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Repetitive dream cycles / Quizzes

April 30, 2004

took a nap from 11 to 3:25.. ’twas a good one, indeed.. that is, if you discount repetitive dream cycles happening.. received messages from someone while I got my sleepy bo bo.. said hi, and that he missed me.. we shall see just how prone to sickness he is, or what really happened.. of course, […]

Searching out stuff on Group Hug

April 30, 2004

stayed up till 2:40 AM, talking to Corey as per the usual.. we were on Group Hug, sending confessions to each other.. also we searched out our names and sent those ones.. I wanted to get up by 8:30.. turns out I got up at 6:10.. too much sun and honking outside.. then the 9 […]

Needing a break from my own head

April 29, 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDREA.. I hope you have a really terrific one today! 🙂 It’s been good knowing you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAMIE.. I hope you have a super one today! 🙂 It was great knowing you years ago. I got out for a while to have a break from my own head.. might stay up all […]

Check my turbo button!

April 28, 2004

Corey just solved my computer problems for me again.. I was complaining to him about how slow it seemed.. the machine was definitely NOT like that a few days ago.. he asked if I’d checked my turbo button to see if it was on.. discovered that I must have turned it off inadvertently.. must have […]

Byzantium / the Netherlands / France / Egypt / Korea

April 28, 2004

I’m happy that Spoz is back, because his latest excerpt describes my brainspace pretty well… except I’ve never played Civ 3. the person you have reached is either switched off, unavailable, or not wishing to answer your daily request for mindless prattle.. the person is currently in the middle of a heated game of CIVILIZATION […]

Reversion to French! / Steak, chicken, and potatoes

April 28, 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIE.. I hope you have a terrific one today! 🙂 It’s been good serving with you in Awana, indeed. Ryan and Aaron both buzzed me.. reversion to French, haha! Corey has managed to slightly warp my mind again.. “big fat boobs and low-cut tops” along with certain links.. ah well, I can never […]

Cynicism and Spozblog!

April 27, 2004

cynicism seemed to have me in its grip earlier today.. all sorts of questions about certain people, and guilt.. (note to self: call Yazmine and Julie before the day is over!) also was thinking about Spoz, and where he’s been lately.. checked his blog today.. he was offline for a little bit.. but now he’s […]

Corey and comets

April 26, 2004

Corey might be disappointed that I didn’t see a comet.. well, I think he’ll just have to live with it.. 4-5 AM wakeup time ain’t gonna happen around here! 😛 at least I had certain needs fulfilled today 😉

Obliteration of memories

April 25, 2004

decided to go out for something to eat, and to buy stuff.. had a steak and Italian Wedding soup at Boston Pizza.. I was GOING to buy a card and some milk at London Drugs.. ended up getting Pringles, lime / black pepper Miss Vickie’s chips, Scottish shortbread, and some gum instead.. at least most […]

Mom loves violating my privacy!

April 25, 2004

I’m not at church today, so people will just have to deal with it.. my mother showed up at my door.. what the heck?! she was even knocking and calling my name.. go away.. while it’s true I slept in, she shouldn’t even have BEEN there! thank God that I’ve never given her a spare […]