Yesterday night, I slept at 10 PM since I was feeling a bit unwell and very tired with a headache, chills, and cough. Last time almost exactly a year ago on 29 April 2014, Mike had wondered why I’d slept with all my clothes on, but the air had been COLD! At least I got to sleep for 13 hours after taking Advil, cough medicine, echinacea, melatonin, and Vitamin C! I replied to Mandy’s email this afternoon, of course. It’s definitely nice to have my own time for things, and not have Mike dictating my schedule! Sharon also sent the small group a month-old email about the insurgents in ISIS; that’s old news, man! I’ll probably go to bed early again tonight, just in case.


I noticed that Chinese Eric had called me at least four times yesterday afternoon from his cell phone (he was probably going to ask if he could come over to watch the game), but it’s just as well. I needed relative peace and quiet for blogging without any more distractions, and I certainly didn’t want to hide the bottled water and such in my room again! Because of the Sunday bus schedules, I had to leave at 1 to meet Chrystal at the Oakridge White Spot at 2! I killed time at London Drugs, buying one new large reusable bag (Amber T. showed me where those were) and six on-sale $2 Tasty Bite natural microwaveable food packs: Madras Lentils, Kung Pao, Pad Thai, Channa Masala, Bombay Potatoes, and Toasted Sesame Noodles. Chrystal saw me from outside Oakridge when I got there on time, and we went to White Spot so we could have lunch.

I had Chrystal’s Russell Stover chocolates / the letter C which I got her at Hallmark Cards last October 16 / her birthday card. Of course she thanked me for those things! Then we got to talking about my breaking up with Mike, her life skills program, my resignation from Awana (she understands about the 9 bus timing!), Mike being too concerned about time (he won’t wait more than ten minutes for late people!) / his image / his reputation, Mike’s paranoia / control issues / micromanagement / being very picky about things like almond milk consistency. We also discussed water, her Asian chicken salad, my curried red quinoa bowl, Karissa / Mackenzie / Phil / Grace / Angus / Melia / Ayler / Hiero / Michelle / Steph / Harmony, my being welcome at their church, Uncle Peter / Auntie Ying, and her free time. It was good to hang out with her after so long! I just managed to get a 407 home at Brighouse, and I was home at 3:45!

Lightning returns in FINAL FANTASY 13!


This morning, I found out that the Canucks game was at 6 instead of 7. I also finally resigned from Awana after taking a very long extended break, citing “personal reasons,” but I really can’t handle two consecutive commitments anymore. (too draining!) This way, I don’t have to worry about rushing myself between helping with the kids and Awana in case I have to run errands or buy stuff in the sixty to ninety minutes which I have between them. Thank goodness that Auntie Vivian, Sabrina, and Gabriel did not reply to my email when I got home! I was a little late going out this morning as I’d just missed the bus, so I went back in to let Harmony know via phone call. I also threw away both Awana uniforms (the grey one and the golf shirt), but kept the pins for some reason. While I was at it, I deleted the email thread between me and Martin about Awana rides, and deleted my Awana-related Gmail contacts and emails.

I got to the house after 11:20 or so, and as soon as I entered the suite, Ayler immediately wanted to show me his empty medicine bottle. After I got settled, I hung out with Ayler while he played with his shape puzzle and stacking blocks before he ate lunch. (I hugged him as well!) I didn’t mind feeding him grapes, egg, cashews, roasted chickpeas, coconut water, and his favorite green peas while Harmony attended to Hiero when HE woke up from his nap. When I played with Hiero before his own lunch a little later, he seemed to like the white star and the white bear on my dark Alaska sweatshirt; Harmony thought he was interested in bling, but nope! Of course I didn’t mind having spaghetti carbonara (bacon!) and a do-it-yourself salad of bok choy, hemp hearts (which are good!), roasted chickpeas, and sunflower seeds for my own lunch. Hiero liked chewing on the shapes, making cute noises, and playing with a toy truck. Harmony and I talked about poop, constipation, Ayler liking the phone since the buttons were lit up and made noise, diapers, sign language, communication, healthy / nutritious foods, having to buy peas every two days, spicy chips, her dad getting back from Europe, her work hockey pool, and my sitting by Ayler’s door while hoping he’d fall asleep faster.

