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Stupid CRIME INC. banning me! / Aaron Jerome Megatron / Jeralynn and Jeremiah

April 24, 2017

I saw a dog-related post in CRIME INC. on Facebook, so of course I asked why it was there. They deleted my CRIME-RELATED Youtube playlist of CRIMINALLY LISTED videos on the 13th, yet that dog post (and numerous other non-crime posts about people’s work and personal lives) stays up?! If I’d known THAT was going […]

Steve Bear is an Angeles Forest ranger?! / John Argue was trained as a lawyer?!

April 14, 2017

From ALL-PURPOSE BATHROOM READER #13: Steve Bear is an Angeles National Forest ranger?! From ALL-PURPOSE BATHROOM READER #13: John Argue was trained as a lawyer?!

Lo Wang not being Xeria, not needing Mr. Gopher’s help, Sum and finding exits

March 2, 2017

IT WAS TIME FOR MORE COFFEE EARLIER! The Canucks played San Jose at 7:30 tonight, and lost 3-1. In COLINBOUND 2, Lo Wang and Madam Hex are on the way to Dark Wind’s Peak for Lo Wang’s trial. They get a phone call from Dawn of Save Inc. “Oh, is this Colin?” Lo Wang the […]

What’s through that gateway? / Deviations from the norm / I have a cheeseburger!

February 6, 2017

Upon defeating L. Ron Hubbard in JONBOUND, Jon uses a Walk-Through-Walls code to check out whatever is behind him. “What’s through that gateway?” This Frank Zappa quote is from George Takei: “Without deviations from the norm, progress is not possible.” From Janina and C.A.A. Cats Addicts Anony-mouse: It’s “have.” I HAVE a cheeseburger.

Harsh Prasad?! / Sarah is not a HE, Lakewood hospital nurse! / Jon is not a SHE!

January 29, 2017

新年快乐! GUUNG HEY FAT CHOY! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2017! It’s the Year of the Fire Rooster! From Cracked: Harsh Prasad?! In JONBOUND, Sarah Buffaloe dies, so Jon Otis and Tomato go to the Lakewood hospital to revive her. The nurse says, “Sarah? HE’LL be all right. Please pay $2 in advance.” Sarah is not […]

Sexy men, a local heroine, honorary citizens, Denver having another day

January 12, 2017

It was time for MORE COFFEE! The Canucks played Philadelphia at 4 today; the game went to overtime and a shootout, which the Flyers won 5-4. After defeating Nemesis, Jon Otis and Sarah Buffaloe stay overnight at the Arvada Roach Motel. The next day’s news headline in the ARVADA SENTINEL: “Local nerd Jon Otis is […]

This Can of Whoopass isn’t a Wad of Cash! / Soylent Green is made of people!

January 4, 2017

I discovered redrum today, then called Hester about mousetraps, getting her husband Ni on the phone. That’s fine, and so is his dropping off a glue mousetrap later on. Then I found out that Nina M. had unfriended or blocked me from Facebook – WTF?! In JONBOUND, Joe Scharfenberg has joined Jon Otis / Sarah […]

Who are you talking to? / Talking to presents?! / Talking to signs?!

December 25, 2016

In JONBOUND, Jon goes up on the Arvada hilltop through the magic of a Walk-Through-All code. He sees Captain Dunivan and someone else up there, and tries talking to them. The game says, “Who are you talking to?” Through the same Walk-Through-All code, Jon finds himself on the path connecting Arvada and Golden in JONBOUND. […]

Tudoring, a pharmacy as a drug-free workplace, Prince Casey touring the world

December 17, 2016

From Mikki: TUDORING?! The only way that would be even halfway acceptable is if they were teaching about the Tudors! From Vomitorium: This pharmacy is a drug-free workplace! After going to Egypt, the JONBOUND party (Jon Otis / Sarah Buffaloe / Joe Scharfenberg / Prince Casey) stays overnight at the Arvada Roach Motel. The next […]

Dragon wedding cake, Tim Hines as a glitchy block, a save master in Claw Castle

December 7, 2016

From Helen S.: DRAGON WEDDING CAKE! When Jon Otis and Joe Scharfenberg defeat Dan Quayle in the Denver HinesCo Building in JONBOUND, they go into the golden room next door to find the kidnapped Sarah Buffaloe AND the ketchup mogul Tim Hines, who is… a glitchy block?! Trae, Rakim, Penny, and Inspector Gadget are in […]