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Jesus soap / Doge Xmas / Maury Christmas! / Doorknob in MOTHER 3 inventory!

December 25, 2015

Jesus Soap: “You can be as bad as you want all day, then at night… simply wash away your sins!” I don’t think this is how it works, but I gotta love the endorsement from the devil: “It’s that good! Even I use it!” Crappy design from Reddit: Penis Christmas lights! Doge Christmas card from […]

Corey’s Thanksgiving, Nina saying that Yazmine’s huffy, email being LATE, morbid facts

November 16, 2006

Corey says he’ll be in Texas again for a week starting on Saturday. Ah yes, Thanksgiving with a bunch of relatives and such! Guess I’ll have to find new people to talk to or something, haha. (or go hardcore on my latest project…) I called my old friend Nina earlier: she’s doing fine, and says […]

October 2006 Bubble Tea Tally, jeans, and my dating style

November 9, 2006

I got a lot of work done involving people who switched journals or unfriended me, testimonials, and bubble tea. Now, back to the current project of tagging and such elsewhere… that is, after I restart this temperamental beast! For the past two years, I haven’t had any bubble tea in October. May that dubious streak […]

Diamonds / Let’s entertain the blind people while dodging questions about my non-existent love life!

October 7, 2006

Gee, the autosave thing works whenever I type in something complaining about it. I wonder if I’ve got a sentient LJ update field on my hands… Ah, the Awana break is good even though I sorta miss the kids… it’s no three-week break like the one we get at Christmas / New Year’s, but it’s […]

Testimonials about me from various people / Indie and alcohol quizzes

August 16, 2006

LJ Testimonials: 16 GJ Testimonials: 24 Total Testimonials: 40 Here are testimonials that various LJ and GJ people have written about me: LJ people (16) 1. Chris Hewitt (pianodude34): “In the love of meeting LiveJournal, I also became acquainted with a glowing_dragon. Her personification of the name “Tatiana” with “Wanderings” is sheer love. Her persistency […]

Showers / Games finally downloaded! / Thoughts and advice / Pants

June 23, 2006

Eric got on MSN to joke about my taking the bus or walking to #4 / Alderbridge.. I don’t THINK so, buddy! I told him that I was going to take a shower, so I didn’t have time to bus anywhere that took an hour to get to. He told me that I was only […]

Blender’s 50 Worst Things To Happen In Music

April 24, 2006

False fire alarms… again! At least this was in the afternoon when everyone’s up, including me. 😛 (now, where are my keys?!) Well, I said I’d do this when I had the time, and that time is now. Next up: 50 Awesomely Dead Rock Stars. Blender’s 50 Worst Things To Happen In Music 50. Sgt. […]

Spicy Writing?! / Questions 4101-4150 of 5000 / Afterlife Quiz

January 30, 2006

Jasmine’s friend Teunis (the same guy who she emailed me about a few days ago) just said that my writing was “spicy, intelligent, and fun.” Eeepers, hahaha. Hmm… Karen Choo just emailed me three times. I wonder what’s up… oh, two are Fellowship-related. The other one is personal, saying that she’s not forgotten that she […]

Shout-outs to various people

March 15, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX! I’ve very much enjoyed our friendship, and hope you definitely have a good one today! 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADELA! Now you know what all we’ve had to put up with through these years of knowing Sean.. 😉 It’s been great getting to know you, and I hope you have an awesome day! […]