For some reason, I was up at 4:45 AM! I left for Harmony’s at 8:10, and got there in an hour or so, thanks to just managing to get the 25, but no thanks to just missing the train at Brighouse! They were just finishing breakfast (oatmeal with raisins, almond milk, and peanut butter), and I noticed a bigger train track than usual, which had been set up yesterday. I played with the boys after breakfast for a while (as Ayler restarted and changed the CD a bunch of times), then we were off to the Family Centre at 10. We discussed airplanes, baby Fraser sleeping in Ayler’s crib on Thursday when Steph had been over, my Canucks jersey being “yellow!”, Ayler fitting into a smaller oval of train tracks, circles, nachos / cashew nuts / pumpkin seeds / raisins / yogurt for lunch, Ayler sticking the happy face stickers all over Uncle Joe, the big heart-shaped sugar cookies with pink sprinkles at the jumping program, the preschool Valentine’s dance (the $25 was a family fee), and silent auctions for fundraising purposes. Also talked about the rainy weather, the appeal of splashing in puddles overcoming Ayler’s hating to be wet, Ayler being quiet, seeing the hockey players, Ayler attempting to eat the tiny traffic light, Ayler liking RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, Mom trying to get me to help out yesterday, Hiero being into the trains, and the boys sitting on each other. Yup, that’s a family activity, all right! Apparently, Hiero had liked the green tea Kit-Kat, but the color had freaked Ayler out. I bet he’d been thinking, “Chocolate isn’t supposed to be green!”, haha.

When I left, I decided to go to Kingsgate Mall and get a pair of T-Max thermal socks for $10 in cash – I can get another one next week. I just managed to get a 9 bus going the other way, which meant I was home in time for the hockey game! When I got home at 3:15 on a 401 (the bus driver threw two people off for opening cans of beer before even leaving Brighouse!), I was glad that I had time to myself instead of having to entertain a visitor. Steph sent me an email about a census job, but forgot to include a link, so I had to ask about it. The Canucks played the Leafs at 4 today, and a Toronto player scored two goals in 17 seconds! Final score was 5-2 for the Leafs, including two empty-netters.

Urban Shocker?!

Craphonso Thorpe?!

Kyle Sackrider?!


A little boy named Shadoe Braxton Pate, who died of heatstroke in January 2016…

My youngest daughter is Cherry-Blue, and my little boy is Rocka Sixx. I chose the names because they are unique and cool!

I’m so thankful to everyone who prayed for Little Miss Adorabell to turn her head around, because at my appointment this morning, we confirmed that she is finally head down! Of course that will be her name, and we’ll call her Belle!


I emailed Harmony at 2:30 to say that I could come by tomorrow morning, and took the opportunity to ask what I should not bring by because I know they observe Lent. She thanked me for thinking of them, but says that what they are giving up may not be food-related, so I shouldn’t worry about it! I just wanted to be respectful, that’s all. :)

Steph called me back at 3:15, and it turns out that all she wanted was to see how the ride home went with Mom and Dad this past Sunday. I told her what Mom had thought about my helping out today at the preschool – if Harmony wanted my help outside of Tuesdays and Saturdays, she’d ask me herself! Steph says that Mom complains about helping with the kids every day, but apparently she brings it upon herself by enabling Jon and Harmony. She thinks that Mom is starting to go crazy, and wondered why she wants to meddle so much, so I took a chance and said that maybe Mom wants to control things. That was okay, however. Phew! I also said that maybe Mom is projecting her own memory loss onto Dad, which Steph thinks may be true since she hasn’t noticed any problems with Dad yet.

My sister also says that the parents are going to Hong Kong from mid-April to early May, and was surprised when I told her that Mom wanted me to stay at their place then… I said that maybe she wanted me to help with the kids, which would be her motivation. Then Steph said that it shouldn’t matter to Mom if I wasn’t doing anything because my downtime is important as well, otherwise I’d start to resent helping with the kids. Exactly! I need my downtime in order to be a good aunt to our nephews! Steph said that she’d tried the sriracha Kettle chips last night; she’d enjoyed them, but they were pretty spicy for her, so she’d had to have a beer with them! Lisa had only had one. She figures they’re not spicy for me, though! (that would be correct)

I also said that I’d been considerate about Lent to Harmony, which she said was good! She says that Lisa took the day off work for her birthday, so they’ll just hang out. Baby Fraser has a stuffy nose, so they have to do what they can for him because he can’t do things for himself yet! I also told her to tell Lisa that I’d looked up the date of Daylight Savings Time: March 13 – NOT TOMORROW! That was a good conversation, actually!


From Julie: Here’s Pope Francis sitting on the toilet!

Duster obtained Butch’s bag of 50,000 DP (Dragon Power) of money from the well at Tazmily Village, but he put it back.

