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Stocking up on the light bulbs!

January 31, 2011

Posted a question as to where I could find 50-100-150W light bulbs in the city, and got a response from Jasmine’s sister Jade (bdellovibrio), saying that she’d just bought a whole bunch at the Granville / Georgia London Drugs. She helpfully added that they were 20% off for now… she’s remarkably helpful considering who she […]

AMBER, fire oil, staying up all night and all day, and SOURDOUGH

January 31, 2011

Teunis and I talked about the bathroom fan, using candles (Jon / Harmony and Peter / Holly do so), interesting radio shows (SPARK), sourdough pancakes, a 1258-page book called THE CHRONICLES OF AMBER (only $4?!), and soy milk pudding. Then Krista called and wanted to work on her resume over here… at least this time […]

Zen Rocks

January 31, 2011

You Are Dreamy You are a sensitive soul, and you can’t help but be constantly affected by the world around you. You are compassionate and kind, especially to creatures and people who are a bit helpless. You are idealistic and philosophical. You dream of a better world for everyone. You are imaginative and creative. You […]

Misquotations, "QUITTING ONTD," tomatoes, expired soy milk, reading directions FAIL

January 31, 2011

Wikipedia’s list of misquotations Teunis and I discussed beer for baking bread, Christmas decoration for his shelves, Jessica Leung’s cute Cookie Monster cupcakes, copyright law, BIOSHOCK references in WOW (Clarissa), harmonicas for kids, radio shows, pasta (use it!), being able to have tomatoes again if necessary (like in pizza – which he LOVES), budgeting, canning […]

Wikipedia, common misconceptions, female yogurt, and NICE requests

January 30, 2011

Wikipedia’s list of common misconceptions – thanks, Teunis! I went to my room, shut the door, turned down the radio, and read some interesting things in Ripley’s for a while before deciding that I had to take a nap! The only thing I remember from my dream is checking the time (which read 7:21) many […]

We get to go to Kevin’s house! / ALL-STAR GAME!

January 30, 2011

When Eric picked me up this morning, he bugged me (in English and French) about the frost / being drunk / what would happen if Dave Wong and Eric Ho were at service at the same time / “being in love with Eric Ho because you got him to drive you to MissionsFest.” (CRAZY!) At […]

SERVANTS at MissionsFest / Winter Personality

January 30, 2011

Called Jon last night to remind him about the cinnamon, but he’s not going to church today; instead, he’s going to MissionsFest to hear the founder of SERVANTS speak! I told him briefly about the “where is Chinese Eric?!” drama from Friday, why Teunis is likely to stay here for at least a few months, […]

Frozen yogurt, heaven and hell, badminton, medicine, and more!

January 29, 2011

Teunis and Krista went for a walk instead, to the grocery store – I declined on account of the rain. I figured I’d do my laundry after Awana too. They came back later, and we talked about tomatoes / politics / pumpkin pie filling / hiking NOT being a good idea tomorrow / Korean rice […]

Pretty backgrounds, hunting and fishing, and Krista being here

January 29, 2011

Last night, I talked to Teunis about WOW / pretty backgrounds / the Northern Lights / Eric’s “hunting and fishing dailies” in WOW, plus the “Lunar New Year Festival” stuff. When I got up today, I found that Krista had tried to enter the apartment in the usual way, then had called Teunis on Skype. […]

MissionsFest 2011: Chinese Eric, umbrellas, eating NOW, and more!

January 28, 2011

While Teunis was telling me about Greek mythology and CLASH OF THE TITANS (bad movie trailers!), Chinese Eric called to say that he was here – I told him to just wait outside, since his coming in wouldn’t really help! I got to see the new family car, which has a GPS built into it […]