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Tennyson Jacobson, a toilet seat as a dinner plate, XKCD comic on baby names

June 27, 2017

From CrimeInc8 and YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE: Tennyson Jacobson?! My dad uses a toilet seat to put his plate on while he watches TV. From Matt A.: An XKCD comic (#1011) on baby names! “13 Names for daughter: Ponzi, Eeemily, Fire Fire, Chipotla, Astamouthe, Eggsperm, [sound of record scratch], Parsley, Hot’n’Juicy Ann, Ovari, Friendly, Sean (pronounced […]

Awkward Family Photos: 80s / 90s / early 2000s Edition! Manning Park and Gilroy!

May 21, 2017

Here I am at home with my coloring book and toys in July 1982! Jon’s first birthday in November 1982: Grandma, me, Jon, Mom, and Dad. The NG siblings in 1985! The NG siblings, Christmas 1985! Disneyland in 1992: me, Mom, Steph, Grandma, and Jon! Steph, Dawn, and me at the Steveston Salmon Festival on […]

Margaret Spellings is the education minister? / Lorena Bobbitt cut off a penis?

January 26, 2017

Margaret SPELLINGS is the EDUCATION minister?! Lorena Bobbitt CUT OFF her ex-husband’s penis?!

People missing in the UK, TOOTHPASTE FOR DINNER on baby names, too big to twerk

October 25, 2016

I got my $20 payment squared away for Jon’s birthday dinner, and added an extra $10 to my passport money fund. The Canucks played Ottawa at 7 tonight, and lost 3-0 at home. I’m not sure why I was copied to some email exchange about Fiber Optics in my parents’ building. The JONBOUND party (Jon […]

Girls smelling like colon! / Playing with the DRAGON QUEST III Small Medal

June 26, 2016

From Matt: Your result for YOUR Average Day & Thoughts Quiz!… The Bore You are roughly 58% Fun & Adventurous! 61% Educated & Intelligent. 58% Fun & Adventurous. 68% Hygienic & Organized. 61% Fit, Sexy, & Interesting. 74% Logical & Practical. 35% Compassionate & Understanding. 20% Ugly & Shallow. 43% Open-Minded.   You Ranked: The […]

Donald Duck, US Navy Marina Perez Gonzales, Pu Nani

December 16, 2015

Before I went out again today at 2:35, I paid my Shaw bill online. I did my banking, and was home at 3:15 on a 407. PERFECT! Donald Duck?! US Navy Marina Perez Gonzales?! Pu Nani?!

Rich Will Wanket, Yolanda Squatpump, Dick Tips

November 22, 2015

Rich Will Wanket is a real estate agent in Minneapolis! Yolanda Squatpump! Dick Tips is in the business of compassion! Here’s a garden with flowers!

Finished editing! / Fancy French dessert wine is EXPENSIVE! / Tantagel Far Far

May 4, 2014

Finally finished editing the latest Holly story at 9, which was good to do with no distractions around! Called Mike at 11:15 (which he said was good timing) to remind him about the blue bottle of lube, and he said stuff about 12 Superstore cans of ginger ale and the fancy picture. Cool, especially since […]

Staying home and being lazy! / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

July 27, 2013

Did some laundry today; Pastor Dan also sent us a reminder email about the Farm Market / BBQ. Sounds good to me! At least I don’t have to go out right this minute, as Michael and I decided that tomorrow evening may be best for that. I was VERY SURPRISED when it turned out that […]

Sports superstitions, jerseys, and stuffed clams

March 20, 2013

Decided to call Chinese Eric after the game last night: he took the opportunity to talk about sports superstitions, rituals, the Toronto Blue Jays and their 1992 / 1993 World Series wins (the role that their “away” caps played), L.A. and Phoenix, hockey, reasons for the Canucks’ bad play lately, injuries, hockey players, Mark Messier, […]