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The Yin-Yang Test

July 31, 2014

You Are Savvy You have peach yin. You are a great communicator, and you can connect with anyone on a variety of levels. You are outgoing when you need to be, but you actually function best when you can hang back and tap into your intuition. You have black yang. You are sophisticated and worldly. […]

LJ Space Adventures not working half the time, but Semagic does?

July 30, 2014

I discovered that the LJ Space Adventures don’t work half the time; they’re all screwed up, and won’t respond to clicking properly! That definitely takes away the “fun factor” for me! At least Semagic (which I’d hoped to use for mass deletion of placeholder entries – posting them was a major waste of time!) now […]

“Dead serious” as “David Sedaris” / Tom Petty’s DON’T COME AROUND HERE NO MORE / Summer Anthem

July 30, 2014

The usual suspect asked me last night whether I wanted to go to Bellingham with him today. I felt like screaming at him – but didn’t – so said no. It would be better for him and society in general! I hoped to get some damn sleep, too! Definitely had some Monthly Drain Sleep Experience, […]

What’s Your Writing Strength?

July 29, 2014

I discovered the start of redrum just now. ACK! Your Writing Strength is Observation Your writing often reads like really good non-fiction. You have a strong handle on the real world. You understand current events and history well. You also know what makes people tick. You can bring any idea or event to life, and […]

FINALLY reconnecting with Chinese Eric! Yay for no insane work ethic here!

July 28, 2014

While I was busy earlier, Chinese Eric had called me! I called him back an hour later when I noticed the call on my Caller ID, and we were able to talk for 50 minutes about stuff. Mike was WRONG to think that he’d somehow acquired a girlfriend, haha. Summer (and Christmas) is the primetime […]

SDMB people DONE! / Replacement lotion and mouthwash / EARTHBOUND personality

July 28, 2014

Finally finished the dungeon / space adventure “interests and friends” project for all obvious Dopers that Erik and I mentioned in 2004-2005 over YM chat! Now I can go back to playing them like a normal person! I also tidied up my “Undo Close Tab” extension so that it’s easier to navigate… no more tabs […]

How to microwave soup / Pinocchio and Geppetto / What Livable City Should You Live In?

July 28, 2014

How to microwave soup: Get can of soup. Place can in microwave. Set microwave power to “high.” Set microwave timer to 30 minutes. Sound of explosion indicates soup is ready. Pinocchio went to Geppetto one day, saying that the women were complaining of receiving splinters while having sex. So Geppetto gives him a piece of […]

Replacement body lotion, Kiwa chips, truffles, and reusable bags

July 27, 2014

I went out to London Drugs today to buy replacement store brand body lotion (no fragrance), on-sale Kiwa vegetable chips (plantain / parsnip / cassava / sweet potato / beetroot / yuca), 100 white Tic-Tacs for home, 500mL of milk which expires on Sept. 22, and two store brand reusable bags. At home, I decided […]

Giving out personal info, Hasaad Market prank calls, reincarnation as dog, supporting me

July 26, 2014

Mike and I discussed my crying, his back being red from the car door, Vania being fancy-looking, Russell Peters and his Indian accent, Youtube videos, throwing a whole bunch of stuff out (including cards and boxes), how broken glass should be stored inside paper, Micah’s apple pie, Krista’s vague / weird Facebook posts, the Lonsdale […]

Ribeye steak, margarine, orange non-stick wok, and a BROKEN COFFEEPOT! / CHRONO TRIGGER sprites

July 26, 2014

In an effort for a NEW start to my weekend, I had ribeye steak / borscht / hot milk tea / spaghetti at The One CafĂ©, then went to the store for a huge container of margarine. Came back with that, on-sale Sidekicks (Tomato Alfredo x2 / Garlic Butter with Lemon x2), on-sale Brookside chocolates […]