After Harmony thanked me for my help, I left the house at 2:10. Then I decided to go to Kingsgate Mall so I could check out Buy-Low for the Gwei Lo! (at least I don’t have to apologize for the JOKE NAME to Mike now!) I FOUND MRS. RENFRO’S GHOST PEPPER SALSA! [August 22, 2014] I DON’T HAVE TO GIVE THAT UP BECAUSE MIKE AND I ARE NO LONGER TOGETHER! If we WERE still together, I might tell him about it… I’m sure it’s slightly cheaper at Winco, but whatever! I wasn’t really looking for this specifically (since I didn’t know it was there), but I’m glad now! While I was there, I got White Cheddar with Broccoli Sidekicks [15 November 2014], Bacon Dippers crackers since I haven’t had them in YEARS, Creamy Vegetable Primavera Sidekicks [25 March 2014], on-sale Chunky Soup (Chicken Noodle), and Tostitos Multigrain Rounds chips to go with the salsa.

I just missed the 9 Alma bus afterwards, but eventually bought some more purple and yellow bath poufs at the Broadway London Drugs [1 February 2014] since the string on my last blue one broke in the shower last night. Managed to get a 407 and be home at 4:45, which was good! However, my scissors PIERCED THROUGH my blue large reusable bag while I was walking home – I COULD HAVE BOUGHT ANOTHER BAG JUST TEN MINUTES EARLIER! Oh well, maybe tomorrow! PLAYOFF GAME #6 started out well for the Canucks, who got a 3-0 lead and chased Jonas Hiller out of the net. However, the final score ended up being 7-4 for the Flames, and the two empty-net goals in the last minute of the game did not help. Calgary goes on to the second round of the playoffs. Calgary winning four games to two really hurts! Now that nobody else is around here much of the time, I don’t have anything else to take up my time when boring hockey withdrawal will inevitably set in later, but it’s still better than certain abusive things which happened in 2014.

Mrs. Renfro’s ghost pepper salsa, which isn’t JUST sold in the States – SCARY HOT!

Pasta Primavera with tomatoes and bread:


Last night, I discovered that Chinese Eric had LEFT THE ZIPLOC BAG OF GOLDEN / DOUBLE STUFFED OREOS OPEN FOR AT LEAST TWO HOURS! (that jerk Paul would have done the same thing!) I had to throw it out.. WHAT A WASTE! He had also washed his face at the bathroom sink and didn’t wipe up the water with a paper towel afterwards, so I had to do it when I found that out! SO ANNOYING! It’s not even that hot! Still, I do understand more than Mike would have. I’m just not going to have any food out in the open the next time he comes here, just as a precaution!

Today, Eric Fuerer wanted to add me to Facebook – DENIED! I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU! Then I discovered that Stuart had made a racist insult about me out of nowhere in the Canucks Fan Chat on Tuesday morning, but since I’d already blocked him in December 2012 when Tammy banned me from Puckheads, I had no idea what he’d said. Jim had wondered where Stuart was in the chat, and Sabre replied that Stuart had left the conversation when he was being rude about me. No wonder Lisa D. had sent me a message around 11:30 on Tuesday morning! She said not to worry about Stuart, and to just ignore him! Fiann had told him to grow up, and he hoped that Carol slapped his ears off his head, because there was no need for shit like that! At 8:25 before my shower, I called Chrystal to remind her about meeting up at the Oakridge White Spot on Sunday; she thanked me for that, at least. These 24 hours of downtime has definitely been helpful before the weekend!

