Last night, I heard that the Seattle true crime writer Ann Rule has died! I set up a food shopping appointment with Barry for Friday at noon earlier today. Then I went to London Drugs at 5:45 to get an extra red washcloth and extra red handtowel before I forgot. I also got two regular Snickers bars, a Rockin’ Road nutty Snickers bar (NEW FLAVOR), a peanut butter Snickers bar (NEW FLAVOR), a dark chocolate Mars bar (being equivalent to a Milky Way), and a regular Mars bar while I was there – they were all on sale, too! While I was nearby, I got a footlong roast beef sub from Subway, and got home at 6:30 on a 401.


More EARTHBOUND typos: After defeating Ness’ Nightmare, “Everything in the UNVERSE could be destroyed at the hands of Giygas”!

In the final fight with Giygas: “Paula PRAYED FROM BOTTOM of her heart”…

After defeating Giygas, Ness and Paula can go to the Onett drugstore and talk to Ruffini the dog, who is possessed by the spirit of the game designer. “Woof! Woof! I’m Ruffini the dog. Here comes the spirit of the game designer again… Ruff! (You’re finally almost to the end of the game. If you want to tell me your COMENTS on the game, you may write to me using Nintendo’s address on the box. Send your comments attention Earthbound, Ruffini the dog. Now, get ready for the ending! It’s all that’s left… enjoy it! Bow wow wow! Well, I told you some strange info again… I’ll go back to being a normal dog now…) Woof!”

A typo in the translation of MOTHER 3, during a Sparrow Advice line: “You know how sometimes enemies leave nice items behind when you fight them? If YOU INVENTORY is full when you find an item you want, you’ll either have to give it up or throw another item away.”


Some idiot on Reddit by the name of FuchsiaLady censored the word “rape” as “r@pe” last night, and I told her that we were all adults in this audience. Yes, rape can be traumatic, but if you’re triggered by merely seeing the word “rape,” I don’t know what to say. Censoring words for an adult audience is ridiculous! It did a number on my Reddit karma, but I don’t care.

One of the Rock 101 old-time radio shows last night was about the unsolved Los Angeles murder of Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short. Yay for morbidity! Today, I also showered and did my laundry.

You Stay Centred

You find it easier to forgive, and that’s because you don’t let much get under your skin.
You stay calm, cool, and collected – even when it would be totally justified to get steaming mad.

You know that you can’t control the people around you. You can only control your reactions to them.
You don’t fight hate with hate. Instead, you put as many good vibes out into the world as you can.

From Gretchen: They’re going to their house because you are not there! It’s not fucking rocket science.

Mandarinquat, the hybrid of a mandarin and a kumquat:


When I saw on Reddit (r/vancouver) that Excelsior Restaurant across the street from Richmond Centre (where I treated Mike to lunch on September 25, 2013), I obviously had to go eat there at 12:35 to kill that memory dragon! I had beef and enoki mushrooms instead of squid and fish, but it was still spicy deliciousness – I just managed to catch the 407 at Brighouse, and got home at 1:35. Good thing I didn’t have to wait for anybody while eating this time, unlike 22 months ago!

Harissa vegetable stew and cheddar dumplings!


Eve May tagged me in a picture last night, saying that she and John Powell were meeting up from Victoria and New York (which I knew about), and that she wanted to meet a bunch of Vancouver people. I added her friend Sabrina Kaine on Facebook, whom I’ve seen around the usual hockey groups – and she added me back, since she was organizing things for next Friday evening at the Pint.

Daniel sent me a Facebook message at 2:45 to say that he and Jeff were going to dump Jeff’s stuff first since they were afraid that my two mattresses wouldn’t fit into the truck with everything else. That was fine by me! They finally came by this afternoon just after 4 to help haul my old twin mattresses into Daniel’s truck on the way to the Richmond dump. Daniel used the washroom while Jeff dealt with the mattresses; I gave Jeff the $40 in two $20 bills, and got $10 back. Turns out that he and Anita and the kids are moving towards Steveston – nice! At least that’s done, and now there’s even less of Mike in this apartment, haha. Contrary to what Mike seems to think, the guys were GLAD to help me out despite my not talking to them for months or years! HA HA HA!

