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Delicious Peters?! / Adam, Mashi, N’Kyrah, Tanesha, Shameya, and Shasta?!

July 23, 2018

Delicious Peters?! From Julie: Adam is fine, but Mashi and N’Kyrah?! From Julie: Lewis is fine, but Tanesha?! From Julie: Shameya?! I know it’s not “shame ya,” but that’s what I can’t help reading every time I come across this name! From Julie: Shasta?! Like the pop?! Advertisements

Sneezing and coughing on your period! / Nerds, geeks, dorks / Sophie Wolfman

April 24, 2016

FindBar Tweak: I just found this one yesterday. Now when I’m looking for something in a Firefox page, I can figure out exactly how many of them there are, and they’re automatically highlighted! From Midge and Grammarly: “MAGIC: THE GATHERING? Wow… you’re really letting your nerd flag fly, eh?” “Actually, it’s a GEEK flag. Nerds […]

Blue screen of death, Myoshie, Crystal Metheny, Pheloni Venom, Felony Meth

September 9, 2015

I got a blue screen of death at 1:40 today! Jon sent me a Facebook message later to see if I was free on Saturday because he is starting to teach at Tom Lee again, then reminded me about Tuesday afternoons and evenings as well as Saturdays. That should be fine unless there’s a Canucks […]

Consecutive shutouts for Ryan Miller in a 3-0 win! / APPRECIATE A DRAGON DAY! / Egyptian and Finnish names

January 16, 2015

Vancouver played Carolina at 4 this afternoon, on APPRECIATE A DRAGON DAY! If Mike and I were still together, I’d tell him that he needed to appreciate me all day today, haha. Ryan Miller recorded back-to-back shutouts in a 3-0 win, which hasn’t been done before this season, never mind with the same goalie or […]

MANIAC MANSION / Rich! Sweet! Zombie Attack! (dream) / Troy, Lisa Dragon, a 5-3 Wings loss

November 30, 2014

Also discussed MANIAC MANSION, George Lucas, and LucasArts yesterday. Woohoo! I had a dream where a lot of old VCEFC people were getting together in our old building with rickety black steps and a surprisingly huge library. While I was just going to explore with my friends, Dad said that I had to listen to […]

Doctor Unheimlich, F-Fm (Flippenripple)

October 19, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withF4t4ss’ Disease Cause: pollen Symptoms: sudden dislike of modern architecture, slightly enlarged liver and spleen, stigmata, vague black eyes Cure: pass it on to someone else within seven days Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withFabala_Fae’s Disorder Cause: smoking Symptoms: […]


September 22, 2014

I was somewhat surprised when the usual suspect asked how I was at 9 PM last night while I was doing my own thing, but I told him that I’d had a literal bloody morning. He wondered if I needed any help since he was just waiting for the train; no, but it would have […]

Auntie Catherine, fall drinks, classic Hollywood name, Scottish name / Flint, Alec, and Old Man

September 15, 2014

Sean O. unfriended me from Facebook for some reason – what the?! At 11:30 last night, Mike said that it’s a good thing that he doesn’t have Uncle Lawrie’s car because then Mom can’t foist more crap on us; I totally agree! She can try, but busing home will be the best excuse ever for […]

Bloot, Creamy Bacon, Caesars, unable to get through HACHI-KO, SATURN FORT

September 13, 2014

Mike and I discussed weird dreams involving Obama and New York, weird candle scents (“smell my nuts” / “nice melons”), random words, “bloot,” coffee, Creamy Bacon with milk and margarine, limited-edition Cookie Dough Oreos, no dumplings or beer or macaroni and cheese with taco seasoning, nonsense, weird phone calls, PETA / sane animal rights activists, […]

Claire, obliviousness, wedding obligations, afterparties, old jokes, penis breathing

June 6, 2014

Mike and I talked about bottle openers, can openers, a penis breathing, body parts falling asleep, Dan Savage, failing laptop hard drives, Claire, obliviousness, his still being pissed off at no communication, hibernation mode and reproducing errors, “gullible” not being in the dictionary, having cancer if your hand is bigger than your face, other old […]