Baked jalapeno poppers:


Chinese Eric called me at 6:30 to say that he was running late, so I decided that he could pick up some fast food, then we could decide on other things later. Vancouver and Calgary had PLAYOFF GAME #5 tonight at 7, and Eric came over a few minutes later with McDonalds fries and burgers. I said that I’d “run out of” bottled water and had run out of chips. We talked about the Blundell post office’s location (#2 and Blundell), communication in any relationship, our moods, tone, the random McDonalds straw, taking his medicine, signing the guestbook, Trevor Linden, Willie Desjardins, Mike DEFINITELY not sending me anything online or otherwise, picking up Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set (which cost $10.91) from NO_FREEBIES_ on Reddit at the Shoppers Drug Mart post office (and mailing my tax form while I was there), getting Old Dutch Arriba nacho chips / bottled water from Safeway since it was right there, the Safeway cashier listening to the game while working (that’s cool – the cashier thought Eric’s comment was bad!), Brian Burke’s hair, Mike Gillis and HIS hair, the Chicago-Nashville series, Youtube being only ten years old, icing calls, and his leaving as soon as the game ended at 9:35. Eric says he likes visiting me (“thanks for the cheap date!”), but Richmond can sometimes be a maze when it comes to city planning – SO RIGHT! The final game score was 2-1 for the Canucks, who will stay alive for Saturday!

Here’s a photo of me, Hiero, and Steph from last night:


Before I went out at 4:10 to Broadway Station so I could meet Chinese Eric there, I was responsible and paid my hydro bill. When I got to the station, I went across the street to get a replacement small reusable bag at London Drugs since the old one didn’t have a good blue hook. I had to wait for Eric, but that was okay since he saw me from the traffic at 4:50. We got to Mom and Dad’s pretty early at 5; apparently, Ayler didn’t want to leave the park where they’d been playing! I read an entire issue of the READER’S DIGEST while waiting for everyone else to get there, and kept thinking about the very last time Mike was at Mom and Dad’s on December 27, 2014. When Nathan, Ciel, Jon, Harmony, Ayler, and Hiero got there after 6, the party could really start! I grabbed Hiero’s feet, and said hi to Ayler, who let me hold his hands while supporting him in walking around. (he didn’t want me to grab HIS feet, though!) Later, he wanted out of his chair, so I helped him with that before walking him around.

Ayler had fun playing with the microwave buttons: Steph said that was because they made noise and were new. Yeah, that makes sense. When she and Lisa had seen THE FAST AND FURIOUS 7 earlier today, her “probably male” baby due on August 17 was really active and kicked A LOT! We discussed clapping with Hiero, profanity at the Whitecaps games, smoked salmon, vegetables, cheese, almond milk, Toronto, the Raptors, the Vancouver Grizzlies, orange juice, the Jets being out of the playoffs thanks to Ryan Kesler and the Ducks tonight, Lisa’s PRICE jersey, the Canucks, and the Rangers. Also talked about Toronto and Winnipeg being too cold for Ciel, Singapore, beer, curry chicken, mushrooms, Johnny Depp, Starbucks coffee, Nathan being a butt model, G-strings being for both men and women in 2015 (no gender roles!), Havarti treating Steph differently (more gentle), sexy Kate Upton, marketing for phone games, Holly’s cloth photo book, Breyer’s frozen yogurt, and more. Eric wanted to come over tomorrow, so I said that was fine. “Too much extrovert! UGH!” is what I was thinking, haha.

On the way home, Eric said that his mom wanted him to pick something up and deliver it to a neighbor, but he decided to drop me off at home first at 9:55. (only twenty minutes to take me home!) It gives me a little more time to myself! More random stuff from Mom: cinnamon and fresh mint Tic-Tacs, one box of extra creamy ItalPasta which I’d last had on July 23 (she thought I didn’t know about that brand!), Pop-Pan crackers, and more old broken homemade chocolate. I replied to Mandy’s email when I got home (flaws / Jay / the BBQ), after first hiding the bottled water in my room before I forgot.

Soft pretzels:


I had a dream that I was making Chunky Soup (chicken a la king), Mike whispered something in my ear about how we had to be respectful of the Christmas season, and then we went to bed. What the heck, subconscious?!

