IT’S APPRECIATE A DRAGON DAY 2020! The Canucks played Arizona tonight at 7, and won 3-1 thanks to Tanner Pearson’s 100th goal being an empty-netter!

From Melissa and Threadless: Doughnuts and Dragons instead of Dungeons and Dragons! Red dragon surrounded by doughnuts!

From Julie: You deserve forehead kisses, someone who adores the fuck out of you, and a fire-breathing dragon to destroy anyone who’s ever wronged you. GREEN DRAGON!

From Julie: A blue dragon with yellow borders on the clouds!



From Youtube: Pooping Green Dragon from Litton Entertainment – YAY!



From Julie: A colored green dragon!

From Julie: A flying green dragon with Asian kids!

From Holidays That Might Get Overlooked: A yellow-green dragon with a coffee mug saying, “Yeah, if you could just go ahead and appreciate us dragons today, that’d be great.”

From Holidays That Might Get Overlooked: A grey dragon saying it’s National Appreciate A Dragon Day on January 16!

From Holidays That Might Get Overlooked: APPRECIATE A DRAGON DAY with Pokemon, Yoshi, Spyro, Toothless, and more!

From Well-Trained Mind Press: APPRECIATE A DRAGON DAY!

From Holidays That Might Get Overlooked: Appreciate the inner dragon in YOU for Appreciate A Dragon Day!

From Julie M. and Wish: Glowing Dragon Bookmarks!


I discovered redrum this morning – UGH! It’s -7 and feels like -14!

Fresh snow dump from last night at 10 PM:

The snow looked like ice spears!

Snow aftermath as of this morning:

My best attempt at OH GOD, MORE SNOW! before I froze to death outside.

I was only outside for five minutes… look at the accumulated snow!

I inherited Grandma’s warm purple Alia winter coat, which is very useful when it’s -7° outside and feels like -15!

From Reddit and r/UnresolvedMysteries: Caitlan Coleman?! BAD SPELLING OF KAITLIN OR CAITLIN!

From The Onett Times: Saturnbucks Coffee from Saturn Valley!

From Chuggaaconroy: Mr. Saturn says this to the EARTHBOUND party after you rescue the Mr. Saturns from Master Belch. “Oh, tease you! I have no something.”


Harmony and I cancelled Nephew Time because of the snowy weather warning today. COFFEE TIME after I went out briefly to London Drugs in the freezing weather and extremely light snow to get Mr. Noodles beef / chicken / spicy chicken packs! The Canucks played Winnipeg today at 5, and lost 4-0 including an empty-netter…

Julie M. was on vacation and saw this map at a Pennsylvania visitor centre: Forty Fort and Ransom, Pennsylvania?!

It’s so cold here that my Ottogi Jin Ramen powder came out in one solid square…

Look what I found in my full sock drawer: this pair of socks with penguins and snowflakes that Julie M. gave me for Christmas 2014! Perfect for -7° and cold snowy days like today!

Mr. Noodles spicy chicken 5-pack!

Mr. Noodles chicken 5-pack!

Mr. Noodles beef 5-pack!


I found a dead mouse after trying to take another snow photo by my window last night, so spent time frantically texting people like Barry / Deb / Paulo. No answer from Barry, Deb said I should call my manager (so I said that Hester is notoriously difficult about it being “my job” even though they provide glue traps), and Paulo was still at work. He did come by at 9:30 to help with the removal, using tissues before doing anything with rubber gloves, and I got him to just take it outside in the plastic bag in the cold weather. I thanked him when he left – we talked briefly about the server and the -6 / -12 weather, too.

Knorr Tomato Alfredo Sidekicks!

Tonkotsu! Shirakiku Goku-Uma ramen noodles with corn, peas, and black pepper!

Vedan tea noodles with corn, peas, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts!

From Sportsnet: Khris Middleton plays for the Milwaukee Bucks?! BAD SPELLING OF CHRIS!


I went out just now, and it’s started snowing and accumulating already!

Elmo: Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. That’s why I poop on company time.


Snow on January 12! I took this photo just now.


