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Facebook and Google+ board meeting / Mimics! / Mr. Saturn! / Krakenberry Pie!

August 11, 2017

From Apina.biz: Why do I have the feeling that this is what really happened in a Facebook board meeting when Google+ was brought up?! “Mark [Zuckerberg], Google+ is getting to us and is taking our users. What should we do?” “Fuck up the chat system.” “Amazing!” “How does he do it?” “Brilliant!” “Bravo!” From SEVEN […]

Doctor Unheimlich, Ki-Kz (Knullare)

October 20, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withKilcaHodgeosis Cause: peer pressure Symptoms: extreme forgetfulness, excessive horn growth on forehead, vague pyromania Cure: bleach Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withKilhestonitis Cause: smoking Symptoms: screaming, bladder pain, reflective shots Cure: fresh air Enter your name, for your own […]

I should listen to my body next time…

January 21, 2008

Note: What the Hell Happened Last Night? Kwiz Biz, by joneccleston. I should not have gone out today, even to Shanghai Wind for beef noodles. This is what happens when I ignore my body’s need for downtime away from people in general. I saw John Jugovic on the bus – so random! (and his five-year-old […]


November 28, 2007

Note: What swear word are you Kwiz Biz, by Thy Beloved. Note to self: Just put the names and authors of Kwiz Biz quizzes as a note like I do with LJ-based Blogquizzes and Memegens. Too much “bad” HTML to be edited otherwise! Everclear lyrics that suit my mood right now: Baby, go to bed […]

A staggering number of tags / CSI / Survey

May 28, 2006

I spent some time catching up on internet stuff (including Phil’s blog), then the family had dinner and then watched an episode of CSI where the biological father (Sam Braun) of one of the investigators (Catherine) murdered a waitress with a pair of scissors since she was cheating on him. According to my sister, Sam […]

Matthew Good and Final Fantasy together on YouTube! / Quizzes

May 5, 2006

Thanks, Natalie! This is GOOD! So good that it gave ME the shivers! Matthew Good’s Weapon and Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children together! Might as well include some more Zenhex forum quizzes here and in a past post… at least I’ll be done sooner this way, and annoy you people less. 😀 Note: LJ friends […]

Villains, vampires, and fairies… oh my!

May 4, 2006

Note: How High Is Your Sex Drive? / How much of a noob are you? / What kind of LJ villain would you be? Kwiz Biz quizzes. (by eva71, shiftypowers, and tea_chan) Take the quiz: What kind of car are you?VW bugStill stuck in the 60’s, are ya? Quizzes by myYearbook.com — the World’s Biggest […]

Bliss of Sleeping In / Finished Carmen Sandiego World / Connie’s Middle Name / Quizzes

March 7, 2006

Tomorrow (technically today) is the first day this week that I can sleep in without worrying about getting up at a certain time. Ah, bliss and enjoyment. 😀 I also finished Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? tonight: you’re a rookie when you start out, then you become a sleuth with one solved case […]

Downloading stuff with the fast connection!

March 1, 2006

Corey and I had a discussion about downloading movies and TV shows, now that I can with my fast connection. I’ve never seen PULP FICTION or FIGHT CLUB, plus a whole bunch of others. Maybe I’ll do that sometime… [20:24:58] Corey: you’ve never seen that kind of thing? 😛 [20:32:33] Flami: Who wants to help […]

The church roller hockey league is NOT a dating service! / Cable Internet

February 26, 2006

I ordered a full cable TV package with Shaw a couple days ago, and then was on their website this morning before church to at least look at their prices for high speed internet: if it wasn’t a relative bargain to what I’m paying now for 56K, then I wasn’t going to buy. When I […]