From a BCSBuster Youtube video, this is the Gardenbur queen talking to your DRAGON WARRIOR IV party after they defeat the thief Bakor in the cave nearby to get the priestess’s stolen Bronze Amulet, the Zenithian Shield, and then the Final Key: “Also, take the Zenithian Shield from this Castle’s basement. It’s yours. My people told me that YOU’RE ON JOURNEY to defeat the Ruler of Evil.” I think that’s missing A word…

Stuffed animals:


Daniel sent me a Facebook message at 3:05 to ask whether tomorrow afternoon between 2 and 4 worked for dumping the old twin mattresses with Jeff’s help, and added that the timing depended on the kids. Sure, why not? It totally works! Then I called Steph to let her know about this; since she’s changed the dinner to a lunch, I won’t be able to make it! Oh well, some other time!

What color of fox are you?

I got Rainbow – What color of fox are you?

Like me!

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Which BIG BANG THEORY Character Are You?

I got Bernadette – Which BIG BANG THEORY Character Are You?

Bernadette is a microbiologist, and she is married to Howard. She also has a very squeaky voice, and is nice to everyone.

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rock music

I got 100% (A) – rock music


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What dragon are you?

I got You are a brass dragon! – What dragon are you?

Brass Dragons! These are the most gregarious of all dragons, and are famous for their love of conversation. They crave sunlight and dry heat, so they frequent hot, arid regions, particularly sandy deserts. They like to make their lairs in high, rocky caves.

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I got ThunderHeart (Wolves of the Beyond) – Which character are you from Kathryn Lasky’s books?

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What’s Your Ice Cream Personality?

Your Ice Cream Personality is Classic

When it comes to ice cream, you don’t need too much fuss. It’s good on its own!
In fact, you tend to think that too many toppings or weird flavors detract from ice cream’s glory.

You prefer a scoop or two of the highest quality ice cream. You like a rich texture and just a hint of flavor.
For you, a good scoop of ice cream has a good nostalgia factor. You love any ice cream that reminds you of your childhood!

Aroi white curry noodles!

Barcelona’s Dragon Gate, by Antoni Gaudi!

From Jim: Dragon’s Gate in Dublin, Ireland!

From Janina: It hurts when I poop!

What kind of name is Ijwaun?! Does that “rhyme” with Shaun?! At least you know how to pronounce Terricka when you see it…


I got up at 6 AM, then 7 AM after having a dream with Steve L. in it – oh my, indeed. I left at 8:15 and JUST missed a Canada Line train, thanks to some jabronie on a bike who wanted to get in the elevator after I’d JUST impatiently closed the door. Actually, I ended up being way earlier than I thought I’d be (exiting King Edward station at 9?!), which is fine since I got to play with both the boys after they ate their breakfast. Of course they both recognized me, and smiled / squealed when they saw me – they didn’t seem disappointed that I wasn’t Dad! Ayler wanted to pull me into his room to show me some blocks, but I was going to “read” to Hiero, who liked pages with a dog and a car. He also liked some bunny illustrations! Once we got out of the house, I was fine with pushing the stroller for a while, of course. Jon took over at bus stops, which is good. A Chinese grandma gave Ayler some Skyflakes crackers on the bus, haha.

Both Ayler and Hiero wanted to press crosswalk buttons, so we let them. Music class was at St. James Community Centre, where Jon had gone for orchestra on Saturdays a REALLY long time ago! Downstairs was a maze, but we eventually found the room. The only two rules were that you HAD to sing if you wanted to talk, and no forcing the kids to do anything – we just had to model stuff. Okay, I could live with that even if copying the teacher’s actions was awkward for me. Lots of musical instruments, kiddy songs, shaking, and jumping!

Then we went back to the house, talking about Cheerios / cranes / apricots / strawberries / blueberries. Sure, I could stay for a lunch of ditalini pasta with veggies / bread / chipotle spread / avocado / tomatoes / eggs / water / figs from the tree at Christon’s dad’s place. Hiero managed to put a ditalini shape around his finger, which was cute. When I later told him that I was not for eating (before I did most of the dishes), Jon laughed and wondered why these kids were so silly. He said that he’d seen Eric Ho a couple of weeks ago at a hangout for Randal’s birthday, and wondered whether I’d gone to Steph’s baby shower… nope. He, Harmony, and the kids hadn’t even gone over beforehand hadn’t since Steph and Lisa had been busy – fair enough! Then we talked about old breastmilk from the freezer, Vacation Bible School needing lots of helpers (Elaine S. is in charge!), my “bad” eating habits and sleep schedule, my VERY EXCITING plans to buy margarine later (sarcasm!), Chinese Eric’s busy work schedule with variable hours and places (six days a week?) / how he got into being a security guard in the first place, and Steph’s smashed car window.

