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Winged beetles in urine / corpse-cannibal story

June 30, 2003

This story is SO gross! Has anyone heard of the 13-year-old Indian boy who’s producing winged beetles in his urine? Doesn’t quite have that “corpse-cannibal story” (which I just read about, thanks to Spoz) beat, though.. now THAT is truly yucky. (maybe I’ll freak my sister out with both these stories later on.. that will […]

Awana BBQ

June 29, 2003

had to reschedule the ferry terminal thing.. but I did get a ride to the Awana BBQ.. I’m sure we’ll have good times there.. and right now, I can say that I’m happy 🙂 except for the reschedule, but that’s tiny.. compared to a BBQ, that’s nothing! 😉

Little to no bollocks!

June 29, 2003

HILARIOUS QUOTES OF THE WEEK (2) “That was one intense Bible Quiz! There was screaming, there was yelling, there was cursing..” — Ty, describing the Daniel Fellowship program to me from a newcomer’s point of view. (Friday, June 27) [Nathan said that they might scare away the newcomers.. I would hope that doesn’t happen!] “Yeah, […]

Kempy in my dreams

June 29, 2003

baby shower today.. woohoo! also had Kempy appear in my dream.. weird, that.. said he and a band had a Granville St. gig.. they were announcing it on a public transit bus.. (of all places to announce upcoming local gigs) “imported from Australia,” indeed.. VERY weird subconscious there.. but as long as certain people don’t […]

YM beta version

June 28, 2003

okay, so Yahoo Messenger beta version isn’t that great.. suppose there’s a reason why it’s a “tester version” 😉 now I’m on my sister’s laptop (she’s gone out).. guess I *can* have ICQ diversion after all.. there’ll be some imminent good chats.. wooyeah 🙂 oh, and dish minimalism rules! 🙂

Kick-butt movies

June 28, 2003

well, I’ve just seen the first Charlie’s Angels movie.. definitely more plot to this one than Full Throttle.. but at least now I can say I’ve seen ’em both 😉 I thought that the usual gang of ICQ denizens would be around to distract me and provide diversion.. (like the people I alluded to in […]

Parental interference

June 28, 2003

well, the word has come down from on high.. (otherwise known as my parental units) no, I CAN’T stay home alone today.. (which I was REALLY looking forward to..) my sister has to pick me up so I can go there.. they’ll brook no interference or “nonsense,” either.. guess I can watch the first Charlie’s […]

Hard-driving music rocks!

June 28, 2003

the movie was so very cool.. very much a “kick-butt” kind of thing.. I’m not going to spoil it for you.. but it was soooooo action-packed.. (with a lot of cameos.. not telling who) not a sappy chick flick like I was ranting about.. the hard-driving music ROCKED the house! (trust me to focus a […]

Open up, box office!

June 27, 2003

right now, I’m killing time at the library.. waiting for the box office to open.. I need to buy five tickets pronto! (yes, I am impatient.. live with it :P) actually looking forward to this movie.. it’ll be cool to see, I think.. so if only the Oakridge box office would open.. I’ll be one […]

Chick flicks and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

June 27, 2003

going to see Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle today.. it’s a departure from the movies I’d usually watch.. I don’t normally go for chick flicks, really.. but it was my sister’s idea, NOT mine.. so just don’t look at ME like that, mmmkay? and since I *do* want to go to Fellowship tonight.. I’ll go, coz […]