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Writing letters to hated people / Advil and Always / 35 dumplings / 15 dumplings

December 4, 2019

I looked for the wooden spoon in the drainer and kitchen drawer while actively using it to stir some dumplings before watching the newest SCARY MYSTERIES. Is this how dementia starts? From Julie M. and Firefighting Australia: My therapist told me, “Write letters to the people you hate and then burn them.” Did that, but […]

Kwong Chow, fish heads, plans for tomorrow, Magnet with System Restore Disk

July 28, 2019

After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME and SHOWER TIME, I went out at 4:10 on a 407 for Dad’s belated 70th birthday dinner at Kwong Chow. I got a text from Jon saying that dinner was at 5:30 and they were at Granville Island (I’d already said I would be at Save-On), so I bought more (on-sale […]

Frances! / Alprentice Von Slatten?! / Cardi B named her daughter Kulture?!

June 7, 2019

After COFFEE TIME and getting some free NRG Detox Iaso tea samples from Shane in today’s mail (yay for bubble-wrap envelopes!), I went out at 2 on a 414 to see Rachel at the Caring Place. We called Shaw and I managed to get my bill lowered by about $50 per month for two years […]

Gau’s crazy father and the sidequest for manners and clothing from Jidoor!

July 16, 2017

I showered and did laundry today, a day earlier than I might have! However, I had to wipe a very watery bathroom floor with a mop and multiple (paper) towels, then had to do TWO loads of laundry on the THIRD floor, where one of the dryers was out of order! What stressful stramash! AIYA! […]

Chuao potato chip chocolate bar, God’s protection from rocks, throwing a brick

November 8, 2016

ANOTHER RENT INCREASE FORM?! I had to leave a message with Barry to tell him about this, of course. Then I spent ten minutes looking for some Koka Singapore Fried noodles which don’t actually exist in my apartment. I’m losing it! 😛 Barry called me back at 2 with good timing; we set up an […]

Delta BBQ! / LATENESS! / Ghost pepper and bourbon chicken wings!

July 17, 2016

I went out to Delta at 3:35, stopping to buy some Godiva mint chocolate chip truffle candies from Shoppers. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I was already late till it was about 4:15 or so! Poor Lisa was waiting at the Tim Horton’s for about an hour! I definitely apologized, said it was my fault for […]

Cats in egg cartons, Dick Cherry, Sam Sung being an Apple employee, Harry Marble

April 5, 2016

Jon sent me a Facebook message to see whether I’d be there later today – yup! Someone complained on the Canada Safeway Facebook wall about the expiry dates on their veggies and dip, so I asked them whether they’d paid attention to them when they bought the food. (two people LIKED this comment!) They came […]

Cleaning hair with body wash?! / Toilet paper, REJECTED snowmen, toilets

December 2, 2015

I almost washed my hair with Irish Spring body wash last night, haha – I’m losing it! Then I tried eating my beef soup with a fork instead of a spoon just now – WTF?! Also, I discovered redrum when I got up this morning – time for Advil, all right! Vanessa told me a […]

Leaving milk out on table overnight! / Mints! / Fire and ice dragons!

July 4, 2015

I somehow left the nearly-full carton of almond milk on the kitchen counter overnight, so I had to throw it out when I discovered that at 1:30 PM. This apartment is already too warm or too hot as it is, and I don’t want to consume milk which has been left out for over 12 […]

Deodorant on toothbrush, Zatarain’s jambalaya rice, my colonial name

June 29, 2015

I almost put my deodorant onto my toothbrush this morning – Mikki aptly described it as a “Chinese blonde moment,” haha! At lunch, I decided to try the Zatarain’s jambalaya rice, which I haven’t had since April 2013. I should just microwave it for less than 16 minutes, I think. Your Colonial Name Is: Hester […]