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Vancouver played Dallas at 7 tonight, and we were lucky that it went into overtime, but Dallas won 4-3 with less than a minute to go. I also banned and unbanned Brett Payne from the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans because he sent me a Facebook message to say that his account had been hacked.


I hate it when people are at your house and ask: “Hey, do you have a bathroom?” I’m just like… “No, not at all. We shit in the yard.”

Lala and Tymont?! Reminds me of the Teletubbies (one of whom was named Laa-Laa) or the Ashlee Simpson song YOU MAKE ME WANNA LALA…


Necroscope86 playthrough of FINAL FANTASY V Advance, in 53 parts – the British guy! Thank goodness that I don’t have an aversion NOW to English accents, which was caused by a racist Stuart in the first place a few years ago! I don’t really mind that the comments have been disabled (13 June 2014), but Mike definitely would!

Last night, Jon told me that he and Harmony had pinkeye with benign symptoms; after looking it up, I decided to instead drop by briefly with the chocolate Easter bunnies and Harmony’s Lindt bars for her birthday. Harmony said that I didn’t have to do that (and they also had the flu), but it’s what I do! Of course, since I had to get up in the morning, I went to bed at about 10:30 and naturally got up just before 8 AM with no alarm needed. It’s been a while since I was up at 9 AM. That just reminded me of the times when Mike and I would be up this early around here… and now Facebook has also reminded me that Mike and I took a trip to the States one year ago today. Great.

Vanessa called me at 9:30 AM to tell me that she was now officially done with Krista, who just got back from Mexico / Chile in the past two days. We talked about her blocking Krista because Vanessa can’t continue to support someone who goes back to the abuse (and saying that Vanessa is trying to tell her who to date and threatening her), Krista’s brother Kyle saying that maybe she deserves said abuse, Ryan grabbing her and shaking her, how Ryan probably isn’t going to change after four years, Ryan’s “nervous breakdowns,” Ryan “being possessed by demons,” my outside perspective on things, my seeing the bad signs with Mike (whom she always thought was arrogant when he was friends with Krista), and her being off work this weekend.

She and I also talked about Teunis hooking up with Kaili while he and Krista were still together in their open or poly relationship (and Krista didn’t like that at all), Teunis being Krista’s way out of her past abusive relationship with Andrew, whether my friends had liked Michael very much (they didn’t say), and how we should hang out in the next week or so. Vanessa appreciates that Krista helped her when Wayne cheated on her, but she was able to find someone much better in Jason! She says that I was smart to get out when I saw the signs myself in my own relationship with Mike, and Krista (who’s 33) needs to grow up. Krista had indeed said stuff about Vanessa and a narcissistic bully Ryan in a Facebook status that I saw when I got home, so I told Vanessa only about the status existing, then we got into a discussion over Facebook messages. Later, she thanked me for listening and being neutral, then had to go because of her boyfriend’s birthday dinner.

It was warm enough outside to transition from a toque and winter coat to a cap and my black SEQUENCE jacket. I mixed the SEQUENCE jacket up with Lynn’s jacket once at Vivian’s last October 13 at Thanksgiving Dinner #2. It also wasn’t the red jacket which Mike unexpectedly returned to me last May 7 after another trip to the States, since I’d left it in his car. Today, I got a Starfrit jar opener at Canadian Tire to replace the one which Mike had given me at Lynn’s on Christmas 2013! I know that he probably wanted to help me with my limitations (which I appreciated at the time), but I’d rather not be reminded every time I use that particular gadget. When I got to Harmony’s, Ayler was having a lunch of peas / Cheerios / egg. He gave me some peas and Cheerios, and I fed him while Harmony took care of Hiero. I agreed to have a lunch of curry and potatoes while there, but I didn’t want to stay too long. When it was medicine time, Ayler would only take the syringe from me! He also drank a bunch of coconut water, which is good. Harmony also said that they had the flu as well! Normally, being around sickness might not be a problem for me, but if the small group is coming over to my place on Wednesday, I think it’s best to be prudent.

