maybe I’ll get one tomorrow. Vented to […]

4-3 REVENGE against Bruins! / EARTHBOUND and Mr. Saturn!

January 7, 2012

At home yesterday after making mushroom soup, I managed to start up a game of EARTHBOUND since I could do so from some semblance of memory. Now that I’m here at the library and have brought my laptop with me, I also copied and pasted the FF VI walkthrough I’ve been using to Word, so […]