I called Ayler briefly at 6:30 after Jon said at 6 that they were still eating dinner. Jon said that it was Phone Call Overdose at their place – from what Ayler describes about his phone list, that’s probably very true about overload! Ayler asked what I did for the 7 PM cheer for the doctors and nurses; did I poke my head out of the balcony window and yell? I said I did. I asked what HE did for the cheer, which led to a bunch of drumming on a metal object on the other end and Hiero explaining it. That definitely would create some noise and be appropriate! I said that fire engines, police cars, and ambulances showed up right outside my window for the 7 PM cheer. He asked about the world’s oldest woman right now – 117 years old – and wondered where I got my Guinness World Records books from. The bookstore, but I was looking these things up online as he asked about them.

I told him that I’d gone for a walk at Minoru Park, then heard nothing, so I hung up. He called back to say that he’d pushed the MUTE button by accident instead of the VOLUME button. “You’re lucky I called you back… before you got busy!” Gee, thanks! Totally understandable, and I said I understood it was an accident – not a big deal at ALL! (he needs that) He said he and Hiero were working on a 500-piece puzzle, which he might have told me before, but sometimes he forgets things. Of course I also said THAT was okay because I do the same thing! I told him that I’m glad he’s my nephew, too.

Hiero was busy preparing his drumming and Beckett was busy just carrying his blanket around. Sounds normal to me! “Any other ideas about our day before anything? I can’t talk to your family because you live by yourself.” He wants to talk again in “a few” days, meaning Sunday or Monday. Fine by me! People who complain about loud noises should know that it’ll start around 7 EVERY EVENING, and prepare themselves or their pets accordingly BEFOREHAND! It only lasts for about two to five minutes TOPS! Unless you have a baby who JUST got to sleep, then you don’t get to complain!

Virgin tombstone?!


I got my extra money for the GST Credit today, which will definitely help with stocking up later on!

From Be Amazed: Foot care, body care, hair care, horny care… this shop takes care of everything!

When you take more than 0.0002 seconds to bag your groceries at self-checkout… “PLEASE PLACE ITEMS IN BAGGING AREA.”

This PEACEFUL Restaurant restroom sign is from Reddit: Come Flush! Go Flush! Flush Flush Flush!


From Julie: A colorful griffin!

Cao Starvingbase Chongqing noodle pack!

Cao Starvingbase Chongqing spicy noodles with sesame seeds!

The orange Cao Starvingbase Chongqing noodle detailed lid!

Cao Starvingbase Chongqing noodles… HOO! Noodle mascot guy! Since it’s not dirty, I’m keeping it in my wallet.

From Julie and GORDON RAMSEY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL AND BACK: This guy is named KIRIN?! Like the seafood restaurant, or a BAD SPELLING of Kieran?!

From Julie and GORDON RAMSEY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL AND BACK: Angelika?! BAD SPELLING of Angelica!


Overpriced lemon-mint hand sanitizer! It’s April Fools Day 2020 today. UGH! I went out at 5:35 on a 407 to do some shopping at London Drugs. Then I got NEW All Clean lemon-mint spray hand sanitizer for $2 cheaper than the pharmacy next door, on-sale Natural Choice multi-purpose printer paper, on-sale HERSHEY’S cookies and cream Easter eggs, on-sale Hershey’s Reese Eggies, an on-sale Frankford cookies and cream Easter bunny, a new iDesign shower mat, new Splash shower curtain hooks, and NEW Amarena Cherry / O111range Porta chocolate bars x2.

Noticed that bus seats were actually closed and there was an announcement sign about giving people more space. Got home at 6:35 on another 407, and then noticed the marked / unmarked police cars right outside my window at 6:55. I’m beginning to think that this IS the 7 PM cheer for medical workers since they started up right around then, and left a couple minutes afterwards.

Translink says: Thanks for giving more space during the coronavirus pandemic!

SEAT CLOSED. For your safety during the coronavirus epidemic, this Translink bus seat is closed to support physical distancing between our passengers.

iDesign Chelsea 17 x 36 inches white rubber bath mat with skid-resistant suction cups!