It was time to leave after playing with Hiero for a bit (he liked my red bling sweater – no climbing!), seeing Hiero crawl to where the action was, and eating lunch. I walked from the house (16th) to Broadway (about seven blocks) since the bus was going to be ten minutes, much like Michael and I did last June 5 after Claire and Marek’s wedding rehearsal, discussing PERFECT DARK along the way. Then I bused to London Drugs before going home: I got on-sale Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet soup since they had different flavors than my nearby store (Creamy Thai Chicken and Rice / Moroccan Spiced 8-Vegetables and Chickpea), store brand orange anti-bacterial dish detergent, and replacement red Scotch scissors for the rusty-looking green ones (which Mike had thought would scratch his phone at Bayou Brewery last July 22) in my bag.

When I got home at 2:10, I saw Steph and Lisa’s chocolate Easter bunnies right in my fridge, so I had to send Harmony a message about that, saying I’d realized that I left them at home instead. She should just give two of their Easter bunnies to Steph and Lisa, and I’ll make it up to them next time I see the kids! I know Mike thinks that there’s a way to see where Facebook comments and messages are sent from if it doesn’t tell you (8 August 2014), so here’s hoping that Harmony (like Robin?) isn’t smart enough to know about that.

Easter eggs wallpaper:


Alysha Speed Life and Steve Baker both deleted me from Facebook – since I’d expected the first because she’d been warning everyone, I’d been able to remove all her tags from my photos beforehand! When Barry picked me up at 12:30 today (I got up at 11), I gave him my tax forms and the Amacon rent increase form before he dropped off the latter at Pathways. We literally bumped into Dave Diehl with the red car, haha – HE WAS IN OUR WAY! Then we went to Price Smart: I got on-sale pineapple / orange / apple / mango juice, on-sale Sidekicks (Honey Garlic Noodles / Tomato Alfredo / Creamy Bacon Carbonara / Singapore Curry Noodles), Instant Noodle King abalone and chicken soup noodles, on-sale regular Kopiko coffee candy (that being the kind which Michael got last May 1 at Big Crazy), on-sale Silk almond milk x3, a cheap on-sale 99ยข Freddo chocolate Easter bunny to replace the broken one from last night (plus two more for Steph and Lisa), Ronzoni arrabiatta pasta sauce (7 January 2014), and bananas. I saved $8.01 on the whole $33.49 purchase! Chinese Eric emailed me at 2 to say that he’d unfortunately caught the flu, so he doesn’t think he’ll be able to make Sunday’s dinner. Good thing he won’t be sick for more than a month straight like MICHAEL would! (that didn’t really contribute to the demise of our relationship in the last six weeks, but the lack of certain things like sex DID!)

Regular Kopiko coffee candy:

Broccoli Cheddar Soup!


OF COURSE IT WOULD BE CLEAR WEATHER TODAY! Ugh! Just my luck! I could have waited a day to buy all that stuff yesterday!

When I went out at 6 to meet Laurie Ellis from the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans tonight, I wore my one and only Canucks jersey, which Michael had liked on June 18, 2013. First, I went to the bank (which was still open past 6) to activate my new debit card; it turned out that my old one expires in April (every five years), and Coast Capital tries to send the new ones a little early. Good, because I was slightly worried about weird charges or theft with that envelope! Then I went to London Drugs to get two on-sale peanut butter and chocolate Russell Stover Easter bunnies, four on-sale Russell Stover milk chocolate Easter bunnies (one of which broke during the evening somehow – I’ll be replacing it tomorrow), and store brand invisible tape x4. After I went to the liquor store to get some Bombay Sapphire gin (grapefruit Squirt or tonic water won’t be available this time from a judgmental person!), I quickly went inside Boston Pizza.

Laurie and I met up at Boston Pizza at 6:45 for the Canucks game against the Avalanche, which started at 7. I had told her that unlike my ex, I definitely do NOT wait outside restaurants for people. She was inside already, and she thanked me for all the work I do on that Facebook group page. We talked about her Vancouver Canucks stickers, cats, dogs, a king-size bed, Tampa Bay, Palm Springs, cruises, her 33-year-old niece, her 36-year-old nephew, her turning 61 this year, her brother, cider, going gluten-free, the NHL playoffs, NCAA March Madness, my Boston Royal pizza without onions, credit cards, and weird commercials. Conversed about my editing Holly’s books since September 2013, her buying Holly’s books (but Barnes and Noble wouldn’t take her Canadian credit card), Brad’s negativity, phone data / airplane mode / wi-fi, my having sliders ONCE before, beer, Birch Bay, Whistler, and her 41-day Florida cruise.

