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Golden ice dragon, awesome dragon mug, Rebecca Groat, Revie Ishai, Rob Tonka

July 29, 2017

I went out at 1 on a C94 to go to the Brighouse Library mini book sale, which I’d heard about yesterday on Facebook Events, eventually buying Age of Iron (Angus Watson), The City Stained Red (Sam Sykes, who also happens to be Diana Gabaldon’s son!), The Dinosaur Lords (Victor Milan), The Awakened Mage (Karen […]


Marukan rice vinegar, THE TONIGHT DOUGH, correct toilet paper rolling directions

April 22, 2016

I finally managed to get removal for hearing at the nearby clinic this morning; I left at 9:30, and was back home at 10. Barry picked me up at 11, and we were off to Price Smart. I got Kadoya sesame oil, an on-sale 4L container of white vinegar, a lemon, bananas, on-sale Silk vanilla […]


Grasshopper pie ice cream! / Tripp Self, Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, Jay Walker

March 23, 2016

I was responsible and paid my Shaw bill online today. Barry picked me up at 1, so we went to both banks before food shopping, where I got more money out than usual. I got on-sale almond milk x3, (DOLL spicy tonkatsu which all expire on April 13 / spicy cheese Paldo / Penang white […]


Snow in Alberta, WORLD’S END, Candy Bar Pie, timing, Gestahl finding the Esper World

September 9, 2014

Mike and I talked about the snowfall yesterday in Alberta, coffee, food, his pretending to be Kabosu, Youtube videos, coffee, the mailman, scam phone calls, Kabosu, sugar, picking up stuff at the post office tomorrow, Ben and Jerry’s limited-edition CANDY BAR PIE ice cream, his playing WORLD’S END on Sherry’s computer, FROZEN fanfic, dumplings, his […]


Orange shandy, lemon shandy, CANDY BAR PIE ice cream, Oreo flavors galore, monster cereal

September 5, 2014

Mike came back at 3:15 PM yesterday and said that we had to hurry since a truck had flipped over in Tsawassen! Of course, he took the time to look up border wait times and Hagen’s hours before we left, so I took time to wipe the water (paper towels!) which he had haphazardly left […]


Surprise laptop drop-off?! / Camosun College in Richmond (dream) / Hazed and Confused CORE

September 1, 2014

Early this afternoon, I turned my head to fully focus on the window outside, and was VERY gobsmacked to find that there was a laptop on the table! WHAT THE?! So I messaged Mike to say that I didn’t care if he had come by overnight to drop the computer off, but I *was* surprised […]


DOGE stickers, freezer bags, Ben and Jerry’s CORE ice cream, DOGE Adventure

August 22, 2014

Mike showed up at 8:15 this morning, waking me up. He had brought me a case of Oktoberfest knockoff You-Brew beer, which Robert had indeed paid for. I told him to make some macaroni and cheese with taco seasoning while I took a relatively quick shower. He checked the border lineups a little later while […]


Reproducing sound improperly, PHOENIX WRIGHT, SEINFELD, TRIP TANK, Elizabeth Bathory

May 15, 2014

Mike and I discussed my having something he wanted, his once meeting up with an ex and her new boyfriend, balls, his stomach not registering food, eBay, the Jnes 1.1 emulator not reproducing sound properly (something about Channel 4 for NES games) for the RETURN spell or voice effects (which I knew), orange vodka, people […]


Chinese Eric, Easter eggs, preserved vegetables, insanity, and a 2-1 WIN

April 5, 2014

Chinese Eric came over at 6:40, and we discussed Marko / the Canadiens / the Scotchy Scotch Scotch ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s / stats / rumors / my consideration in mild salsa / his hockey fan friends / Gary Bettman conspiracies / my guestbook / the Wild Mike’s pizza / the Easter eggs […]


Scotchy Scotch Scotch Ben & Jerry’s, Hainanese chicken, Uncle Ben sales, Colgate Twister

February 26, 2014

When Barry picked me up this morning, I wanted him to drive me to Coast Capital and Royal Bank so I could do my banking before going to Price Smart. I bought Hainanese chicken and rice, on-sale Sun Rype juice for $1 each (banana berry x2 / apple orange peach / orange / wildberry), on-sale […]