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Kennethia Barnes and Emotions Paradise Universe?! WHAT A NAME CHANGE! IRAQ!

May 17, 2019

I went out at 2 to see Rachel at The Caring Place on a 414, and pleasantly discovered that the three nearby bus stops have FINALLY been liberated from construction and are now operational again! WOO! I definitely had to text Paulo to let him know, especially since they’d just been officially reinstated yesterday! After […]

Louisiana State Troopers not having balls! / Ashley Heavy Runner Loring?!

February 14, 2019

I discovered that Jason Lam and Sarah Quelch had unfriended me – oh well, the Awana and Palmer days were long ago! The Canucks played the Kings at 7:30 tonight… the game went to overtime (thanks to Gaudette!) plus a shootout. BOESER GOT THE GOAL TO WIN 4-3! I also showered today. From Kenny and […]

Sariah Harmer, Kenna Johnston, Savegal Kissy, Shayl Atkinson, Tomes Linehan

November 12, 2017

From Not Always Right: Sariah Harmer?! I guess we’re lucky that her parents didn’t go with Harmony… also, there IS a musician already named SARAH HARMER! Wait, Sariah Harmer has a Facebook friend named KENNA Johnston?! From Not Always Right: Savegal Kissy?! All I can see is SAVE GAL (SAVAGE) KISSY. Awkward! From Not Always […]

PRISONER OF WAR Congraturation! / Dr. Kenny McCormick?! / Dog attacking a human!

October 17, 2017

MORE COFFEE TIME! The Canucks played the Senators at 4:30 today, and won 3-0 on goals by Boeser / Burmistrov / Vanek! From PRISONER OF WAR on the NES: Congraturation! From Sextuplets: The Little Lambs: This neonatologist consultant doctor is named Kenny McCormick?! SOUTH PARK, AHOY! From Julie: Dog attacking a human in a family […]

Misspelling HAVEN’T / Speaking my mind! / Vichai and Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha

June 20, 2016

This morning, I spent time making a bunch of new grammar / dragon / family / names / video game screenshots Facebook albums, and updating my bookmarks. I just got blue-screened, after the computer made a weird noise! From Julie: Spelling HAVEN’T should be simple… From Kenny and The Mind Unleashed: If I actually “spoke […]

Mike Oleksa is a scamming liar! / Roller Derby position / Jumbo scallops!

July 29, 2015

Steph emailed me at 8 AM to say that I could come over whenever tomorrow, so that’s good. Upon checking the CRIMINAL MISCHIEF hockey group, I discovered that Mike Oleksa is a fraudulent liar who made up stories about a dead girlfriend and serving in the military! HA HA HA – BUSTED BY A REVERSE […]

Kenny and fear / No Jeff Wood / Nesi, Lashaey, Kyron, and Princess?!

May 12, 2015

Last night, I talked to Kenny via Facebook messages for a while about his plane crash fears as they relate to a future trip which Hien will be taking. They’re definitely not silly! Pastor Dan emailed us about small group tomorrow night, too… thank goodness that Dylan and Deb are hosting once again! Then I […]

Mandy, distrust, Hester, laundry tokens, Kenchada, Satin, and Tyeonda

April 28, 2015

I replied to Mandy’s email this afternoon – yup, some people should not be trusted! Later, I showered and did some laundry at 5:45. However, I couldn’t put the laundry in the dryer till 8:40 because the second-floor coin dryer was officially out of order, and some idiot had taken up both the third-floor dryers […]

Janina and picture locations / What CAN’T HARDLY WAIT Character Are You? / Salmon sushi!

March 22, 2015

Janina sent me various Facebook messages about my putting locations on her contributions to the Random Pictures album. Hey, I’m OCDL and want every picture to have one! Julie’s pictures automatically have one, so I’m not sure why Janina’s pictures do not! She told me to use Oakland, then wondered whether not having a location […]

WordPress and LJ editing, Mike not being my exhausting problem, Mardi Gras Food

February 16, 2015

I had unfettered time to edit LJ and WordPress entries this afternoon, so that’s a plus on the FREEDOM SIDE! Through Facebook messages, Kenny thinks I should let the relationship go since things with Mike aren’t worth the time. Quite possibly! Holly just thinks that if Mike had truly loved and needed me, he wouldn’t […]