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Doctor Unheimlich, Tr-Tz (TuckerFan)

October 22, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withTr1x0r’s Lurgy Cause: just one of those things Symptoms: mild ability to fly, vague loose teeth, colour blindness Cure: take a few sprigs of belladonna every day for the rest of your life Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withTraeCrochetosis […]

Misreading things: my brain sees what it wants to!

June 12, 2007

I hate misreading things, as I most recently did with Korey’s email address. His handwriting was clear enough, but the “O” was not an “A”… neither was the “C” a “CE.” I was wondering about the “mailbox not available” error in Hotmail to Corey, who said that I probably had the wrong email address. So […]

Goodness from Quiz Heaven, Quiz Galaxy, and Memegen

September 26, 2006

Note: LJ Fairytale Memegen, by x_lindsayw_x. You know I’m bored or something when I post a bunch of quizzes and stuff, haha. Here’s the full list of Quiz Heaven quizzes. Leslie fought Jet Li to the death Memorials will be held for Leslie tomorrow ‘What will your Headline be?’ at QuizGalaxy.com You are 33% normal […]

Twins, Facts About Multiples, Corey, Winter Sports, and Sailor Moon

February 9, 2006

I just got an email from Jen Cassidy, who’s the web person for a multiples mailing list I’m on: Facts About Multiples has now changed its URL to the one you see in the link. I’ve done a bunch of correcting past entries to reflect the new link… yes, I am obsessive about details. 😛 […]

Facts About Multiples / Quizzes

March 3, 2005

Facts About Multiples is a good site to read if you want info on twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. I know I’ve mentioned “my weird twin vibe” (as Spoz likes to call it) here before, too. 😉 Two choice quotes from Corey: “It will be cosmic retribution or a cosmic joke (or God’s sense of humor) […]

Spelling / grammar rant

January 19, 2005

This is inspired by an MSN conversation my brother and I were having earlier this afternoon about contagious misspellings. I thought he misspelled the name of Kom Jug Yuen, where I now want to eat. 😛 He said he didn’t, and I told him to shut up a little further on. But I made a […]

Online Life Has Not Been Good This Week!

March 5, 2003

This has NOT been a good week as far as things related to this computer and online life have been concerned: 1. that idiot who wanted me to call Maryland for her (um.. heck, no! not without a good reason, which she obviously didn’t have.. and even then, probably not!) 2. my computer freezing when […]

Stupid people over IM… damn you!

February 26, 2003

Well, I fire up Yahoo Messenger just now.. and the first message I get is from someone who I don’t know very well. “Can you please do me a favor? It’s really important that you call my friend’s cell phone in Maryland for me, as I don’t have a phone or a ride to one.. […]