I showered and did laundry today since Harmony gave me a day off. The Canucks played the Predators tonight at 7, and won 5-3 thanks to two goals from Pearson (one an empty-net) and two goals from Pettersson (one an empty-net) on his birthday!

My neighbors are at it again, this time leaving a box of St. Remy VSOP brandy just outside the front door, halfway to the dumpster…

Samyang Topokki fire noodles with broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peas, and corn for lunch!

Chili with brown rice and Frank’s Red Hot sauce for dinner!

From Youtube: Dellen Mallard is a serial killer? BAD SPELLING OF DYLAN!


Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario?!

From Janina: “There’ll be food and drink and ghosts.” This is how friends convince me to go places.

From Cuya’s Discord server: Texas Twinkies! Brisket bacon-wrapped jalapeno cream cheese!


COFFEE TIME! The Canucks played the Devils today at 1, and lost 2-1.

Via Diane: Danyelle Sommerville?! YELL is right in the name! BAD SPELLING OF DANIELLE!

From Julie M. and Sherry B’s Pet Services LLC: I would never kill an animal. I’m more of a people person.


I went out at 2:25 to go to London Drugs: on-sale Kinder Joy eggs x2, Blistex lip balm x4 which have SHRUNK (Melon Medley / Berry Explosion / Triple Tropics / bonus Peaches and Cream), on-sale Cottonelle 36 MEGA Rolls of toilet paper x2 ($8.99 is better than $10.99 for 24!), on-sale Nacho / Pizza Goldfish for the kids, and Oikos Classic Greek yogurt for National Greek Yogurt Day today. Got home at 3:35 – UGH, JUST MISSED THE 407!

From Scary Mysteries: Karmein Chan?! BAD SPELLING of Carmen! NOODLES!


DOUBLE COFFEE TIME! Waiting for Auntie Bessy at Kam Do Bakery this morning proved to be a waste of 40 minutes all told. Good thing I just managed to get the 401 on the way there and the 407 on the way back, getting home at 9:40 AM when I’d left at 8:50 AM! Ugh! The Canucks played Winnipeg today at 5, and lost 4-1… ANOTHER EMPTY-NET GOAL?!

I then left at 7:40 to go to the IGA at Garden City Centre at Blundell, but first encountered a lady at the bus stop who somehow just could NOT wait ten minutes for a cigarette! She scrutinized the bus schedule and knew that the 401 would come in four minutes, so what did she do? Why, sat down on the bench and lit up a smoke, of course! Karma came for her in the form of a 401, so she had to butt it out on the bench before she got on the bus and then had a major coughing fit before she and a male companion got off at Minoru, presumably to smoke prior to whatever they REALLY wanted to do!

At least I saw that bus stop advertisement for Ocean’s Tuna: Ginger Lemon Sesame, Peri-Peri, and Sundried Tomato Tapenade! Wasted my time at IGA too, since they didn’t have the Fresh Gourmet The Better Chip in Jalapeno flavor: “It’s a Walmart brand!” they said as I bought NEW Pillsbury Pizza Pops in Double Cheeseburger flavor. I eventually got home at 9:25 after having to kill half an hour at Richmond Centre and buying frozen President’s Choice Brussels sprouts and frozen President’s Choice broccoli florets.

Witless Bay, Newfoundland?!

From Janina: I relate to the phrase “chilling like a villain.” It implies that I’m calm, but ready to murder at any time.

From Youtube: Taffany Shipp?! BAD SPELLING OF TIFFANY!

Red AMOUR sweatshirt from H and M!

Sriracha Blue Diamond almonds!

Smokehouse Blue Diamond almonds!

Kinder Joy eggs!

36 MEGA rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper!

Blistex lip balm x4 which have SHRUNK! Melon Medley / Berry Explosion / Triple Tropics / bonus Peaches and Cream!

Chicken Winner restaurant nearby!

Plain Greek yogurt from Oikos!

Vanilla Greek yogurt from Oikos!

Key lime Greek yogurt from Oikos!

President’s Choice frozen baby Brussels sprouts!

Ocean’s Tuna: Sundried Tomato Tapenade tuna!

Ocean’s Tuna: Ginger Lemon Sesame tuna!

Ocean’s Tuna: Peri-Peri tuna!

NEW Double Cheeseburger Pizza Pops in a special edition!

Fresh Gourmet The Better Chip: Jalapeno!


COFFEE TIME! The Canucks played Chicago today at 5:30, and lost 5-2… the Blackhawks didn’t even need the TWO EMPTY-NET GOALS to defeat us!

Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts?! There’s also one in Vermont.

Satan’s Kingdom, Vermont?!

From Janina: If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Maybe stab a guy and take his boat.

Canucks icon 2, enlarged!


At least I texted Frances yesterday to wish her a happy early birthday! Auntie Bessy wants to meet up with me for breakfast tomorrow at 9 AM near Kam Do Bakery. Sure, I guess so.

Winnie the Pooh on Reddit: Taking a poop on your lunch break vs. taking a poop after clocking in for work!