All Clean Natural lemon-mint spray hand sanitizer!

All Clean lemon-mint spray hand sanitizer for $2 cheaper than the pharmacy next door! Limit one.

Hershey’s Reese Easter Eggies!

Hershey’s Cookies and Creme Easter eggs!

Frankford Cookies and Cream Easter bunny!

NEW Porta Amarena Cherry milk chocolate bar for $2!

NEW Porta Blood Orange milk chocolate bar for $2!

Someone gave me a free nickel by dropping it outside my door! How kind!

Some jabronie littered a disinfectant wipe right outside the side door entrance! UGH!

Samyang curry terrorist noodles with corn, green peas, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts! SPICY!

OREGON TRAIL: You have died of coronavirus.

No, that’s not how “she / her” works, RhinoBallerina… you’re also a cheater when you’re married since you admit to having “another partner”! I can assure you that only 1% of people care about pronouns. Don’t tell me to get over it. This was the last straw for me with the TrollXOver 30 Discord server. I had to leave! DO NOT SHOVE IT IN OTHER PEOPLE’S FACES!


Took a shower tonight and noted that this foliage shower curtain seems to be doing its job right now. It seems to have more coverage area than the old Splash shower curtain, so that’s good. There was a lot of noise right outside my window around 6:50 PM – unmarked police cars, marked police cars, sirens, and ambulances! TOTALLY unconnected to the 7 PM cheer for medical workers since that hasn’t happened around here!

For April Fools Day 2020, I was Dragon Teacher GranmaFlam in Shiwa’s Discord server!

Happy birthday 4: Chocolate cake with candles, holly, and stars!

From Janet on LJ, AKA ghost_light: Batman Happy Birthday! Eric M. and Nathan would like this!

From Michelle and the V4F Discord server: Jerimy?! BAD SPELLING OF JEREMY!

Thank goodness it’s raining again… my mud was getting dehydrated. *rolleyes*


Ayler called me at 3 to talk about Beckett going around with a blanket on his head (the same one that Hiero pulled off – and then Hiero was upset for five minutes), playing a six-page version of PACHELBEL’S CANON which took seven minutes to complete, knowing a couple of six-syllable words (“onomatopoeia” and “responsibility”), his doing online school tomorrow, Beckett’s boh-boh and eggs, talking to his list of people (Uncle Joe / Auntie Wing Yee / Eric / Randal / Jeremy), his liking to talk (I can tell!), and their lunch of tuna melts. He said he goes outside and likes to play tag if he can, but plays CONNECT FOUR inside, and also reads books and keeps Beckett safe when he can. I told him that his pieces were nice (except for Hiero / Beckett crying – which he said “sorry” for later), and thanked him for playing… also when he played the Willowbrook Waltz.

He gave me his grandparents’ phone numbers, said that he had reached me first before I called them, and described a magic trick he could do in person. I heard Beckett say “Auntie,” so I told HIM that as soon as I can, I will go over there so we can hang out. Ayler asked how old the oldest man was, since the oldest woman ever was 122 years old. I looked it up: 116 years old ever, and a man was JUST awarded a Guinness World Record for being 112 years old. Ayler asked whether Jeanne Calment had been in good health – well, she did smoke a lot (being in France) and ate tons of chocolate, but other than that, I guess so. Ayler told me that he liked being creative and writing stories – awesome! I should tell him about my “goat royalty” stories as a kid around his age, haha.

He asked me whether I had allergies because of the cherry blossoms and spring; I told him that I did not, but I was apparently very lucky. Harmony had told him that I was born prematurely – I am a dragon like he is, which is why I gave him the red-and-yellow stuffed dragon that Beckett has in his crib now. Hiero is a Snake, and Beckett is a Dog. I told him that learning was a good thing, while he wondered if my clock did minutes and seconds – apparently, he tells Jeremy what time it is and counts it up!