Salsa can also obtain Butch’s bag of 50,000 DP (Dragon Power) of money from the well at Tazmily Village, but he also has to put it back.


Steph called while I was taking a nap, so I guess I’ll figure out what she wanted later!

From Julie and WORLD OF WARCRAFT: “Limbflayer’s Bonfire: Your attacks can CAUSE CAUSE you to burst into flame, burning all enemies within 8 yards for 33,516 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. 0 seconds remaining.” Cause cause?!


Lord Voldemort Estiocio!

General Arse Biscuits!

Cookie Facey!


Speaking of BAD AUTOCORRECT: This reminds me of the time on Remembrance Day 2007 when Dad said he’d be having a romantic dinner with Mom, and then having sex while my sister was out. She and I looked at each other: “Get me out of this moving car! We don’t care if we die!” “I’m eating your mom out at 7, so you’ll have to find your own dinner!”

“My dad is the best cock ever!” Maybe you shouldn’t let your kid do Valentine’s Day cards…

From Reddit and Jim Benton: Please be my Valentine. Sorry I’m a little gross.

Doggy Valentine’s Day card from Reddit: I want to lick you with the intensity with which I lick myself.

Here are 13 ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Valentine’s Day cards from Buzzfeed, done by Marisa Seguin!

Tobias Funke: I’m blue without you, Valentine.

George Michael Bluth: Be my Valentine… even if we are related.

“NO TOUCHING!” George Bluth: You touched my heart, Valentine.

Lindsay Bluth Funke: I love you for your intellect.

Buster Bluth: I love you more than juice.

Gob Bluth: My love for you is no illusion.

Maeby Funke: MARRY ME!

Lucille Bluth: I love all of my Valentines equally.

Michael Bluth: I love you all, Marta.

Lucille Austero: Your love makes me dizzy.

Kitty Sanchez: Be my Valentine… or say goodbye to THESE!

Barry Zuckerkorn: You can’t see it. I just winked.

Loose Seal: Valentine, you’ve got me hooked.


The Canucks played the Coyotes at 6:30 tonight, and won 2-1!

Julie and I were talking about things earlier via Facebook chat, and her auto-correct came up with “enjoy your HICKEY game” – haha, EW!

Steve Hitchin = SHITCHIN!

From Julie: An infographic of Canada!

At Mayor Pusher’s house, Lucas and Boney learn that the wallpaper here is made to look like a filled bookcase!


Eric Ho showed up in my email to (jokingly?) ask if he could still come over even after I said that I wouldn’t be home till 4:30 on Saturday. That’s probably a lie, as I’ll probably want to get home as soon as possible after my other commitment, but he doesn’t need to know that. I said no, of course! Later, I called Barry to arrange a time for food shopping; next Wednesday at 1 definitely works because it’s payday, anyhow.

Uwe Blab?!

From Julie: An oddly-named product is called Party Poopers?! “The music is too loud.” “I’m tired, can we go home?”

At Isaac’s house, Lucas and Boney learn that Happy Boxes give off light of some sort.

At Matt’s house, Lucas and Boney learn that Happy Boxes also give off a wobbling sort of sound.


The FINAL FANTASY III party needs Noah’s Lute to wake Unne up from her slumber!

Here is the parrot, and Unne sleeping in bed at her shrine!

Here are the three elemental fangs so far: the Fire Fang, the Water Fang, and the Wind Fang!

Here’s Unne with the airship and the FINAL FANTASY III party!

These Statues of the Quest will get rid of your three fangs so far. DO NOT WALK INTO THE LAST SET OF STATUES, OTHERWISE YOUR PARTY WILL BE ANNILIHATED!

Here’s the new FINAL FANTASY III airship: the INVINCIBLE! It has shops, a bed, and a Fat Chocobo!

THE INVINCIBLE and its amenities!

Here’s the Fat Chocobo in the AIRSHIP INVINCIBLE! You have to use a Carrot where it “smells like chocobos,” which would be the brown table to the left.


Chinese Eric tried calling me at 11 PM last night, and then emailed me at 9:20 AM to ask if he could come over on Saturday to watch the Canucks play the Leafs at 4. I don’t think that’s possible because I have to go home right after my other commitment, he cannot come over early, and I don’t want to have him talking and talking when I just want to relax! The Canucks played the Avalanche at 6 tonight, and won 3-1.

From Yahoo! Answers: Do you like the name Legna?! (Angel spelled backwards) Hi. What do you think of the name Legna (Lay-nah) for a girl? It is Angel spelled backwards. We have a three-year-old named Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards), and would like to keep the theme going. Honest answers, please. Thanks!

From Julie: A dragon fish at Walmart!

Kefka, to the Emperor on the Floating Continent: “Run! Run! Or you’ll be well-done!”


Popeye Saylor?!

Christopher Robin?!

Dick Punch?!

Dr. Hedgehog?!

Mike Cox?!


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