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Loser keeps Bieber! / “Eh” game! / Gold medals! / Facebook emoji reactions!

February 24, 2016

From Julie and Philadelphia Flyers Nation: A billboard in Chicago saying that the loser of the 2014 Canada-USA Olympics hockey game keeps Justin Bieber! From Sara: Random person: “Did you hear that Canada beat the US in Olympic Men’s Hockey?” Horatio Caine: “Oh yeah? I guess you can say the Canadians brought… their ‘eh’ game.” […]

Slush, help, Piper the cat, rum, compensation, Kamikaze, and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE

December 22, 2013

I decided to be really giddy in my living room over the prospect of buying POUTINE CHIPS! Nobody can see how dorky I get when jumping up and down and dancing around with glee! 😀 The usual suspect came over last night to help me with the slushy parking lot, and then watering the plants […]

Skipping church, “anuptaphobia,” forever alone, SISTER WIVES, BREAKING AMISH, emails

September 8, 2013

As I thought, I ended up skipping church. Eric’s phone call at 9 kinda woke me up, however. I went back to bed a couple hours later, and was glad that my day wasn’t filled with transit drama and screw-ups like LAST week was! Took the garbage out, too. I learned a new word today: […]

Duggars, conjoined twins, virgins, GEEK LOVE

March 14, 2012

HAPPY PI DAY! HAPPY WHITE DAY! Watched JAPAN TSUNAMI: TALES OF TERROR, 19 KIDS AND COUNTING (Duggars!), THE BATES FAMILY, and CSI: MIAMI last night. Today, I watched THE VIRGIN DIARIES / GEEK LOVE / CONJOINED TWINS. (the Herrin twins Kendra and Meliyah – the parents had another set of twins, Austin and Justin) Heard […]

PRIEST WHITE?! / Visiting Grandma at Respite

March 13, 2012

Today, I watched CRIMINAL MINDS / THE FIRST 48 (one of which was about a black boy named PRIEST WHITE – that’s a bad name!) / CSI, and ate some muffins. Heard that it was snowing around Vancouver; OH SHIT. Left at 1 to visit Grandma at the respite centre, but made a very brief […]

Jalapeno bagels, vodka, bath salts, Kaitlin, Ryan, Matt, care, and laughter

March 13, 2012

Note to self: Try jalapeno bagels from Tim Horton’s. INTERVENTION tonight: a dad who’s an alcoholic (drinking a gallon of vodka a day) / a girl who’s addicted to alcohol (drinking up to a fifth of vodka a day – she could black out), marijuana, and crystal meth / a guy who’s addicted to snorting […]

Poisoning someone’s drink = math problem! (Janina is different!)

August 11, 2011

Janina’s package arrived this afternoon: the envelope had interesting stickers of headphones, cows, dogs, butterflies, wells, buckets of water, the JACK AND JILL nursery rhyme, children, and “BE AN OPTIMIST PRIME – NOT A NEGATRON!” Hahaha! Inside was a card with various things: an “Experience the new better game” blue blank card with a pinball […]

Sweating blood / Denied your baby / Weapons and bioterror

March 23, 2009

Great. The TV channel had sound issues AGAIN. Oh well. In House, they thought that the patients (a single dad and his daughter) would be exposed to mold. Daughter says that they never go anywhere except work and school. The dad was trying to go somewhere, but the doctors stopped him. “I have an appointment!” […]

Short questions, five people I know, and THREE THINGS

August 16, 2008

Crap. I just cracked. Must have more willpower! 😛 If you could have chosen your own name: Alexandra Claire. Eye Color: Brown. Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black. Height: Almost five feet. Weight: More than it should be! Ideal Weight: Maybe twenty pounds fewer or so? Best Feature: Eyes. Worst Feature(s): Nose and stomach. Zodiac […]

2008 is here already?!

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and 2008, everyone! As it happened, we didn’t go to Chapters, but stopped by Seraphim instead so Eric could get a Starfield CD for Korey. He was joking about making me go on the escalators at Future Shop – you KNOW why I don’t like escalators! I think that the name Randall […]