He asked me whether I knew that his dad’s “special sleep window” was 11:30 PM to 3 AM, since that’s when Jon can sleep best. Haha, no! I do not currently have trouble sleeping, so that’s good. He ended the call at 4:05 or so, during which I could hear Jon in the background, so he was home then. We can talk next on Wednesday after his online school and everything else – no, I’m not likely to be available before then at 8:45 AM! He told me, “I’m glad you’re alive because then I can talk to you, and you can take care of us. If you die, my dad will be the oldest, right?” HAHAHAHA!

Nacho tombstone?!


There was a Shaw outage last night at 6:45, so I texted both Erics / Mike before reading a bit and then going to bed at 8:30 PM! Woke up this morning at 5:45, and Shaw was back on since my phone worked… PHEW! Chinese Eric had replied to ask when it would be fixed – I said it was fixed by the time I texted him, but no TV, no Internet, no landline phone or Internet on smartphone, I told him!

From Holidays That Might Get Overlooked: 9th Pass Pern DRAGON SIZES from THE DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN! White dragon, green dragon, blue dragon, red dragon, brown dragon, bronze dragon, and a gold dragon!

Julie watched a movie called VALLEY OF THE DRAGONS one night, based on Jules Verne’s novel OFF ON A COMET or THE CAREER OF A COMET.

From Julie: An awesome yellow dragon with a red sky and clouds!

This surprised yellow dragon statue is from Julie!

From Red’s Discord server: Self-Isolation presents the Stay At Home Festival for the coronavirus, March 2020! GUITAR! Couch Test Dummies, The Coughspring, The Indoors, Pandemic at the Disco, No Kids on the Block, Flu Fighters, No Cure, Miley Virus, Men Out Of Work, Depressed Mode, Billy Idle, Wu-Han Clan, Pearl Jammies, and special guest System of a Lockdown! Being me, I had to edit the bad subject-verb agreement in the poster itself using MS Paint. PRESENTS, not PRESENT! BAD GRAMMAR!


From Julie: Easter Bunny Poop flavored marshmallows at CVS?!

From Melissa and Buzzfeed Canada: A poop emoji non-stick tray!

From Julie: Brown’s Pee Patch Repair at CVS!


From Julie: Everyone is wanting a Jetson Car in 2020. Not me. I want Rosie the Robot to clean my house.

From Julie: Kris Kross was right. This shit really is wiggity wiggity whack.

Mi Goreng hot and spicy noodles!

Mi Goreng hot and “spicy” noodles with soup this time!


I showered and then had to do MORE laundry on the third floor because my grey sweatshirt somehow got damp from laying it on the carpet!

Edit at 12:10 AM – Paulo came over at 11:55, and has already found TWO dead mice on glue traps in the corner! No wonder I smelled something decomposing last week! I also got him to replace my old shower curtain from 2010 or so, since it had mold. We talked about the Canadian coronavirus cases, and there are a lot in Quebec and Ontario! There are definitely ten cases at Richmond Hospital, from what he’s been told! Everything has indeed been shut down – not even the families can visit because they’ll go outside and pick up germs, which won’t be very good for those patients! He recommended I replace my Splashee Softee taupe bath mat since the tread seems to be gone, and I might slip. Probably a good idea for the future! I should have gotten him to check the other corner, but things seem okay right now. I definitely had rubber gloves, Kleenex, plastic bags, and a garbage bag at the ready! When he left just now, I thanked him.

Splash foliage shower curtain!

A full view of a Splash EVA foliage shower curtain!

A McCain Deep and Delicious chocolate cake, which I shared with Billie when she came over here for my 2011 birthday!

Blair’s DEATH RAIN Habanero Pepper chips… FEEL ALIVE! Cauldron Cooked!

Steam Whistle pint mug from Steph and Lisa for Christmas 2016!

Steam Whistle pint mug from Steph and Lisa for Christmas 2016!

Steam Whistle pint mug from Steph and Lisa for Christmas 2016: PROSIT!

Steam Whistle pint mug from Steph and Lisa for Christmas 2016!

Random mug from my parents: Two old-timey people with trees!

Dancing sunflower!