When Barry picked me up this morning at 11:10, he gave me my tax forms, which I should mail soon. He FORGOT that we were doing food shopping?! I went to do my banking before I went to Price Smart. I got on-sale Birthday Blast Breyer’s ice cream in the BLACK box (and Dark Chocolate Velvet) since Mike had eaten some when he was here [3 September 2014], on-sale Breyer’s SKOR ice cream, on-sale almond milk x3, on-sale store brand juice x8 (pineapple / orange / apple / mango), 4L of SunRype wildberry juice, on-sale Doll instant noodles x4 (shrimp / chicken / spicy tonkotsu / sesame oil), on-sale Sidekicks (Garlic Butter with Lemon / Cheesy Spinach Dip / Thai Sweet Chili Noodle were the only ones on sale for a dollar), on-sale store brand Western Family chicken rotini soup, on-sale $2 Chunky Soup (seafood chowder / chicken a la king / chicken corn chowder / Blazing Roadhouse-Style Chili), Aroi curry noodles, and Excel White pink gum. I saved $21.43, which is always nice!

When I got home at 12:10, I noticed a few missed calls from Chinese Eric. I’ll see when he calls me next, but I was responsible and paid my Shaw bill first. My phone ended up sucking, so poor Eric had to call me nine times in total before it would register at 3! Mike would have been severely pissed off in that situation, for sure! Since Eric is downtown doing something, I don’t mind waiting for him at Broadway Station at 4:30 or 4:45 since it makes sense. There’s stuff to do around there if I’m early, anyway.

Ciabatta bread, perfect for dipping:


I got another mail delivery notice in the mail today – UGH! Later, I was banned from r/relationships – WHATEVER! I’m sure doxxing happens on Reddit, but my repost wasn’t contributing to that at all. WTF?! This reminds me about Mike going on about Zoe Quinn and GamerGate last year. [September 19, 2014] Vancouver played Calgary in PLAYOFF GAME #4 tonight at 7, and it was 3-1 for the Flames (three goals on seven shots?!) at the end of the first period. Lots of fights and brawls! That ended up being the final score, and the Canucks are on the brink of elimination at home on Thursday.

Your Perfect Afternoon is Relaxing

There’s nothing you like better than a lazy afternoon, especially if it’s so chill that you can get some napping in.
You’d love to curl up in the sun or by a warm fire… and daydream the afternoon away. Or even dream!

You feel at your best when you don’t have anything on your plate. You enjoy a few hours of free-form you time.
You know how to make yourself feel restored and renewed. You’re ready to take on life after an afternoon to yourself.

The Unforgiven, a Dutch tribute band to Metallica!


An hour after I’d tried calling him last night at 10:30, Chinese Eric emailed me to say that he should be fine for Wednesday’s “Nathan farewell dinner” – cool, since I need the ride!

Mike had told me certain things about his past early on in the relationship [30 July 2013], which included feeling suicidal. Now I know that this was his way of grooming me to accept his faults, without having him be responsible for them. He also said that he hadn’t told anyone this before, but admitted much later that he had told Krista and some doctors! I can understand the doctors, but KRISTA TOO?! Korey had done that as well, claiming that his uncle had molested him as a child (and that he’d had sex with his “best friend” Trevor as a teen – his cousins were always supposedly texting him about being gay!), and even did this in front of the Bible Study group when he’d JUST met us on 9 June 2007. Those things were to either make me feel special (Mike), or gain our sympathy (Korey) – that’s a huge red flag to watch out for! Why am I not surprised that Krista doesn’t want to touch the subject of Mike’s telling her about our sex life [January 29, 2014] with “a stick” (her words) – UGH! When I had found that out, Mike had blamed ME for asking him the question since he wasn’t sober. “You knew that an answer was possible,” he said. WHATEVER.

Your Blowout Style is Wavy

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Tomato soup:


The Canucks played the Flames in PLAYOFF GAME #3 at 7 tonight, but it ended in a 4-2 loss for us. It’s been seven years since the playoffs have been in Calgary!

You Are a Chocolate Cappuccino

You are deep and sometimes even dark, but there is a light at the end of your tunnel.
You can get quite philosophical at times, and as a result, you appreciate the little things more than most folks.

You are the type to take the bitter with the sweet in life, as long as there isn’t too much of either.
You have found that the key to happiness is to leave yourself always wanting a little more.

… and I thought “Nichole” was a spelling of Nicole which is barely acceptable… NICCOL?!


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