Also discussed my growing up here in Richmond, her dad yelling at her for wanting to know hockey rules, tennis, Federer, Jim Sikorski being her longtime friend, her packing for the trip, salsa, onions, peppers, her aspirin not working for her headache, and her needing to buy things at London Drugs after we ate. The game ended in a 4-1 loss, not helped by bad play or a Colorado empty-net goal in the last minute or so. She asked if I needed a ride anywhere, but I was fine after I told her about the London Drugs stairs! At least I didn’t have to wait too long for the 407, and got home at 9:55! I also discovered that one of the Russell Stover milk chocolate bunnies got broken somehow during the course of the evening. If Mike were still here, I’d give it to him – since he’s not, I’ll just throw it out since I dislike milk chocolate, and it would be a hassle to try returning it. I’ll get another one tomorrow at Price Smart…

Chicken Cacciatore!

Laurie Ellis:

Grapefruit Squirt:


I got a shiny new banking debit card from Surrey in today’s mail. It has an embedded chip, so I guess I should go activate that soon. Maybe even tonight?

You Are 44% World Traveler

You’ve caught a bit of the travel bug, and you’re not shy about pursuing new travel experiences.
The places you’ve gone and the things you’ve seen won’t compare to the places you’ll go and the things you’ll see!

Last night, Vanessa sent me a Facebook message to wonder if I’d heard from Krista in the past two weeks. Nope, and she was supposed to be back sometime this March, so time is running out. We talked about Mike’s “reputation,” Lena, Robin, porn, autism, trials, and WTF-worthy stuff.

Your Hair Should Be Very Wavy

You are quite sophisticated and glamorous. You have a style that’s both on trend and timeless.
You pay close attention to how your hair looks, and like it to be just so. You love to have hair that is hard to attain.

You don’t like to follow the status quo, and you like to change things up when you don’t agree with them.
You are dynamic and flexible. New things excite you, and you have the social savvy to make it work in any situation.

Lomah Acres hand and body lotion! (cherry almond / vanilla bean / lavender)


15 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist, Because It’s Not As Obvious As You Might Think – #8 (their reputation meaning EVERYTHING!) and #12 (control over everything!) especially explain Mike!

Barry called me this morning at 10:20, wanting to change our food shopping appointment to Friday at 12:30. I agreed (and he really appreciated it), but didn’t realize that the good sales would end tomorrow UNTIL I got off the phone! So of course I had to go to Price Smart myself at 1 in the rainy weather with my wheeled bag to take advantage of the sales! (yup, I knew the stuff would be too bulky to take home in JUST a reusable bag!) I was responsible and paid my Shaw bill today before going to both banks. Then I went to Price Smart: I got the FOOD TRUCK edition of Double Dutch Smoked Meat and Hoagie chips, on-sale Hon’s potstickers x2 (beef and vegetable / chicken and vegetable) which included sauce packets like Michael’s Ling Ling potstickers from Costco, on-sale frozen clam meat x3 for $2 each, plenty of on-sale $1 Sidekicks (pasta and rice-vermicelli mix), an on-sale sushi combo (22 pieces for $6), and pink Excel White gum. (White Cheddar Queso x2, Teriyaki Rice x2, Singapore Curry Noodles x2, Garlic Butter with Lemon x4, Creamy Bacon Carbonara x3, Cheddar Chipotle x3, Chicken and Broccoli x2, Honey Garlic Noodles x2, Cheesy Spinach Dip, Fettuccine Alfredo, Mexican Rice = 23!) My basket was VERY full when I finished; I saved $41.90, and my total was just $53.23! Yes, I am a consumer whore!

Then I bought Old Dutch BBQ corn chips at London Drugs, since Mike had bought some for me from the gas station convenience store on 9 August 2014. I’d needed to use their bathroom (near ShopWrong and Blake’s art exhibition), but we’d needed to be paying customers. He had complained about the $5 hit to his credit card, saying that he’d thought that I would choose something smaller like Starburst candy! (and that’s too sweet for me…) As if I didn’t pay him back from my purse as soon as we were back across the street at the art exhibition! UGH!

