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Redrum, Youthink chocolate, AVATAR AIRBENDER, and elements

September 30, 2012

Discovered the start of redrum earlier, so I wasn’t impressed. Ugh. I’ll get underwear (from Sears) and desserts (for Christon and Jeremy’s thing) sometime this week, then… What element are you? Fire You are the element Fire. You are fiery in your personality, and do not like to be contained. If let free, you might […]

Birthday Gifts, 2012 Edition

September 30, 2012

This is a list of birthday gifts and cards that I received in YEAR: * “friends” birthday dinner on the 15th at Joey’s on Broadway with white Eric, Chinese Eric, Christon, Kevin, and Randal * a $10 Karma Koin online gaming card from Chinese Eric * a card, Chinese chopsticks, a bowl, and fragile balls […]

Psychology, Scientologists, failed comebacks, resetting passwords

September 30, 2012

MONTHLY BUBBLE TEA TALLY, SEPTEMBER 2012 (1) mango @ Copa CafĂ© (Saturday, Sept. 8) [free, thanks to Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie!] Before I called Chinese Eric tonight, I decided to see if I could get my YM working for Trillian. Apparently, my password was wrong, which is bullshit. I perforce reset it after Googling […]

Mysidian Tower theme, EXTENDED!

September 29, 2012

Definitely doing some laundry today with my free time, as well as more editing project work on WordPress! I couldn’t do a whole lot yesterday; in fact, I think I only did five entries’ worth! Apologized to John Powell for reading his text as sarcastic since I was having a bad day, so it’s all […]

Andrew, Adam, Lawrence, and Eric helped me!

September 29, 2012

I took a bit of a nap because I needed the sleep, but I woke myself up with my snoring (which Eric later thought was impossible)… kinda like baby Ayler, hahaha! At least I could appear half-human before I perforce went out to the “small group / BS formulation and guidelines” workshop night… (sarcastic) thanks […]

Mooncake, Skyflakes crackers, baby thinking, enabling weaknesses

September 28, 2012

Mom and Dad FINALLY picked me up nearer to noon, and gave me some cooked chicken / cooked turkey / peanut Glossettes / Chinese egg cake snacks / a mooncake / organic carrots / Skyflakes crackers. Luckily, I could put everything in the freezer or fridge or on the table before I left yet again. […]

Abalone, ham, waterlily, strawberry parfait, and potstickers!

September 28, 2012

Barry called a bit ahead of schedule (as usual!), but I was ready to leave. Couldn’t find brown rice sushi at the store, but perhaps it was too early in the day at 10 AM. I did get on-sale Kraft Dinner which can be microwaved ($1 each!), IOGO yogurt (key lime pie / caffelatte / […]

Corey Scaries, skull stuff, Xmas, Ziploc bags, and glitter!

September 27, 2012

Went out to buy another bubble-wrap envelope for Corey, a 69-cent CANADA one-litre bottled water / some Jensen’s Chips for me, Ghostly Kit-Kats x8 (me / Eric Ho / Corey / Janina / Marilynn / Chrystal / Harmony / Lisa), Scaries x3, ScAero x3, and Coffin Crisp x3 at London Drugs before I mailed skull […]

Tiger Chen, Havarti hats, Friday lunch invites, and NO Bible Study with parents!

September 27, 2012

Saw a bus stop bench yesterday with some real estate advertising on it: this real estate’s name is TIGER CHEN. What the?! Called Mom last night to ask why she’d made a hat for the dog (after I saw Steph’s photo on FB), then she asked if I’d visited Grandma, who doesn’t remember my seeing […]

Coffin Crisp, Scaries, Scary Aero! / Maple syrup nougat

September 26, 2012

Went out today after I called Barry to set up a food shopping appointment: my poor sleep schedule is going to suffer if it’s on Friday at 10 AM, but I guess I’ll deal. Eric also sent me an email about Friday’s program and small groups on Wednesdays; I’ll think about it. I did the […]