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Fuzzy blue toilet seat cover and 2002 memories! / Coronavirus? NO SHITTING!

March 10, 2020

It’s MARIO DAY today! 😀 From Julie and 22 Words: Lord, no! Hey, we all love a comfortable toilet seat, so the idea of using a toilet cover shouldn’t be so shocking. But this… this is an affront to all that is good in the world. If that’s a fuzzy blue toilet seat cover, I […]

Moosehead Lager dragon! / A painting dragon! / Calendar WTF from Maxine

August 8, 2016

I emailed Harmony about our plans for tomorrow – 4:30 sounds fine to me! A dragon at Moosehead Lager! A painting dragon! From the Hallmark Cards character Maxine: Let’s face it. After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF!

DOCTOR WHO police box, some air freshener and air horns, badly-cooked pizza

July 19, 2016

Barry called to let me know that he had a concussion from crashing on his bike at a high rate of speed, so someone else from Pathways would take me shopping next week. I called Tammy, and she said that she’d sort things out and let me know tomorrow. DOCTOR WHO police box! Maxine from […]

Lisa Maxi, Frosty the Snowman, eating, Rice Krispies, TimTams and human flesh

December 5, 2015

Lisa Maxi tried adding me on Facebook – DENIED! Frosty the Snowman gets caught picking his nose in the produce aisle! Eating, poor, siblings, bacon, alcohol, single, slut, k, never mind! {Eating (verb) when there is nothing else to do. Poor (adj) when you have too much month at the end of your money. Siblings […]

Happy Siblings Day! / The truth about my relationship with Mike / Art exhibitions

April 10, 2015

Steph called me at 7:30 to wish me a Happy Siblings Day, since her Facebook timeline is filled with those kinds of posts. We talked about Ayler walking now, Hiero’s personality being different than Ayler’s, Chrystal being out of her program now, Maxine and Tim going to last night’s game with Joshua and Keenan for […]

Original Joe’s, jambalaya, chorizo, orzo pasta, Mike still here, Martin and Awana

September 19, 2014

I would have let Mike sleep till whenever, but his phone rang at 5:30, so I told him that he might want to answer it at some point! (I don’t care about text message notifications) It turned out to be Sherry, so eventually he said he’d meet her at his place at 7:30. He fussed […]

Internet life bleeding into real life / Reassurance / Leftovers!

November 29, 2013

Tim sent me an email last night about how his family’s birthdays were out on the web in my yearly birthday card edition post; I’d forgotten about that, and removed them since it made him feel uncomfortable… at least he thanked me afterwards! If it bleeds into real life, that’s not such a good thing; […]

Tacky singing / Skits / Tule perverts!

July 2, 2012

Eric called at 5:45… yup, I was pretty much ready to go! We discussed church, the screwed-up service order, Christon, tomorrow’s plans (I’m game if he’s gotta cook early), Pastor Bob, what I did today, the Great Banquet parable, his NOT going to Eunice and Eddie’s wedding, Euro 2012, Spain beating Italy 4-0, and more […]


March 31, 2012

I was still in a blah mood, but talked to James on YM anyway, and also talked to Talia on AIM. Discussed life, journal entries, work, society, expectations, FINALLY adding each other to LJ, baseball, hockey, wedding cakes, the Capitals, and more. The Canucks and Flames played each other, and the game went to overtime. […]

Quintuplets Info, as of 2/29/12

March 1, 2012

Thank goodness for the Internet Wayback Machine! All info taken from Facts About Multiples. Total Sets I have recorded 795 sets of quintuplets in the world as of February 2012. Earliest Quint Births 999 C.E. – Unidentified – A reference was found in the Annales Ottenburani SA 999, in MGH Scriptores V: 4 or 5. […]