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Denetrice?! / Amayah?! / Ami pronounced as AIM-I?!

November 4, 2018

From Julie: Denetrice?! Reminds me of the French word for TOOTHPASTE, which is DENTIFRICE! From Julie: Amayah?! From Julie: Ami pronounced as Aim-I?!

Benevolent sexism?! / Black people and microaggressions?! / Gender-neutral kids!

October 21, 2017

From Reddit on June 2, 2017: No, Worried19, kind and thoughtful actions by anyone (holding doors open, etc.) – even a Muslim – are NOT benevolent sexism! From Reddit on June 15, 2017: “You are one of the good ones because you’re over 60 or something” is NOT a microaggression! From Baby’s Named A Bad […]

Charismatic! / A bunch of funny FINAL FANTASY V SPOOF Ability descriptions!

October 3, 2017

I called Chrystal at work at 12:30 – to my surprise, she was on reception duty! We made plans for her to treat me to a belated birthday dinner on Friday the 13th; we’ll meet at 7-ish at the London Drugs near Broadway Station. Sounds good to me! “You Are Not Charismatic” You are not […]

New numerous old altar green fish, Sacke Svensson, Alysha Isabel Meeks

July 5, 2017

From my ex-friend Lucas and Discord: New numerous old altar green Chinese prickly ash pickled fish?! “Is the spicy pickled fish cultured is to Sichuan river fish, smooth fresh enough, plus new numerous really old old pickled vegetable, acid bright enough, plus the real hot girl from secret spicy formula, really hot hot.” From Not […]

Steve Bear is an Angeles Forest ranger?! / John Argue was trained as a lawyer?!

April 14, 2017

From ALL-PURPOSE BATHROOM READER #13: Steve Bear is an Angeles National Forest ranger?! From ALL-PURPOSE BATHROOM READER #13: John Argue was trained as a lawyer?!

Chinese Eric, Super Bowl hangout and catch-up time, Michael, Mike Simones

January 27, 2015

Chinese Eric called me at 9, but I didn’t notice it until 9:45, so I called him back. After getting the fax machine, I decided to leave the phone on. He called me back five minutes later, wanting to know if I wanted to watch the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots on Sunday while […]

Jim and Sara W. unfriending me / Banning Barbara and Deborah / The Purple Test

March 28, 2014

I’m glad that Jim Porter unfriended me; he used too many commas in place of an ellipsis, and got all butthurt about tagging! As for Sara Wills (sparkle_bint) unfriending me, that’s also fine. Things happen! I also banned Barbara Rice (anita_margarita) and Deborah Segelitz (yummydeb) from the LJ Facebook group for causing and continuing drama. […]

Reconnecting with Palmer at Metrotown, and realizations of missing Mike

March 25, 2014

Palmer and I made plans on Reddit PM / AIM to meet up today at Metrotown so we could catch up. It’s attention of a sort, and I needed to get out of the house anyway. We talked about Jasmine, her irrational upset, the usual suspect trolling her, and being lazy before going out in […]

Need for Xmas sticker VARIETY, joking $4500 charges, proper formatting

December 2, 2013

By the time I finished prepping all my Christmas cards and envelopes, I discovered that I needed more sticker variety. Guess I’ll have to go to Hallmark Cards or other places to get those at some point! Corey also emailed me to say that his parents had stopped the mail since they went to visit […]

Photobucket forcing changes on its users, like LiveJournal… / Bo and Karn!

February 5, 2013

Steph says that her birthday dinner is at her and Lisa’s place on Sunday evening. Sigh. Finally got Trillian to work on here, and talked to Talia briefly. If you thought LiveJournal was the only company forcing changes upon its users recently, you’d be wrong. Photobucket is also doing the same with its “new photo […]