It was COFFEE TIME today! I went out at 11:15 AM to Shoppers and London Drugs in the cold weather before the snow might hit later! I bought bulk pads x2 / on-sale Nescafe coffee in a tall canister / Webber Naturals Vitamin D3 gummies x2 (a bottle of 90 is CHEAPER than a half-price Jamison bottle of 60 at Shoppers Drug Mart?! — but chewables have 180 for the same price…) / a Ragusa Noir chocolate bar / Niederegger Lubeck orange and classic marzipan bars x2 for National Marzipan Day from London Drugs. Also got on-sale Lipton Cup-A-Soup x9 (Spring Vegetable / Chicken Noodle / Chicken Noodle Supreme), NEW on-sale Lindt Creations dark 34% hazelnut and dark 31% almond chocolate bars, NEW Central Roast Crave mocha spice espresso beans, and an After Eight chocolate bar before getting home at 12:25 on a 407. The Canucks played Minnesota today at 1, and won 4-1.

Quvenzhané, Qulyndreia, Venjie, Qunquekya, Vejon, and Venjie Wallis?!

Webbers Naturals Vitamin D3 CHEWABLE in Orange flavor!

Lindt Grandes 34% Hazelnuts dark chocolate bar!

Lindt Grandes 31% Almond Sea Salt dark chocolate bar!

Webber Naturals Vitamin D3 gummies!

After Eight thin mints!

After Eight chocolate bar!

Niederegger Lubeck Classic Marzipan bar for National Marzipan Day today, January 12!

Niederegger Lubeck Orange Marzipan bar for National Marzipan Day today, January 12!

Niederegger Lubeck Vollmilch Marzipan bar for National Marzipan Day today, January 12!

NEW Central Roast Crave mocha spice espresso beans made from organic cinnamon milk chocolate!

First, it’s bubble tea with cheese foam. Now it’s bubble tea with salted cheese at Happy Lemon?!


After MORE COFFEE TIME and SHOWER TIME, I went out at 4:45 on a 401 to get to the Discord get-together at the Rio Brazilian Steakhouse on Denman. All I had to do was get off at Yaletown (where the elevator is STILL not working!), go to the 6 stop which is very close by, and stay on there when it turned into a 5 and went to Denman / Pendrell… easy! It turns out that it was just me and Ben, which meant that I had to carry on a bit of the conversation, but I’m not socially awkward.

We talked about chicken, lamb, beef brisket, banana balls, cheese sticks, chicken bacon, rump, sirloin steak, it being easy to overeat since the steak came in slices off swords, getting searched at the airport with X-rays, bullet shells, double standards for some people in the server, people drinking a LOT there, random spontaneous meetups, some server people being flakes, recycling trucks, waterparks, the extravagant salad bar, and more. I decided to try “saving time” by going to the Vancouver City Centre London Drugs, but I can never figure out the layout and can never find anything there. Also ran into an annoying bike rider who decided to get his crap together RIGHT AFTER EXITING THE ELEVATOR! Can’t you do that off to the side?! People like me will bump into you! Did the “sit till Waterfront and take the “next” train all the way to Brighouse” trick, and went to my familiar London Drugs for Wet Ones x3 and aloe Purell hand sanitizer x2, one each for my wallet. Finally got home at 9:05 on a 407, which I guess is fine – but I could have come home earlier!

Representative photo of steak on a sword from the Rio Brazilian Steakhouse!

When I travel on the Canada Line train, I do it with balls!


Chicken and lamb!

Banana balls and cheese stick!

Brisket? Why not?

Chicken bacon!

Grilled pineapple as a chaser for ALL THAT MEAT!

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean dental floss in Cool Mint flavor!

Oral-B Complete toothbrushes!

From Julie: A cool technological brown dragon!

From The Dragon’s Den: I run on caffeine, dragons, and cuss words. RED AND YELLOW DRAGON! COFFEE MUG!


COFFEE TIME because of “lovely” East Coast scheduling! The Canucks played the Sabres today at 10 AM, and actually won 6-3 with a Loui Eriksson empty-netter AND two goals by Boeser! Carter Hutton hasn’t had a win since October 22, 2019?!

From Julie M. and JUDGE JUDY: Nacole Koch?! BAD SPELLING OF NICOLE which reminds me of nachos and Cole Porter!

From AskReddit: Jesus Hitler de los Santos Peralta?!