Swanson’s garlic shrimp pasta for lunch today! Broccoli, carrots, corn, and peas!

Te Puke, New Zealand?! (pronounced as Te Poo-Keh)

From Reddit and r/TwoXChromosomes: Muhlaysia Booker?! BAD SPELLING OF MALAYSIA!

From Reddit and r/TwoXChromosomes: Chanel Scurlock?! That’s a PERFUME!


After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 3:05 on a 401 to help with the kids. I stopped by Kam Do Bakery briefly to get a sandwich-like bun, and finally came away with a ham and cheese bun for $2. Despite the train just coming into Brighouse station right when I got to the crosswalk, I just missed it because the traffic light refused to change for half a minute – UGH! I did have time to wait in the lineup at Tim Horton’s for a $1.25 Double Chocolate doughnut for National Doughnut Day today, and had enough time to take a photo of that and the bun before I ate the doughnut prior to leaving the store and taking the 3. Once I got to Harmony’s, I buzzed into the building, but got no answer, even from that cranky guy of last week. After TEXTING HER without a reply, I sighed and tried buzzing AGAIN – THIS TIME, I FINALLY got a response!

Slightly irritated, I took the elevator up to find that Penny was the likely reason for my delay, and I waited while she finished talking to Harmony before leaving the apartment. Beckett was definitely awake, and seemed interested in the small buttons on Grandma’s purple wintry warm Alia coat, so I told him what they were. He also liked the black fuzz! Beckett still likes looking out the window, but he pointed at something outside (maybe the street lights) and spouted random gibberish at me, to which I responded as if it were understandable. He’s picked up the word “yeah” and said that a number of times. I didn’t care if he wanted to poke his fingers in the holes at the bottom of the baby pop-up toy and “new” light-up toy from Holly! When he wanted to walk, I supported him by holding his hands up high, like I had with Ayler and Hiero. He threw blocks at me when he wasn’t attempting to fit them in the holes in the lid (“Na na na NA NAAAAAAA!” when he wanted me to take off the circular lid so he could see where they landed), tried clawing my eyes out (no glasses protection this time!), and pulled off my light winter hat – I made him look at me while I told him NO THROWING!

He seemed slightly interested in the bling on my shiny red bling sweater, and burrowed himself in an embarrassing position on the mat. Hiero wanted me to “fight” him with his long paper lightsabers, but I had to keep an eye on Beckett. We had mesquite smoky bean soup with bacon and kale, grapes, and some cheese that the older kids helped to grate. Beckett scrunched up his face and grinned at us – SO CUTE! When he didn’t want to eat anymore, he started to throw food at us – I even got a bonus Cheerio in my soup! (none of his Rice Krispies!) Harmony said that he’s different with Jon, who does pretty much the same thing that she does to try getting him to eat. At least I finished before he ate any yogurt; yikes! Ayler and Hiero talked about taking ALL the grapes before I could have any, ding-dongs, what happened if the principal was away (they don’t have a vice-principal at that school?!), the “Jingle bells – Batman smells – Robin laid an egg” song, my Coffin Crisp fun-size bars with skeletons and spiders, calcium / iron / vitamins / sugar, my going to Ontario by myself, FOUGHT being the past tense of “fight,” math quizzes being verboten at dinner (even though 16 + 6 is simple), and new therapy.

Once Beckett had been put down to sleep, I read more pig and elephant stories (yay for my different voices!) / AMELIA BEDELIA / Invisible Boy stories to Ayler and Hiero. I reminded Hiero to do something, and Ayler pushed him towards the bathroom, which made Hiero upset and crying. Geez! Harmony let me go at 7:35 and said that she hoped the transit strike didn’t affect me too much, I just managed to get a 3 to Marine Drive Station (which STILL stopped for two minutes at 41st!), some lady was standing RIGHT in my way in front of a seat on the Brighouse train I DID get, and I got home at 8:35 on a 407. I updated Mike via text, although I bet he didn’t have much time to read. The Canucks played St. Louis tonight at 7, and lost 2-1 in overtime despite a big goal from our rookie Quinn Hughes…

From Julie: Me whenever I meet someone who can match my dark sense of humor and sarcasm… “You’re full of hate and loathing and I love it.”

Double Chocolate doughnut for National Doughnut Day today, plus a ham and cheese bun from Kam Do Bakery for a late National Sandwich Day on November 3. This slightly ruined my appetite for an early dinner at 5:30, but whatever.

Watermelon tea towel in the bathroom at my brother’s place.

This unscented lotion is for EVERYONE, Mike!


I discovered redrum today – UGH!

From Julie: Myia?!

From Julie: QUAMMY is Myia’s best friend?!

From Julie: Ranee?!

From Julie: Shai?!

From Julie: Jarmar?!

From Julie: Sanchetz?!

From Julie: Mellisa?! BAD SPELLING OF MELISSA!

From Julie: Brandishea Moses?! I had to put this one through MS Paint because of the white-on-white text and background!