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COW! / Climbing, bean soup, catch, and more folding! / Anjie Galsworthy?!

September 3, 2019

The 401 did not show up at the bus stop when I left at 3:30, so I was stuck waiting 20 minutes for the 407 and two 401 buses which all came at the same time. I still managed to get to the house at 5, despite a text message from Harmony way earlier asking […]

Dozi Duty, carbuncles, TRUE DETECTIVE, measuring with rulers, Alec turning “toush” at the vine

September 20, 2014

It seems that Dozi Duty is back on Facebook, which is good! Mike and I talked about brushing teeth, pretending to be Kabosu, his having Kraft Dinner with sriracha sauce, seaweed, alcohol, maybe Caesars, maybe Captain Morgan and Coke / Pepsi, our needing a big house so we can breed and sell Shiba Inu dogs […]

Craving fries in the computer room – thanks, neighbor guy!

June 16, 2010

High-scoring words of the afternoon: STOMATE (100 points) – against Kathy T. [3W, hook off YAY for a plural] STRIDE (224 points) – against Carla P. [two 4W] MODICA (145 points) – against Rebecca H-F. [5W, 5L on M] ZOO (126 points) – against Vicky C. [two 3W] WOOFED (3375 points) – against Gayle Q. […]

Bunnies do NOT belong in vegetable soup!

September 18, 2008

Why did I have a dream that involved Candace and Drew housing their bunny Dolce in a bowl of vegetable soup?! Phil was there to help me look after a bunch of kids; Brian and Padraic were resourceful and helped our other friends with computer issues. Odd! Hey, Candy’s package arrived just now! Has a […]

Dream of garbage and grandmas / "You’re the last people I’d EVER tell!" / Peanuts or PENIS?

October 28, 2007

Note to self: Reply to Facebook messages and wall posts after I finish this entry. (continue anagram project!) Also, Eric T. added me on there. In the “what a small world” department, I’ve discovered that Fabian knows Cody! (scotish_mox) Cody tried telling me that he met Fabian at BDSM night at Sincity, but they really […]

New Text Twist high score! / Neo-Nazis / Life Predictor

October 27, 2007

Note: LJ Friends Not Being What I Think / LJ Love Life / LJ Smartness / LJ Random Yay / LJ Buddies Being All Related / LJ Silly Nonsensical Story / LJ Youtube Chainmail Spam / LJ Silly Little Story / .hack LJ / LJ Doctor Who / LJ Dave Barry / LJ Soap Opera […]

Dream of grassy meridians

October 22, 2007

Apparently, today is CAPS LOCK DAY. Oh dear. BC’s worst single-day mass murder happened in Surrey?! Man, I gotta look into this local news… while playing Text Twist (Internet Anagram Server might help if your vocab is deficient :P) and maybe looking into WINE. My bus pass application also arrived today, which is pretty good […]

Stupid baby names, removal, Kobe beef meatloaf and white chocolate cheesecake, London deaths

March 13, 2007

I’m checking my email now, and it’s nice to have a voice of reason amidst all the chaos. Some people just want to be devious, but I am not giving in to that since it’s crazy talk! I just love these email exchanges when they crop up: actually, I love how we almost never refer […]

Curry Chips / Hockey / Work / Questions 4601-4650 of 5000 / Blogquizzes

February 9, 2006

Man, these curry chips are good! Even better than the wasabi chips, dude! Corey says that Jane usually sends stuff like that in boxes, so I might send him a bag or two later. I’m going to call him a potato tomorrow for insinuating that I do crack. 😛 I’ve just finished some tagging / […]

Packages received, Text Twist

November 14, 2005

This morning, I got a free SP2 CD in the mail from Microsoft… someone had recommended that people order one a while ago from this site. “Especially if you are on dial up, you really need to order a copy of SP2. If the day comes that you crash and have to start over, you’ll […]