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Mount Pleasant Park for my 44th birthday! / LOBSTER ROLL! / Shrimp salad rolls!

September 20, 2020

My upstairs neighbor decided to start their Sunday morning at 5:30 AM AGAIN – GO BACK TO BED! OTHERS ARE SLEEPING! FUCK YOU! So I had to have DOUBLE COFFEE TIME and SHOWER TIME before I left at 4:05 PM… I did not have enough time to go buy Halloween candy for the kids, but […]

Birthday Wishes in 2020!

September 20, 2020

Birthday Wishes in 2020! Seafood linguine at the Lakeside Grill at Mayfair Lakes golf course for my 2020 birthday! Thanks, Auntie Catherine! Early birthday brunch at the Lakeside Grill, 5460 No. 7 Rd. Seafood linguine: White wine tomato tarragon cream sauce with sockeye salmon, scallops, prawns, clams, and mussels. Her Amateur Breakfast: Two eggs, hash […]

Kit Kat Espresso Explosion ice cream, September 17 traits, NOT 74 years old

September 17, 2020

Ayler called me at 6:55, and I could hear Jon and Harmony reminding him to wish me a happy birthday. We talked about how he couldn’t play piano for me because his dad was teaching online (I could hear that too) which was an actual good reason, what I did today (steak!), Jon telling him […]

Colorful rainbow dragon, brown dragon with flowers, red blue dragon phone cases

September 14, 2020

When I got up this morning, it definitely smelled like smoke all through the apartment – UGH! Ayler called me at 6:35, and told me that the wildfire haze had made it all the way to Calgary. I wouldn’t be surprised, and told him that I had been there once via bus. He wondered how […]

MyKuali Red Tom Yum Goong noodles breakfast, All-Dressed chips, Kraft Dinner

August 27, 2020

I went out at 2:15 in the HOT SWEATY HUMID WEATHER on a 407 after procrastinating BECAUSE I FOUND OUT THERE ARE NO PLAYOFF GAMES TODAY OR TOMORROW?! BULLSHIT! (BLM / Evander Kane / Canucks / texting Eric Ho) I bought one more pair of Old Navy Go-Dry Active shorts, on-sale Silk Canada almond milk […]


August 25, 2020

Barry texted me to say that tomorrow’s shopping appointment with him would have to be in the morning at 9 AM since he has to receive some food packages at 10. That’s fine, as long as I can get some help and not necessarily have to go out to shop again! This shopping list is […]

Barilla Ready Pasta rotini, Mr. Noodles beef Pho bowl, Pachelbel’s Canon in C?

August 20, 2020

Ayler called me at 4. He said that he and Hiero had played games, did some train tracks, and practiced piano today. When he said that he could play me the Pachelbel’s Canon in C instead of D, I didn’t mind. Jon said that I liked talking about math – ha ha ha, no! We […]

CHANTELLE! / Marie de Medici, weight, and sitting on your face!

August 11, 2020

Chantelle finally reactivated her Facebook account again, so of course I took the opportunity to snag a photo of her for my Wacky Family and Friends album! Robert added me to a Canucks fan Facebook group chat… but Sue Friesen, Glen Goldberg, and the disrespectful Dave Doiron were in it. I’m NOT in the mood […]

Surrey police PUBIC meetings, Chinese Eric and the boyz, Boston Pizza, Ayler

August 9, 2020

Chinese Eric texted me to ask about my snack situation and to see whether white Eric would be up for “watching the boyz” at Boston Pizza for Canucks summer hockey time around his birthday next week now that the Canucks are playing the Blues in the first round. Once I finally got all my texts […]

What, yet, although, then, rarely, never! / Osmond / Squamish and Taylor Way

July 28, 2020

Michael Osmond added me from the Blue Mages Facebook page – okay, then! He seems to think we interacted before, but that’s not true. He also uses “imma” instead of “I’m going to,” so I already don’t think much of him! I called Ayler at 5:10, and they’d apparently JUST gotten home from doing a […]