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2020 NFL Draft Funny Names: Tua Tagovailoa, Quintez Cephus, Leki Fotu, and more!

July 2, 2020

From the Blog of Funny Names: Tristan Wirfs plays football?! From the Blog of Funny Names: Prince Tega Wanogho plays football?! His parents were Prince Phillip U.D. and Princess Onome Wanogho?! From the Blog of Funny Names: Yetur Gross-Matos plays football?! From the Blog of Funny Names: CeeDee Lamb plays football?! From the Blog of […]

What’s Your Medieval Name? Mine is Eleanor Tudor! I like this name generator!

May 4, 2020

From Medieval Fayre: What’s Your Medieval Name? Mine is Eleanor Tudor! Name generator!

Coffee pot with straw holder! KRAMER! / Pluto the planet and Pluto the dog!

May 24, 2019

After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 2 on a 414 to see Rachel at the Caring Place. I also went to Price Smart to pick up some Western Family lemonade at the customer service desk: Classic Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade! Then I went to London Drugs to eventually buy an on-sale Spiderman / Spider-Man […]

Friday the 13th in 1307, Culleen Williams, Dirdra O’Flaherty, Jon Dangerously

October 13, 2017

Today is Friday the 13th and No Bra Day! From Pete and The Spellery: HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH! On Friday, Oct. 13, 1307, King Philip IV of France, with the consent of Pope Clement V, falsely accused The Order of the Knights Templar of heresy to relieve his debts to them. They were tortured into […]

Shoyu tonkatsu! / Brian Gionta’s wife is named Harvest?! / Tondalo Hall?!

October 5, 2015

Last night, I called Jeremy and said that I actually couldn’t make it, blaming things on Sunday bus schedules. At least he had the right tone to his voice when he said “oh no!” Next time, maybe! I went out at 3:30 this afternoon, just managed to get the 410 at Brighouse, then browsed the […]

No Clemens / Kyle and Kylesha?! / Physical therapy! / THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICES

September 5, 2013

Discovered that Clemens had unfriended me – oh well. Watched FOUR WEDDINGS: UNVEILED, PANIC 911, THE FIRST 48, and other shows while I re-learned about the Ambiguously Gay Duo and watered the plants. I saw a black father-daughter pair named Kyle and Kylesha (rhymes with “Alicia”); reminds me of the Awana kid Fresnona and her […]

Clemens, Nessie, DUCK HUNT, 5-4 shootout win!

April 3, 2012

Decided to do laundry today before the game. Corey told me months ago that I’d regret it if I deleted my NES emulator (Nessie), and I’m doing that RIGHT NOW since I want to play DRAGON WARRIOR 3 and 4 with codes. Guess I know how I’ll be spending my time! Thank goodness I listed […]

Addicted to gasoline / AUSTIN POWERS

March 11, 2012

After talking to James about stuff, I watched several episodes of HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE and a MY STRANGE ADDICTION show about a girl who’s addicted to drinking gasoline, and a black girl who’s addicted to carrying her doll head around wherever she goes AND smelling it. A different episode: a guy has a committed relationship […]

Quintuplets Info, as of 2/29/12

March 1, 2012

Thank goodness for the Internet Wayback Machine! All info taken from Facts About Multiples. Total Sets I have recorded 795 sets of quintuplets in the world as of February 2012. Earliest Quint Births 999 C.E. – Unidentified – A reference was found in the Annales Ottenburani SA 999, in MGH Scriptores V: 4 or 5. […]

Clemens, Troy, BAD Translink, Pete, Eric, and losses

February 25, 2012

Note to self: Despite what the Translink website may say, the C94 does NOT show up much on the weekend / Saturdays in general. Fuck waiting for ages (almost an HOUR in the cold?!) at the bus stop with a billion library books! After a few exchanged messages about Canucks hockey and such, Clemens W. […]