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Floppy disks, Salsitas chips, no staying longer, good meatloaf, and nephew time!

May 15, 2017

I had to go out in the torrential rain (just managing to get a 401 AND a Waterfront train) for my THIRD family function (Mother’s Day / Mom’s birthday) in a calendar week: WAY TOO MUCH FRIGGIN’ FAMILY TIME! So of course I had to have coffee at 3:15 before going out at 4:30 to […]

LiveJournal is 18 years old!

April 17, 2017

LJ is 18 years old, starting on April 15, 1999! Here’s the modern Frank the Goat, LJ’s icon! My comment stats through 13 years, 3 months, and 10 days: 13.2K posts, 163K comments posted, and 62.3K comments received!

Moosehead Lager dragon! / A painting dragon! / Calendar WTF from Maxine

August 8, 2016

I emailed Harmony about our plans for tomorrow – 4:30 sounds fine to me! A dragon at Moosehead Lager! A painting dragon! From the Hallmark Cards character Maxine: Let’s face it. After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF!

Rub me on your butt! / You gotta wash your ass! / Jesus and cursing your ass out

July 23, 2016

From Sarah G.: A pink soap bar which is saying, “Rub me on your butt!” on a blue shower curtain! Reminds me of my icon: Redd Foxx: You gotta wash your ass! Guess who loves Jesus, but will still curse your ass out?

Necronomicon thong underwear, Chinese roast pork belly, mad cow disease

June 29, 2016

From Julie: Necronomicon thong underwear! From Laura: Chinese roast pork belly! They call it PMS because “mad cow disease” was already taken.

Email from Elizabeth! / Emailing Mandy! / Reindeer dragon! / Rotten Bavarois!

December 25, 2015

I got an unexpected “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” email from Elizabeth this morning, so I replied to that, then sent one of my own to Mandy while I remembered. From Janina: Here’s a reindeer dragon from the 2014 movie CHRISTMAS DRAGON! By using the code 02004224:XX, and replacing XX with a certain value, […]

Fireworks presents, insignificant writing on sign, favorite food, Memory Snake

December 17, 2015

Lucas opened the present near Caeribe Falls! There were fireworks inside. The nearby sign says: “There’s something insignificant written here, but because it’s insignificant, you didn’t read it.” By using the code 02004224:XX, and replacing XX with a certain value, the first item in Lucas’s inventory will be replaced with an item that goes unused. […]

OREGON TRAIL, Mrs. Moysten-Cumming, Ivana Mandic, Harry Beaver x2

December 1, 2015

I went out at 2:40 today to mail Christmas or birthday cards to Julie S. (julie709), Kelli (neonrose5), and Deanna (endlessblush) at Shoppers Drug Mart’s post office. I finally uploaded a new icon: it’s the OREGON TRAIL wagon, from AnimeRei on Holiday_Wishes! From Julie: Slayer skulls on Christmas sweaters! Mrs. Moysten-Cumming! Ivana Mandic! Harry Beaver […]

Alexander, GreyFox13, Shit Fun Chew, Misty Hyman, and James Grossweiner

November 7, 2015

Alexander R. (Grey-Fox-13) added me to Facebook from Reddit, which is a good thing. Yay for communication via Facebook messages! 😀 Shit Fun Chew?! Misty Hyman?! James Grossweiner?!

Mandy, turning up the heat, Angela Berkley, pizza, negativity, the Anal Frontier

October 23, 2015

I emailed Mandy last night to wish her a happy birthday as long as it was still the 22nd, and she thanked me, saying I was marvelous! It was time to turn up the heat here, also. Here’s an icon-sized picture of my ex-friend Angela Berkley! From Sabrina to John on Facebook: Surround yourself with […]