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Harry Potter, Wing Flannagan, a Whopper with 700 pickles, never being perfect

May 7, 2017

I got a blue screen of death at 11:12 AM! I also showered today. From Funny Junk: Right next to Quindarious Gooch, a black Harry Potter has been arrested for crack possession! From UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Wing Flannagan?! Only in Japan: A Whopper with over 700 pickles on it! I’ll never be perfect, but I’ll always […]

Name of the Year 2017, ShamSports Names, 2012 and 2014 Olympics! (263 names)

April 14, 2017

Kobe Buffalomeat?! Now, that’s a manly name! Marvin Gay plays basketball?! Jordair Jett?! Reminds me of Air Jordans… Nelson Mandela plays basketball?! Keene Cockburn?! Peter Jurkin?! Lady Grooms?! Gang Wang?! Mangisto Arop?! Storm Clonch?! Typhoon Dusk Nurse?! Drake U’u?! Stanley Titsworth?! Kara Bonenberger?! I know my brother and sister used to know sisters named Alyssa […]

Alcohol as flu shots, creepy Mario, Harry Bushrod, Gaye Males, BJ Cobbledick

November 21, 2015

I didn’t know that alcohol was flu shots at Walgreens! This kid is most thankful for his penis! Here’s a creepy version of Mario, Princess Peach, and Luigi! Harry Bushrod is a real estate agent! Gaye Males is another real estate agent! BJ Cobbledick! Quindarious Gooch! (Wesley says he looks like a TETRIS piece!)

NO MORE FISHERMAN’S FRIENDS! / Strepsils, a bento box, and library bargain books

November 16, 2013

NO MORE FISHERMAN’S FRIENDS! I don’t need the non-sucrose cough drops like Eric does! The usual suspect and I talked about quindecaplets / octuplets / Octomom, plus some personal stuff last night; it was all right. Since it was nice enough out today, I decided to go return my Brighouse library books (the C94 shuttle […]


February 2, 2008

Had a weird dream when I finally could get to sleep – no idea about this one. I can bet part of it is from Chinese New Year (shark’s fin soup!), Korey having to work a lot, my asking Jen where Dawn was (out with Eni?), and Chinese New Year / the Super Bowl in […]

Various random observations / memories about kids, Wikipedia, and multiple births

August 30, 2006

I remember kids in elementary school named Aura, Mitchell, and Sebastian. Wonder what they’re doing now, heh. (I also remember a counsellor I had named Peggy, and a kid at the pool named Larisa) After reading Facts About Multiples some more this afternoon, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d definitely NOT like to have […]

Editing tags, OCDL, multiples

May 21, 2006

I decided that I was tired of all the “0 uses” on my LJ tags page where those tags were actually used once on previously-filtered entries. Originally, I thought of deleting them… but then I figured I could add those tags to pre-existing entries: one entry for each letter of the alphabet where “0 uses” […]

Facts About Multiples stuff

March 25, 2003

This whole long post is inspired by a line I was reading just now: “a woman in the USA gives birth to octuplets, nineplets.. or if they can even find a word for it.. 10 kids upwards.. ” (and for those of you who are wondering how I can make a long post out of […]