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My Perfect Major

December 31, 2005

You scored as English. You should be an English major! Your passion lies in writing and expressing yourself creatively, and you hate it when you are inhibited from doing so. Pursue that interest of yours! English 75% Linguistics 67% Journalism 67% Sociology 58% Anthropology 58% Psychology 50% Theater 50% Philosophy 33% Dance 33% Biology 33% […]

Coffee, bubble tea, a Bellini, Pho, Dragon Ball / December 2005 BBT Tally / Questions 2601-2650 of 5000

December 31, 2005

Why did it take me 2.5 hours to write up this entry?! Finally, I’m back home! Went to the hockey game with Jon, Nathan, and Melissa: it turned out that one of the tickets Steph gave us from her workplace was refunded already (their mistake, not hers), so Nathan had to pay $35 to get […]

Christmas cards, dinner, Zulu, and plans

December 30, 2005

I got Christmas cards from Nyssa (giggles_19) and Rachel (cynicalsiren) today! Rachel included a very cute Hello Kitty drawing with her card… my mom would be ALL over it (since her name is Kitty and all), but I’m not letting her touch it or even know about it! (she tends to be a bit… weird… […]

Questions 2551-2600 of 5000 / A-Z Meme / Bah, Humbug! / Cat Breed

December 30, 2005

Note: LJ Star Wars / LJ Pirate Voyage 1 and 2 blogquizzes. (by Darcie and Jen) Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I’m going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn’t fit as an entry, anyhow. 😛 The only […]

Poo on social interaction!

December 29, 2005

Dinner with Jon, Terrence, Melissa, Terrence’s friend Kenny, and my parents was okay… my mom needs to learn tact and not tell me that I need to be taught things I already know! (like it being polite to chip in for parking: gee thanks, Mom: I would NEVER have known that if it weren’t for […]

Taking excess skin and fat off chicken in dreams / Old Spaghetti Factory ultimatums / quizzes

December 29, 2005

I dreamed about taking the excess fat / skin off raw chicken, just like I used to do when I lived with my parents. Very weird, but I’m not going to tell them about that… I know better, haha. I checked my email just now: apparently, what I told Corey at 5:30 AM about “rumors […]

Thank goodness we won the Nashville hockey game! / Questions 2501-2550 of 5000

December 29, 2005

We won 4-3 against Nashville tonight, so I guess it was a good game for Melissa and Jon to attend… the only thing was that the Coyotes scored 38 seconds into the game. There was a great flurry around the Vancouver goal near the end of the game, but thank goodness Morrison took the puck […]

50% off Guinness AND Ripley’s books?!

December 28, 2005

This afternoon was spent making plans with Jon. I eventually showed Melissa how to get to the 98 B-Line bus stop JUST in time to catch a bus. She didn’t mind going to the coffee shop to meet Jon before the game on her own, which was fine with me.. she’ll be sleeping over at […]

Broke four million points in Bookworm! / Questions 2451-2500 of 5000

December 28, 2005

Earlier tonight while Melissa was doing a bunch of book reflections as homework / studying, I attained a new Bookworm high score: 4,091,740 / Level 41 / Bookworm Supreme / 3:11:20 on Tuesday, 12.27.05! Note: LJ Happy Holiday / LJ Love Triangle blogquizzes. (by Maya and Rachael) Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post […]

Everything is closed today! / Downtown plans / How I should improve in 2006

December 27, 2005

I called my mom this morning, and she insisted that she’d called Melissa yesterday even though it didn’t register on her cell phone. Most weird… she also said that Terrence had called her, and we might get together on Thursday. Steph apparently suggested that Mel and I go to the Foggy Dew Irish Pub near […]