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Chocoholics Unite! / August 2011 Bubble Tea Tally

August 31, 2011

You Are Down to Earth You are even-tempered and good-natured. You’ve chosen to minimize drama in your life. When you feel something, you usually don’t let it show. You keep your cards close to your chest. You believe that no person is an island. You try not to need other people, but you are glad […]


August 30, 2011

Discovered a missed call from a blocked number, so I called Chinese Eric to see if it was him. Auntie told me that he was in the bathroom (which I didn’t really need to know…), but he did call me back immediately… I did have time to laugh about his location, though! Turns out I […]

Downloading ROMs, Corey and typhoons, Steph, Lisa, words

August 30, 2011

Called Steph yesterday to see when she and Lisa were free for dinner; Thursday sounds good, as long as I bring the cards and remind her to bring that tea, which I also should pack so pictures can be taken! For some reason, I wanted to download roms myself last night… bring on the cheat […]

I’m an admin again?! / Favorite Time of Day

August 29, 2011

Jeff D. made me an admin of the LiveJournal group on Facebook, and also added me; HAHAHAHA, how random! He says it makes sense since I’m one of the top users… hahaha, I’ll go with that! You Are Independent You dance to your own drummer, and you like to live life on your own terms. […]

Finished DRAGON WARRIOR! / Sky Inspiration

August 28, 2011

I finished DRAGON WARRIOR 1, but am sick of level grinding for now. 😦 (but no church is GOOD!) Passion Inspires You You tend to fall in and out of love quite often. Love tends to be a capricious thing for you. Love sometimes moves you to do the craziest things. Love takes over your […]

Vanilla ice cream, stickers, and how others see me

August 27, 2011

Subena and Yvonne deleted their Facebook profiles, but that was to be expected! Called Steph to see when she and Lisa would be free… I’ll call her back on Monday. Went to London Drugs within twenty minutes of waking up at 10:30 to get Nestlé vanilla ice cream and DIEGO / Tonka / SESAME STREET […]

Electricity out, wasting food, being rushed, Hot Wings, and Peppercorn Ranch

August 26, 2011

The electricity gave me some annoyance today, too – it went out for a bit after I microwaved something! MY INTERNET! Barry picked me up at 12:50, right when I was about to eat lunch (WASTE OF FOOD AND BEING RUSHED – I HATE BOTH!) and process the demise of the HST! YOU DON’T DO […]

Finishing EARTHBOUND / Justin Bieber joke / Punk Rock

August 26, 2011

I FINISHED EARTHBOUND AT 8:15 LAST NIGHT – WOOYEAH!!!!!!!!! Things We’ve Learned From Playing RPGs and EARTHBOUND Oddities are funny! Now, on to DRAGON WARRIOR games! Jessica G. says she keeps posting links to me, but I don’t see them AT ALL – WTF? Here’s a good Justin Bieber joke from Adam: Reporter: Hi Justin, […]

Facebook feed renamed BITCH?! / Lighthouse Test

August 25, 2011

The Internet / my router decided not to cooperate from about midnight till 2 AM. UGH! My Facebook news feed was re-titled “bitch” for some reason! Janina, Julie S., Mike B., and Kaitlin thought it was funny, or wanted one themselves. Julie S. said she bought me something funny at the beach – NICE! Apparently, […]

Toothpaste has EXPIRY DATES?! / Trends

August 24, 2011

Went out to do some banking, have root beer / potato rounds / a beef fajita burrito from Taco Time for lunch, nab the last copy of PLUNGING INTO HISTORY AGAIN from Indigo Spirit, get on-sale Crest toothpaste [white Scope and green Extreme Herbal Mint] and on-sale Golden Oreo Cakesters from Shoppers Drug Mart, buy […]