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74,000 Facebook likes from my Facebook friends! / Glee Ewell?! Like the emotion?

July 17, 2017

I was up at 7:55 AM today, so it was COFFEE TIME BY DEFAULT! My Facebook friends have liked my posts 74,000 times as of today! Glee Ewell and the family were murdered on Easter Sunday?! It’s pronounced “U-ull.” Advertisements

A Pittsburgh Penguins alarm clock, Japanese public transit signs, no bras!

June 8, 2016

I had a dream where Chris W. was making it rain at least a thousand books from the bookshelves because he was writing a letter (about how essential books are) to someone important. Then we went to a Chinese restaurant with all my friends to celebrate my birthday. Steph, Alan Quan, my parents, Auntie Gloria, […]

FINALLY FIXING CONSTANT TAB RELOADING! / Innocent fruits and vegetables

March 6, 2016

Chrome has been reloading tabs for at least the past month now, and it’s been annoying me! Reddit had the answer: You can turn this off by going to “chrome://flags” and selecting “Disabled” under “Enable tab discarding.” THIS HAS ALREADY SAVED ME SO MUCH TIME AND FRUSTRATION! Every day, thousands of innocent fruits and vegetables […]

18,752 score! / MACLEAN’S BOOK OF LISTS / Hyper Havarti

January 26, 2013

I got a new high score of 18,752 on the OUR PLACE arcade game which is like Text Twist! Then Steph, Lisa, and Havarti came back from Port Colborne / YVR: the dog was so excited or hyper (she jumped on me a few times) that she actually went up the stairs, which she’s never […]

5-0 win over the Ducks / Text Twist / WATER DRAGON

January 25, 2013

I almost killed myself getting out of the shower since the tub’s too far from the floor edge. Ugh. The Canucks won 5-0 over the Ducks tonight, at least – dinner was unappealing. Discovered a version of Text Twist over at OUR PLACE (arcade games), so I spent time playing that. What kind of dragon […]

Slim feather drugs! / Things I Love About The Holidays & Winter (meme)

December 8, 2010

High-scoring words of the afternoon: DRUGS (140 points; 5W, two 2W), SLIMS (144 points; 2W, two 3W) – against Janet S. FEATHER (1600 points) – against Milli F. [4W, two 5W] Shelley (always_bryn) thanked me for the Christmas card, so that’s good! You know the drill… bold what you love, and italicize what you’re ambivalent […]

Waiting for boyish typical poses in abalone, inconvenient LJ downtime, baseball

November 12, 2010

High-scoring words of the night: MOPY (280 points) – against Alice P. [5W, 4W] PURPORT (224 points) – against Mai N. [two 4W] ENVOY (130 points) – against Lynn C. [5W, 2W] ABALONE (360 points) – against Deborah N. [4W, two 3W] POSED (193 points) – against Samuel S. [two 4W – one used twice, […]

Snarly main opiates in flammable soy! / Asians / Panic! at the Disco song

November 9, 2010

Note: Your Own Feudal Fairytale Memegen, by chiisaichou. Bingos of the afternoon: MAINSHEET (375 points) – against Specs W. SNARLIER (81 points) – against Ellen C. High-scoring words of the afternoon: MAINSHEET (375 points; two 5W, bingo), VERIFY (105 points; 3W, 4L on V) – against Specs W. FLAM (120 points) – against Millie F. […]

A warmer keg time with Rosemary and lurking zesty donkeys / TALES OF SYMPHONIA

November 9, 2010

Interesting rack of the morning: AKEGTIME, against Margaret G. [read this as “a keg time”] Bingo of the morning: ROSEMARY (82 points) – against Carmen W. High-scoring words of the morning: LEGMEN (250 points) – against Demetra K. [two 5W] WARMER (100 points) – against Angela V. [5W, 2L on W] DONKEY (525 points) – […]

Avowing to smite the cozy ones! / Facts About Multiples / International airports

October 29, 2010

High-scoring words of the night: AVOW (116 points) – against Shelley V. [5W, 3L on W, hook off IF to make FA] SMITE (156 points) – against Briana M. [two 4W – one used twice, hook off OVAL for a plural] COZIE (114 points) – against Amina B. [2W, 3W] KILOS (100 points) – against […]