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Full moon and a lunar eclipse! / Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania?! / Plastic cake box!

March 13, 2020

From my UNSINKABLE Bathroom Reader #21: Lucky or unlucky? March 13, 1998, was a Friday the 13th with a full Moon and a lunar eclipse. It’s Friday the 13th today! I showered and did laundry this morning, then made reservations at the Cascade Room for tomorrow. Julie M. was on vacation and saw this map […]

Manchester United MacGyver?! / Korinna McNeil, Matti Jeffreys, John Firstcharger

August 16, 2019

Today is National Rum Day! Manchester United MacGyver?! From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Korinna McNeil?! BAD SPELLING OF CARINA! From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Matti Jeffreys?! Shouldn’t that be MATT Jeffreys?! From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: John Firstcharger?! Like Treble Charger?!

Christon! / Shy’Kemmia Shy’Rezz Pate?! / Doge as a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

February 18, 2019

I showered today. Got Christon and Alice’s wedding invitation today – at least both the wedding and reception are in Richmond, so I can probably get white Eric to give me a ride on August 31! KIRIN AND BLUNDELL CHURCH, AHOY! From Reddit and r/UnresolvedMysteries: Shy’Kemmia Shy’Rezz Pate, AKA Shy-Shy?! This message board posting was […]

Kinky Friedman, the four levels of insanity, Jerry N. Buckner, a zombie expiring

January 21, 2018

From The Federalist Papers: Kinky Friedman was a government speaker?! From Candy: The four levels of insanity! Talk to self, argues with self, loses argument with self, is no longer speaking to self. From Julie: Jerry N. Buckner logged on and logged off on his gravestone! A zombie shows up at the health club. The […]

Douglas Duncan robs Dunkin’ Donuts?! / Gorilla Jasper! / Sixi roasted husband!

June 11, 2017

From AMERICA’S DUMBEST CRIMINALS: A guy named Douglas Duncan robbed Dunkin’ Donuts?! Bonus: His accomplice was named Howard Johnson! From Janina: This gorilla is saying, “HUBERT! JASPER! I am not paying this man to take pictures of you two fooling around! Now sit still and behave!” From Engrish.com and Library of Most Controversial Files: Sixi […]

Snow paths in Canada, Heywood Jablome, Draco Slaughter, Matric Examsion Phelephe

March 12, 2016

From Pete: Meanwhile, in Canada, they have to carve a path out of the snow! Chris W. says the snow walls are actually a tourist attraction in Japan, however. Todd Corbett legally changed his name to Heywood Jablome because of a CFOX contest in 1998 – I remember this from the Larry and Willy Show! […]

999° weather, Griffen Outhouse, F. Yu, Tywaniquekya Mackey

December 17, 2015

Griffen Outhouse is a goalie for the Victoria Royals! F. Yu! Tywaniquekya Mackey?! Wow! Just look at Friday’s 999° weather!

Rushed dinner invitations and my favorite punctuation mark

January 14, 2014

The usual suspect tells me that his mom invited us to dinner tonight on short notice. Well, at least that’s genuinely nice of her! He says that he can meet me at the office or wherever at 3 (gwei loh and their early dinner times…) – honey, this is a DENTIST APPOINTMENT and will take […]

Morphine, Wikipedia’s list of conspiracy theories, 7-1 losses, Tom Cruise

November 21, 2010

High-scoring words of the night: SUBLOT (335 points) – against Angela V. [two 5W – one used twice, hook off IT for a plural] {VERY LUCKY deficit-erasing word!} MORPHIA (204 points) – against Rebecca H.-F. [5W, 4W] OBELIA (134 points) – against Alice P. [two 4W] SWAMIES (700 points) – against George M. [two 5W] […]

Awarding quarters, experimental pickup music, stealing classes, Oscars

September 15, 2010

High-scoring words of the night: QUARTE (450 points) – against Kate E. [two 5W] GAWPED (100 points) – against Sandra K. [4W, 3L on W] {a good deficit-erasing word!} AWARDING (664 points) – against Angela V. [3W, two 4W] Teunis and I discussed fun musical software toys, anime, butter, pacing, Metallica on guitar, George Washington, […]