As I was there anyway, I also bought a White Peach Arizona iced tea, on-sale Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet soup (Tuscan Meatball with Farfalle Pasta / Korean Beef Noodle with Vegetables), and Paul Newman Sockaroonie (Peppers / Spices / The Whole Shebang!) pasta sauce. I got home at 2:25 (having to tie my shoe after crossing the street, which made me think of Mike tying my shoes for me on 16 February 2014), and Pastor Dan had emailed us about the next two small group meetings taking place here in April, so I reminded everyone about the address. I told Sharon that ONE COOKIE IS NOT DINNER (21 May 2014), and told them that I had plenty of $1 pasta meals if people hadn’t had time to eat a proper dinner beforehand. Then I discovered that the White Cheddar and Broccoli Sidekicks which I’d bought at Kingsgate Mall (Buy-Lo for the Gwei Loh!) last November 11 had expired on January 10! If Mike were still here, the three remaining packages probably wouldn’t even be an issue! At least I’m free to crumple my receipts (10 June 2014) without Mike making a big fuss about that, and I’m also free to cross when the crosswalk signal shows the orange hand (30 October 2014) without a complaint!

Edit: I’ll throw those White Cheddar and Broccoli Sidekicks out, as they somehow remind me of Mike anyway. I think I’ll also throw away the Creamy Bacon Carbonara with a cut-off expiry date.

Clams and spaghetti!

Shermonica?! Is that a harmonica, or is that what happens when Sherman and Monica smush their names together?


Corwin, sure… but Amory?! Corwin reminds me of the FINAL FANTASY V town of Carwen, and Amory reminds me of an armory!

Harleequinn?! Way too many letters. “Hey, Quinn! Your name is in my name! Let’s be BEST FRIENDS!”

Kiki?! With a name like that, why am I not surprised that she passed the awfulness down to the next generation? Laronica?!


Mike’s signature could have gone below mine in Harmony’s birthday card this year if he hadn’t been so angry and inflexible at the end in December! Then again, he’d thought that I’d needed him to sign DOCUMENTS instead of a card because I asked him to sign Jon’s original “son” birthday card on Halloween 2013; “sign this” does NOT mean “important documents” all the time! But now that I know that he’s anal and legalistic all the time, IT MAKES SENSE! He’d also questioned whether I knew how to (properly) sign his dad Richard’s birthday card on our breakup night on December 30 – YES, I DID!

Before I forgot or ran out of pills, I called the pharmacy next door at 12:40 to refill my birth control prescription. Since I could pick it up today, I did so when I went out at 1:30. Then I got Nissin XO Sauce seafood noodles and Nissin satay noodles at Big Crazy, like Michael and I did last May 1 (I just managed to get the buses three times in a row!), bought Lindt Swiss (double) milk chocolate (with wafers) at London Drugs for Harmony’s birthday present, and got home at 3:05. I also saw a non-verbal black woman with crutches on the bus; she only communicated in grunts! While I was at Big Crazy anyway, I got Nissin seafood noodles x4 / Nissin black garlic oil noodles / Nissin shoyu tonkotsu noodles / Nissin miso tonkotsu noodles. If I get Shin Ramyun Premium BLACK noodles there, getting it one package at a time from Big Crazy is still cheaper than Price Smart! ($3.45 vs. $8) I got four each of the Nissin XO Sauce seafood noodles and the Nissin satay noodles.

At least I had peace and quiet without anything interrupting my concentration (April 2, 2014) to count out my new pills and put them in the colorful pill dispenser! The Canucks played the Jets at 7 tonight, and it was 2-0 for Winnipeg, but Vancouver scored FIVE UNANSWERED GOALS to make it a 5-2 WIN. Henrik Sedin and Radim Vrbata got two back-to-back empty-net goals in the last two minutes of the game, also! :D

Hakka noodles with a red pepper:

Nissin seafood noodles:


Since it was unrainy out today, I left the apartment at 12:45. I took my wheeled bag and went to Yaohan’s food court and Osaka Supermarket (plus their bakery) since Mike and I had done that on my birthday in September 2013. We’d also gone to Osaka Supermarket on our breakup day last December 30 to buy Kimlan soy sauce, so perhaps that is why I felt a bit sad this afternoon while I was there. I also went to Superstore / Big Crazy / Dollar Tree / XS Cargo like Michael and I did last August 15 after hanging out with Chinese Eric / Nathan / Desmond, and Great-Aunt Zoe. That was also the trip where we saw a “Free Guys / Girls (Essentials Pack)” sign near Superstore. Discovered that the store space where XS Cargo used to be is for lease now… CHANGES! I went out to Superstore’s back parking lot before going into the store, to kill those memory dragons of Mike and me going around holding hands there. It isn’t like I bought anything at Superstore or Yaohan, except a food court lunch: a combo of beef, vegetables, rice noodles, way too many onions, and hot and sour soup!