After the kids were fed (throwing food everywhere!) and sleeping, I left at 1:15… Jon thanked me, and I said I’d see him next week at about the same time. I decided to wait fifteen minutes for another 3 Downtown bus this afternoon because a mentally ill guy was talking to himself loudly at the bus stop (I’d seen him before on June 13 – no spitting!), and got on the bus which I was originally going to take. Later, I wasted time looking at the noodle selection / section at Kim’s Mart (Jan. 10). THEN a guy on the 9 bus told me that I was a bad listener (FUCKING RUDE!) because I couldn’t hear the bus driver telling me to wait for some REALLY SLOW people to get off first. THE BUS AND TRAFFIC ARE LOUD, GOT IT? Besides, some people should hurry up OFF the bus, then!

After I got to Brighouse, I bought a huge three-pound tub of Imperial margarine (Feb. 20) at Price Smart. I also found those Paldo spicy cheese noodles (Fun and Yum!), so I bought two four-packs (March 9) along with one tub of Excel White pink gum! Yeah, that last sentence unintentionally rhymed. *sticks tongue out* My Vancouver Canucks shirt got attention from at least three people today – the Price Smart security guard, and two random people on my way into Richmond. (the Canucks shirt and hat last got attention on 4 September 2014, when Mike and I were at Winco) Despite the heat possibly affecting the margarine, I still decided to wait for a 407, and put the margarine away in the fridge right after getting home at 3:50. It should be fine if left to cool down in the next 24 hours! Then I left again at 6:30 so I could find on-sale Primo soup at London Drugs. They didn’t have any, but I was determined not to waste my trip out. I bought two on-sale 500 mL bottles of cherry Coke (I don’t need Mike for that [temporarily?] like I did last December 8!), a NEW on-sale bottle of Lotte Milkis yogurt and milk pop (“refreshing flavor – new feeling of soda beverage!”), and NEW on-sale Old Dutch sriracha chips – I got home again at 7:10 on a 401, and I’m pretty tired!

Ditalini pasta:

A stack of banana pancakes with strawberries and blueberries!


Vanessa and I talked briefly about my Langley excuse for Krista via Facebook messages last night before I went to bed. Now I don’t want to buy any more Maggi noodles because the soup base isn’t what I’m used to – man, I’m choosy! Steph called in the afternoon since she was curious about Daniel, Jeff moving, and the mattresses. Then Jon sent me a couple of Facebook messages a couple hours after I tried calling them. I don’t mind leaving even earlier than 8:45 AM so I really won’t be late even if he’s leaning toward busing to music class! (waking up early means I’ll have to try sleeping NOW, though…)

Your Favorite Color Should Be Orange

You have a natural exuberance that gets you far in life. Like the color orange, you are spirited and even a bit zany.
You are good-natured and friendly. Your flamboyant ways tend to turn heads, but when heads turn, they like what they see.

Steph called to see whether I’d like to go to her and Lisa’s new place for a Siblings Dinner on Saturday, which would be fine after Daniel and Jeff take the old twin mattresses out of here! We talked about their smashed car window, the kids’ music class on Thursday, and Havarti loving the increased space to run around, too.

Davanie?! I’ve heard of Davin, as in Davin Carpenter from Palmer who was in a wheelchair. That expression!


Navjot Singh Siaan tried adding me on Facebook – DENIED! Before I forgot, I set my alarm clock for 7 AM tomorrow.

You Are an Almond Chocolate Bar

You are a competent and together person. You like to do every job as well as you possibly can.
You can be a bit of a perfectionist, and you are constantly looking for fun little upgrades in your life.

You are very motivated, and your motivation comes from within. You keep your eyes on the prize – whether you’re at work or play.
You sometimes work like a maniac, but you’re never a workaholic. You always enjoy the spoils of your labor.


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