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Jeremy making Pho / Fruit / AOL Translator / Monster Encyclopedia / Adopt A Monster

June 30, 2005

I just called my brother to see if we were on for dinner with Clement and Jocelyn tonight. We aren’t, since it would be too little time before he has to jet to choir practice at 7:30. Jeremy’s over making Pho now, and Jon’s horrified at the sheer amount of ingredients in the recipe! He’s […]

100 greatest rock anthems / mentally composing journal entries

June 29, 2005

I actually found something neat in RQ. This site gives you the 100 Greatest Rock Anthems. Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t in there, although it IS one of the ten best rock epics. “If, as you live your life, you find yourself mentally composing journal entries about it, post this exact same sentence in your journal.”

"Sev" is NOT "sex" / Pretz, Pocky, and chocolate strawberry pies / Websites / Ways to turn men down

June 29, 2005

I was going to type “going to sev” (as in 7-11), but ended up typing “going to sex” instead.. Oh, my tagging adventures… luckily, I corrected my mistake! *laugh* No, I am not a big pervert… although my mind may be dirtier than I thought! Corey tells me that’s okay, though! Although now he’s trying […]

Canada legalizing gay marriage, Virgin Records closing, in a mood for correct spelling, Jon and Clem

June 29, 2005

1. Canada’s now legalized gay marriage. My brother’s opinion: “Good times… maybe not good times.” Haha. A certain Nine Inch Nails aficionado that I know would say it’s The Downward Spiral, heh. 2. The Virgin Records store on Robson / Burrard will be closing soon, and changing to an HMV. I told my brother about […]

Save Toby / Ethan, Steph, Wilson, Brigitte / Dominic and his homemade fountains

June 29, 2005

Toby dying tomorrow? Who knows… I think it’s a scam, like Save Karyn was. I know I’ve had a lot of “picture posts” lately… I have to show these things off, haha. My cousin Wilson sent me a few pictures earlier today of Steph, Ethan / Brigitte (his sister’s kids), and himself. Ah, family fun […]

New flavors of Snapple, frozen yogurt, salad dressing, and more food (plus Billy Joel and potatoes)

June 28, 2005

I got lime green tea Snapple at the store today: I love funky new flavors! (Corey says he gets it all the time, and that it’s pretty good… whew!) Also got choco chunk raspberry Island Farms frozen yogurt (in lieu of ice cream), half-price yogurt, great prices on peaches / nectarines, chicken with wine sauce, […]

Last of the cruise photos uploaded!

June 27, 2005

My sister finally uploaded the rest of the Alaska cruise photos since she has all this free time. πŸ˜› I stole most of these from her ImageStation… the rest can be found at the above link. πŸ˜‰ FlambΓ© at the cookoff! Fruity art.. no, not THAT kind of fruity! πŸ˜› Yes, we barely managed to […]

Mountain Dew Energy at Silvercity! / Sisterly discussions and the Spanish Banks BBQ / CD plans

June 27, 2005

I finally picked up my Mountain Dew Energy photo from Pepsi today, and Epixome (the photo site) advised me to join Fueled By Dew. Maybe I’ll do that later. Good memories of Batman Begins at Silvercity, siu long bao heaven, and the pink Avec les compliments de VICTOIRE T-shirt that Eric likes! πŸ˜‰ I think […]

Colds / Quizzes

June 27, 2005

I love little Gwyneth and Bianca, but if I get a cold from them… big Nathan will get the blame since he’s been sick for a MONTH with a cold! Take the quiz: Who’s Your Harry Potter Lover?Severus Snape Quizzes by myYearbook.com — the World’s Biggest Yearbook! All of the possible quiz results for this […]

Buttsex / A Woman’s Prayer / Odd Song Titles

June 27, 2005

[23:00:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: ah yes.. if you tell yourself something enough times, you’ll start to believe it.. that, or she’s somewhat delusional πŸ˜› [23:14:03] mrptptpt: probably a little from column a, a little more from column b πŸ˜› [23:26:32] AlenaBrolxFlami: haha… well, you’d know her much better than I do πŸ˜› all I know is what […]