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Shanghai Wonderful farewell lunch for Steph with Eunice, Eddie, and Eric!

February 18, 2017

After COFFEE TIME, I went out to Shanghai Wonderful for the farewell meal for Steph / Lisa / Fraser which I organized! Eric gave me a ride, so YAY! I brought the farewell / “new home” card, the two bags of Kettle pepperoncini chips (which Eric jokingly thought were post-lunch snacks), and the Dare chocolate […]

BOZOBOUND Enemies, #1-168!

December 1, 2016

THIS ENTRY IS ALLOWED TO HAVE NON-ALIGNED TAGS. THIS GAME IS BROKEN! There is no Sky Runner, and you can’t get to the Cave of the Past the normal way. You need to go to the edge of Chao Valley and use Walk-Through-Walls to get to the Cave of the Past! Then you can’t defeat […]

Church dream / Glass toilet / Daniel Noody being arrested for exposing himself?!

April 25, 2016

I had a dream where the VCEFC was meeting in an auditorium, and I sat in the row ahead of Erin and others. Then I noticed what was actually said in the green bulletin: Billy’s son Benjamin had died in a car accident, and then there was a paragraph detailing how certain ex-members were terrible. […]

Ding Dong! / Cops hold drunk Texas man’s head up for his mugshot! / Bimmy Lee?!

March 3, 2016

Steph called at 11:30 to see how I was doing, and ask whether I’d like to go to a cheap Canucks game in the future since tickets are $20 to $25. Of course I told her about my lamp, so she asked how I transported it. Then I told her about Brad Best and his […]

What DIRTY DANCING Song Are You?

July 31, 2015

What DIRTY DANCING Song Are You? You Are “Hungry Eyes” You are a deeply passionate person, and as hard as you try, you simply can’t ignore your heart. Your emotions overtake you. You wear your intensity on your sleeve, and you don’t consider that to be a bad thing. Your passion is who you are. […]

The 12 craziest new baby names from Princecharles to Amillion! / Bread pudding with ganache!

July 11, 2015

Oh no, they didn’t! The 12 craziest new baby names from Princecharles to Amillion There were 1,393 new baby names coined by creatively-inclined parents in 2014 — and it’s safe to say that at least 1,350 of them would have been better left as words, misspellings, celebrity surnames, or pure flights of fancy. But no, […]

Virginity anniversary, 50s dress test, rockabilly name, blue lobster

June 18, 2015

I just discovered that Chinese Eric called me again at 9:30 tonight. What could be so damn urgent?! I’ll get back to him later. At least I don’t have to be anxious about it because someone will make a big deal out of my not answering the phone, as Mike would! It’s now been over […]

What LOVE ACTUALLY Couple Are You?

December 30, 2014

You Are John and Judy You are sweet, genuine, and looking for a true connection. It takes you a while to fall for someone. You like to let love develop slowly, and you prefer to be friends first. You know that you can find love in the craziest of circumstances. People love how humble and […]

4-3 overtime win over the Senators! / Two pillows / Editing / Scoundrels / Pseudoor eyes

November 12, 2014

Mike got home at 7:15 last night, just in time for the Canucks-Senators game! Of course, Costco had been closed early because of Remembrance Day, but whatever he’d been downloading was still in that process, as I could see from the progress bar. No, he was not allowed to watch TWO AND A HALF MEN. […]

Doctor Unheimlich, F-Fm (Flippenripple)

October 19, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withF4t4ss’ Disease Cause: pollen Symptoms: sudden dislike of modern architecture, slightly enlarged liver and spleen, stigmata, vague black eyes Cure: pass it on to someone else within seven days Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withFabala_Fae’s Disorder Cause: smoking Symptoms: […]