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This amazing machine is awesome!

September 30, 2004

didn’t do that much today, but managed to bug Steph.. talked for a little while to someone who may call me.. that kind of thing is always good to look forward to 😉 been doing an amazing number of things with this machine.. not sure I can call it a “temperamental beast” anymore.. no funny […]

General Tso’s chicken / Quizzes

September 29, 2004

leaving Jon’s really soon, but had to update again.. had a conversation with Corey about weird food.. yes, he’s had General Tso’s chicken before I have.. never mind other “strange” Chinese food I tell him about.. Farrah and I complained about the LJ pissiness earlier.. just got an encouraging email from Andy.. thanks, dude.. he […]

Time with Grandma

September 29, 2004

spent a lot of time with my grandma this afternoon.. spoke more Chinese than I had in at least a few months.. she bought me lunch, Nin Jiom cough medicine, apple juice, and Chinese pastries.. even gave me $10.. at least I think she was happy that someone spent time with her, and talked to […]

Craft time at church / Quizzes

September 28, 2004

had a good time at church just now making crafty things.. I’m not that much of a good hand at card-making, however! talked to Frances, Lesley, Maxine, Karen Chan, Winnie, Lily, Connie, and Stella.. good times, indeed.. spent time discussing the guys and what we saw in them.. now, I’m bugging my sister.. that is […]

Quiz Heaven stuff: whether I’m a serial killer, how I’ll die x2, how I’d die in an anime, etc.

September 28, 2004

You are a weak serial killer You will never do anything too serious, but are quite the freak, and should stick to playing Hitman and Grand Theft Auto. Take this quiz at QuizHeaven.com How will You die? Tight Rope act gone wrong Take this quiz at QuizHeaven.com How Will You Die? You will be put […]

Getting the hang of things here!

September 28, 2004

finally am getting the hang of things here.. good thing I have certain people to help me through.. tonight will be fun, making things for the guys.. Lily says she’ll give me a ride home, so no worries.. tomorrow, I have to take my grandma out.. hopefully, things won’t be too bad on that front! […]

Back online with new goodies!

September 27, 2004

Phew.. finally back online with a new computer, keyboard, mouse, and other stuff that Vernon installed on the drive / PC. (Mozilla, Nero CD burner, a DVD drive, etc.) Definitely very much appreciate it, because now it means I’m way more current than I was before! It’s not a 486 anymore; if anything, it’s more […]

How Depressed are You? (45% here…)

September 25, 2004

How Depressed are You? This is courtesy of Puppy via Our Place. [] You wear mainly black. [x] You have had 5 or more arguments with your parents. [] You own a pair of ripped jeans. [x] You’ve cried yourself to sleep. [x] You’ve thought about suicide. (a LONG time ago!) [] You’ve screamed so […]

Talking to Spoz, Stephen, Corey, and Eric / Doctor Unheimlich

September 24, 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CITRUS.. I hope you have a good one today! 🙂 It’s been awesome knowing you all these years. I’m at the Netaholics Café again today; it’s no surprise! signed into MSN with the name “resident PC A.I. subroutine alien”.. Spoz immediately buzzed me.. explained my “mysterious disappearance” to him.. definitely an amusing hilarious […]

Netaholics Café

September 23, 2004

I’m on location at the Netaholics Café tonight.. yes, that IS the real name of this place 😛 hopefully, I can find the bus stop to go home in the dark! Eric came over yesterday, and I even showered while he was here.. I trust him that much 😉 unfortunately, he said that the monitor […]