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Skeleton on Gelatin, laundry and elevator annoyances, height and weight percents

October 13, 2020

Today is No Bra Day! I showered and did my laundry today (with the elevator being out AGAIN!), but I accidentally washed my RFID Compass Card / bus pass and my debit card! Drazhar reminded me to see whether they still work – tomorrow, maybe! Enough cardio going up and down two flights of stairs […]

Coronavirus Snickers 2020 comic strip! / More No-Name Halloween 2020 tagging!

October 12, 2020

Yay for Thanksgiving 2020! From Reddit and Jim Benton in 2016: The Grim Reaper is not wearing a Halloween costume. He’s here to take this old lady’s soul. “Holy shit! Full-size Snickers! Never mind, Margaret, we’re good.” Updated 2020 version of the Jim Benton comic from Reddit: The Grim Reaper is not wearing a Halloween […]

Compliments and malnourishment / Tore Jan Olsen?! / SHAREON Hence pronunciation?

October 12, 2020

Today is Thanksgiving 2020! Thanks to my upstairs neighbors creaking around at 6:30 AM, it was COFFEE TIME by default. Eric Ho beat me to our “Happy Thanksgiving” text message exchange at 10:10 AM. NICE! Of course I told him about the Canucks trading Tyler Toffoli to the Habs half an hour ago, and about […]

Sage and Cissy on THESE WOODS ARE HAUNTED?! / Cuya Discord 2014 date glitch!

June 5, 2020

I heard Hester outside for the first time in three months when I was taking out the garbage, so interrupted the conversation she was having with some white guy because I wanted to tell her about my annoying laundry hog neighbor AND to request a couple of mousetraps. Of course she told me to write […]

Dragon hoarding books, red dragon with wedding cake, enlarged cool green dragon

April 23, 2020

I finally showered and did laundry today, no thanks to some lazy fuck who couldn’t be bothered to take his laundry out of the washing machine when it was done, or to the lazy people who haven’t fixed or replaced the second-floor washing machine yet after A YEAR! A black-white dragon’s hoard of books! From […]

Uncle Ben’s Smokey Rice / Girl with 1000 letters in her name! GUINNESS RECORD!

April 23, 2020

Uncle Ben’s Smokey Rice! Girl with 1000 Letters In Her Name! GUINNESS WORLD RECORD! APOSTROPHE! Her given name is: Rhoshandiatellyneshiaunneveshen kescianneshaimondrischlyndasaccarnae renquellenendrasamecashaunettethalem eicoleshiwhalhinive’onchellecaundenesh eaalausondrilynnejeanetrimyranaekuesa undrilynnezekeriakenvaunetradevonneya vondalatarneskcaevontaepreonkeinesce ellaviavelzadawnefriendsettajessicanneles ciajoyvaelloydietteyvettesparklenescea undrieaquenttaekatilyaevea’shauwneorali aevaekizzieshiyjuanewandaleccianneren eitheliapreciousnesceverroneccalovelia tyronevekacarrionnehenriettaescecleon patrarutheliacharsalynnmeokcamonaeloies alynnecsiannemerciadellesciaustillaparis salondonveshadenequamonecaalexetiozetia quaniaenglaundneshiafrancethosharomeshaun nehawaineakowethauandavernellchishankcarl inaaddoneillesciachristondrafawndrealaot relleoctavionnemiariasarahtashabnequcka gailenaxeteshiataharadaponsadeloriakoent escacraigneckadellanierstellavonnemyiat angoneshiadianacorvettinagodtawndrashirl enescekilokoneyasharrontannamyantoniaaquin ettesequioadaurilessiaquatandamerceddiamae bellecescajamesauwnneltomecapolotyoajohny aetheodoradilcyana Koyaanisqatsiuthawyhaiashieakhauwnne Williams.

Ganja, Azerbaijan?! 4:20 on 4/20/2020! THC-infused toilet paper from Meijer’s!

April 20, 2020

It’s 4:20 on 4/20! HAR HAR HAR! Ganja, Azerbaijan? QUIRKY COINCIDENCE BECAUSE IT’S 4/20 TODAY! From Janet on LJ, aka Ghost_Light: On 4/20/2020 at 4:20, there will be four 20s. Ultra-strong THC-infused toilet paper to calm your ass down against the coronavirus! So strong and absorbent, you’ll shit – thanks, Meijer!

Starfrit jar opener, face masks, Microban, automated crosswalks, buckle barriers

April 20, 2020

I went out at 11:55 to go to Canadian Tire so I could get another Starfrit jar opener (Aisle 54 – had to get an employee to help me grab it) and 20 face masks for $20. I always overshoot the 410 station – I SHOULD GET OFF AT ABERDEEN, NOT HAZELBRIDGE! I texted Barry […]

Computer mouse and keyboard, Z-Grip pens, hand sanitizer, MY DARK VANESSA

April 10, 2020

48 Z-Grip Pens (December 18, 2019) from Staples while I was out anyway / a backup K120 USB keyboard, a backup Certified Data Deluxe Optical mouse, 2000 Flushes with Chlorine, Paul Newman’s Alfredo sauce for next year, London Naturals unscented dish soap, Vim bathroom cleaner from London Drugs / half-price JOY dumplings x4 (Pork and […]

Raechrisha Hood, Malyssa Washburn, Onie Peters, Denysha Frazier, Jalynn Parker?!

March 21, 2020

I went out at 10:20 AM to get some Silk almond milk (the real reason I went to the store), NEW Tostitos Homestyle Salsa tortilla chips / NEW Que Pasa Twist of Lime chips / Heluva Good! French Onion dip to prepare for Chips and Dip Days tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday, 400 more Mead index […]