Then I bought Nissin black garlic oil / sesame oil / miso tonkotsu / shoyu tonkotsu noodles (all doubles) from Big Crazy like Michael did for me (or us?) last September 28 only I got triples of all those flavors instead. (I also bought Kopiko Classic Shot candies and Kopiko cappuccino candies) Also, I got Spanish rice and ItalPasta x16 from the Dollar Tree, plus diced tomatoes. When I got home at 3, I had Spanish rice and diced tomatoes for a meal for the first time since Mike and I had had it together on August 9, 2014. I also replied to Mandy’s email, of course. Now I’ve realized that I forgot to get Nissin satay noodles and Nissin XO Sauce Seafood noodles, as I’d done last May 1! DAMMIT! Maybe I’ll go out again tomorrow… or when it’s NOT pouring torrential rain from the skies! However, I will meet Laurie Ellis of the Fearsome Vancouver Canuck Fans at the nearby Boston Pizza for Thursday night’s game against Colorado at 7! I’ll quietly remove Truman and June from the same group in the offseason for their incoherent English, dyslexia or no. I have no empathy for that at all, and I can be as judgmental as Mike with everything else when it comes to those things.

Spicy Mushroom Miso Soup!

Kimlan soy sauce:

Nissin black garlic oil noodles:

Nissin shoyu tonkotsu noodles:

Nissin miso tonkotsu noodles:

Nissin sesame oil noodles:

Nissin XO Sauce Seafood noodles:

Nissin Satay noodles:

Kopiko Cappuccino candy package:

Kopiko Coffee Shot Classic (with Coffee Extract!) candy package:


I got this gem of wisdom from Reddit: “Even if you meet the perfect person, that just means they’re perfect for you at that particular place and time, based upon the 95% of them that you know about. There’s no guarantee that things won’t go to shit in the future.” That describes my relationship with Mike when we met in 2013: he was relatively perfect until his anger issues, gaslighting, threats, lies, and manipulation were evident!

It’s been exactly two years since I added Mike to Facebook, and two years since the system of FLAT green laundry tokens came into play around this apartment complex. Life can change a lot in one or two years, for sure! Vancouver played Arizona today at 5, and it was a 3-1 win, thanks to Henrik Sedin’s empty-net goal in the last minutes of the game! Jacob Markstrom picked up his first win! Winning back-to-back road games is great! :D

I saw a Price Smart flyer ($1 Sidekicks at a GOOD TIME of the month for once!), and I thought that the advertised dates of March 20-26 were NEXT WEEK instead of RIGHT NOW, so I’d have to call Barry tomorrow to reschedule. I’m LOSING IT because of DEMENTIA! At least I made sure to get a quarter from my wallet to put on top of my shopping list and forms, to prevent a mad scramble at the last minute on Wednesday when I might not be fully awake! (unlike Michael, who probably wouldn’t do such a thing…)

When Janina mentioned having a few pop boxes full of plastic bags in her house, I was reminded of the times when Mike would buy 12-packs of pop on our trips to the States. I saw the “I’m hunting elephants in the supermarket” picture later, and was reminded of the time that I bumped into Uncle Cho Kai and Auntie Anna at Richmond Centre on April 9, 2012! Then I was listening to THE LEGENDS OF CLASSIC ROCK WITH JEFF WOODS, which was about Australian musicians. Cold Chisel was featured on the show, which reminded me of the time on 18 June 2014 when I exposed Mike to their music!

Spanish and Vietnamese rice with seafood and sausage!

Sarcasm: The body’s natural defense against STUPID.

Keep calm and love Vancouver!

Does anyone else have a plastic bag full of other plastic bags somewhere in their house, or is it just me?

Janina’s Coke box full of plastic bags:

I hate when people see me at the supermarket, and they are like, “Hey, what are you doing here?” and I’m just like, “Oh, you know, hunting elephants.”

Would you like a bag for all these groceries? No, I’ll just put everything in my pocket.




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