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Corey and the AIM bot!

May 31, 2004

my brain is working weirdly now.. nothing really new.. the last three nights, I’ve been doing just fine.. without thoughts of someone, even if they are good.. had a lot of distraction: Corey and the AIM bot! 😉 but now they’re coming back again in almost full force.. maybe it’s because I think he’ll be […]

Creative RSVP

May 31, 2004

ah, the joys of a peaceful Monday for once around here.. though I really wouldn’t mind Corey’s amusing diversion 😉 just opened Sarah and Vernon’s wedding invitation.. the response deadline is June 15, so why not now? I love the way they did up the RSVP portion of it.. “Please Respond to Sarah, Vernon will […]

It would be so cool to meet Darren! / Girls, weather, kisses, and souls

May 30, 2004

had a mostly good time last night talking to people.. blocked someone finally, and talked to a friend of his who’s skirting that edge pretty soon himself, maybe.. Corey taught me a few things, and I finally talked to Darren.. he might be going to Vancouver in the fall.. if we finally meet, that’ll be […]

Blocking Aslan on AIM for being annoying

May 29, 2004

the picnic went all right, although it was cloudy.. didn’t really start to rain till after we finished.. blocked a certain someone on AIM.. no questions, please! particularly not when the incident is in the past.. good thing Corey just came on.. teaching me the bot ways.. the conversation is going pretty well, hahaha! and […]

Paying for small things with a $100 bill

May 28, 2004

saw someone pay for a bubble tea with a $100 bill.. do you really not have any smaller change with you? Corey thinks she wanted to show off.. perhaps so.. I do know that a $100 wouldn’t be taken at most places! this is on a par with the story Ross once told us.. saw […]

Friday Five (from library) / toothpaste / old man bitching me out for typing too loudly

May 28, 2004

Friday Five: Memories and reincarnation 1. What is your favorite childhood memory? Going on trips to Flintstone Park as a kid.. that was always fun. Of course, that was before family vacations were nearly all about the bickering and stuff… 2. If you could be reincarnated as anything besides human, who would you want to […]

Toronto debates and assumptions

May 27, 2004

I’ve been debating all day whether to go to Toronto.. turns out my parents booked the tickets already! “we’ll wait till you decide” means nothing, I suppose.. what if I didn’t want to go on the trip.. ever THINK? going no matter what, now.. costs money to back out.. it’s true I was leaning toward […]

Hanging out with Nathan to watch movies / Name Acronym

May 26, 2004

Found a cool site yesterday, and thought I’d post it now that I know it works on this computer. 🙂 The Word Scrambler Thing If ever you wanted to scramble letters to create an unrecognizable jumble, that’s the site to do it on. (in my totally unbiased opinion towards sites that work on this machine.. […]

Flatlining day / How I’d Murder

May 26, 2004

I really don’t feel like going anywhere today at all.. it isn’t like I could ever recharge my sanity enough.. if I absolutely have to, then maybe I could do it.. but I don’t think my mask will stand up to everything.. oh, to be a hermit for a while.. no obligations or such! we’ll […]

Dave’s blog

May 25, 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HON.. I hope you have a superb one today! 🙂 It’s been terrific knowing you and the music. phew.. FINALLY home after excessive family time strained the limits of my sanity! that feels very good, even though emotions plague me.. I’ll check out Dave’s blog.. Jon told me about it yesterday.. “Daiso sells […]