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Whoopee cushion filled with gravy, Waldrop sextuplets and twins, feeling used

January 15, 2018

From Gotta Lil Captain In Ya? and Pete: A Whoopee cushion filled with gravy adds a hilarious new dimension to a rather tiresome practical joke. From Reddit and r/namenerds on December 14, 2017: The Waldrop sextuplets and twins from Alabama, plus an older brother! Saylor Briggs, Bridge Ryder, and Wales Tucker are the older siblings. […]

Blackberries as raspberries, Santa hat as a Christmas stocking, the Swiss Reaper

December 19, 2017

The Canucks played Montreal at 7 tonight, and LOST 7-5. Montreal got an empty-net goal in the last minute of the game, but Thomas Vanek had a hat trick. These blackberries aren’t raspberries! You had one job! Hey, this Santa hat isn’t a Christmas stocking! From Julie: The Swiss Reaper with a Swiss Army scythe […]

The (Hard Knock) Life of a Facebook Photo! / Cody and Corey Manyshots?!

July 9, 2017

From Candy: The (Hard Knock) Life of a Facebook Photo! Brought to you by Pixable! How did you take the picture? With a film camera: What a hipster. Ha! Now you have to get it developed! Don’t get it digital: You can’t tag people on prints! Get it digital: It’s a 21st century thing. Ask […]

Indonesian spice levels! / Cock Zero! / God Rickrolling you! / Why am I here?

June 24, 2017

Since I woke up at 8 AM, it was COFFEE TIME BY DEFAULT! Alec Ferrell tried adding me to Facebook – DENIED! From Reddit: The spice chart at an Indonesian restaurant in Jayakarta! From Engrish.com and Library of Most Controversial Files: Cock, Cock Zero, and Cock Light are all sold at this 7-11! God is […]

Ojevwe Naomi Odjegba, Quierra Alessi, Raven Hurst-Whelan, Remington Bridgeman

May 30, 2017

Since I was up at 5:45 AM (ugh), it was COFFEE TIME! After a nap and such later, I went out at 4:30 (just missing the 401 and just managing to get the C94 instead) to go to the Apple Store at Richmond Centre to hopefully finish my WORMS tagging on Facebook since it just […]

Blast from Christmas 2014: Canadian postcards, moose antlers, and kittens!

February 25, 2017

I went out at 5 to buy Rockets for Steph at London Drugs. They didn’t have any! So I bought on-sale Waterbridge All Gold biscuits (Cambria / Winchester / Surrey / Wokingham / Cheshire / Durham / Essex / Westmorland / Avon / Salisbury / Lincoln biscuits), on-sale Thai Kitchen bowls (hot and sour soup […]

Ana, Ninten, Lloyd, Teddy / OH MY PORK! / A restored Larice the Starman escapee!

January 2, 2017

The Canucks played Colorado at 7 tonight, and won 3-2. I finally finished Facebook tagging of sushi / monkeys / gemstones / crystals / castles! In snowy Cloudvale, the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE party (Alinivar / Colonel Saturn / Zarbol) comes across a statue commemorating the MOTHER 1 heroes. They can use PSI to move the statue […]

A zombie defense serum flask, a glitchy stats menu, a green square in stats

October 12, 2016

I did some bulk editing of 41 pages of WordPress posts this afternoon to add a NEW tag: TEA! All I have to do is select a bunch of posts on an editor page, click the BULK ACTIONS menu in the top left corner, select EDIT from there, click APPLY, and pick my desired tag(s) […]

Captain Drunk, a meat shop, homemade firecrackers, fast food, a geologist club

October 2, 2016

Someone with a “name” which had just Arabic characters tried adding me to Facebook – DENIED! I can deal with people who have Chinese characters in their names, but they’d still be hard to tag if needed. No Arabic stuff, though – DEFINITELY NOT! The Canucks had their fourth pre-season game against the Sharks today […]

Raper Realty?! / Shanautica, Goodluck Jonathan, Patience Jonathan, dead Stiffs

August 10, 2016

Hey, I can see my Facebook photos again! (for now?) I can only tag where someone or something else hasn’t been tagged, but that’s still better than not being able to see or add photos at all, so I’ll take it. Raper Realty?! Shanautica?! Goodluck Jonathan?! Patience Jonathan?! Dead people whose last name was Stiff… […]